Lecture 16 – Spriritual Nourishment and Willpower | Abbreviated Version

P1             We see spiritually underfed, undernourished people; so many suffer from spiritual vitamin deficiency. The soul and the spirit need food so badly, often without the person being aware of the need. And only if this food is supplied, taken and digested, will all your other needs automatically be taken care of, including your material daily bread. Your spirit’s starvation must have its consequences. The same thing applies to hygiene. Humanity has made great progress in the direction of physical hygiene. Today people bathe and shower daily and keep their bodies clean.

At the same time, so many unhygienic souls are going around. Spiritual nourishment is the regular intake of spiritual truths; even repetitions are important! The learning of spiritual laws is also important. Taking spiritual nourishment has to become a regular habit, for it is possible that you get accustomed to living without it for a long time, just like a person who gets accustomed to eating the wrong kind of food that does not supply the essential factors the body needs in order to remain strong and vigorous.

P2             Spiritual food does not come to you by itself. You prepare your spiritual food by looking for the right source for you, by going to a certain amount of trouble in order to get it. And you digest it by thinking through for yourself what you have heard or read, by meditating about it, by trying to apply it to yourself in some way so that something will change for the better within you. Spiritual nourishment is also prayer and meditation in the right way. Here again you need to fight within yourself to overcome your resistance. There will always be the voice that says, “I am too tired. I do not feel like it; it does not matter if I am not doing it today. What difference does it make? Why should God mind whether I pray to Him today?” No, God does not mind, my friends. But your soul and spirit will starve.

Many times a person is unaware of certain faults, attitudes, opinions, emotional reactions. People carry many of these trends with them from an early age, due to some influence in their surroundings and certain happenings in their lives. Examine what you really think, what you really feel, what you really want. Make an inventory of your emotional trends and soul currents. By re-examining them you can oust whatever has no validity for you any more and change your currents accordingly. This ought to be done every day. You ought to review your day and examine your own reactions to the various incidents that have taken place during the day. This is the only way you can cleanse your spirits, your souls.

P3             So everything that happens to you can be good if you make it so, if you use it from a spiritual point of view, if you learn from it so that you can continue to grow spiritually and thus grow into happiness! It seems to you so much easier to give in to a mood of depression and hopelessness, for this allows you to be passive and—consciously or unconsciously—blame some fate or circumstances or other people for what has happened to you.

P4             A more highly developed person will not act that way because he knows that crime is sin. And yet, he too may use his willpower in the wrong direction, though unconsciously and, of course, not in actions that obviously harm other people, but in feelings and inner reactions that also put the gratification of the ego in the foreground. This is breaking spiritual law and has its consequences in inner disharmony and/or outer conflicts. Anything that deviates from spiritual law is sin—or ignorance, if you wish. They are the same.

For one person to become a writer may be his destiny; in this way he can best fulfil the tasks he is supposed to fulfil in this life. Another person, by becoming a writer, may neglect the task he has really come to fulfil. You cannot say to become a writer is a sin, and yet for a particular person it may be the wrong thing to do. Now if he uses his willpower blindly, he will become a writer, but he will not be happy, because you can only be happy if you fulfil the task you have taken on in this incarnation. And everyone has a task, my friends, everyone! The most important step to channeling your willpower in the right direction is in stating first: “Once and for all, I will use whatever will there is within me according to the will of God.”

P5             The littlest thing may be a very significant symptom, a key to all your problems. Do not overlook it. Do not minimize it. And do not ask me, “How should I know what God desires? What is His will? And when should I fight and be active and when should I be passive?” When you really want to know, you will have the answer. You will take the time to meditate about any particular problem and to ask God. And He will show you the answer

P8             Like attracts like. If, however, a person refuses to be an instrument for the powers of darkness, if you fight—and you can only do this by knowing your own faults extremely well, for only through them can you be tempted by the dark spirits—do you know what happens? The dark spirit will rise higher in its development; it will learn—not directly, not immediately, because it is still so much in darkness that at first it will only know defeat.

This defeat will cost it its position, so that it suffers, and only this suffering will bring it nearer to God. And not only evil spirits are affected by your victory, but also erring spirits who do not belong anywhere. They are often around you and learn from your victory in a much more direct way than those dark spirits. So when you conquer yourself, you are in fact a vital part of the great Plan of Salvation. You are then an active soldier in the fight.

—The Pathwork® Guide