Lecture 162 – Three Levels of Reality for Inner Guidance | Abbreviated Version

P1             If only you would realize that you have not even attained a particle of the power and beauty, truth and love, ecstasy and possibility of creative expansion which you could posses and manifest and which already is yours, my friends! The path toward the inner reality and inner guidance is laborious only because you imagine the truth to be so far away, much farther than it actually is. You cannot conceive of what life already is, right now, and how it could be for you if only you could see it, know it, and therefore realize it.

P2             The first level of reality is what you think exists. The second level of reality is what actually exists. The third level of reality is what could exist. The more specific and personal you can be in assimilating what I outline here, and the more you can apply it to the seemingly most insignificant, subjective experiences and reactions in your daily struggles, the better it is. No matter how insignificant a disturbance may appear to you, or how world-shakingly important, ask yourself, “What do I really believe exists? In me? Around me? In the interaction between me and others? In the condition as I experience it?”

When you say you are depressed or anxious or hopeless or angry or hurt or fatigued, you are content to call a host of feelings, impressions and beliefs by any one of these names, as though no further search would be necessary. Naming such emotions as a beginning to explore them would serve a good purpose, but only too often you use the names as labels, as a final explanation.

As you know, it is part of the individual work to painstakingly examine where such collective labels come from and why. For example, it is not at all impossible that you think secretly at one and the same time that you are the most important being in the universe and that you are the least worthy in the universe. Anyone working on such a path knows from experience how burdensome such misconceptions and confusions and mutually exclusive ideas are and what a relief it is to shed them.

You fail to see, for example, how this assumption (false assumption/beliefs about yourself) affects what you believe about others and what you believe they think of you; what a situation or incident means in the light of your assumption; what your reactions and the reactions of others really mean. If you clearly formulate what you believe a situation or event or someone’s reaction means, then you will know why you are unhappy in any particular form.

To admit what childish nonsense is lodged in the unconscious is so hard because this contradicts the concept you have of your “intelligence.” You fear to do that (acknowledging secret beliefs) precisely because you are so committed to your false ideas that a different mode of approach appears to threaten you. But you do not realize that it threatens you only because of your false ideas. You absolutely must disentangle this level of reality.

Let us take a frequent occurrence as an example: your fear of rejection. This fear runs through your psychic life, and consequently through our outer, physical life. Rejection itself would not be the threat it is for most people if there were no specific assumptions connected with it. These specific assumptions are what you must unearth. For example, you may believe that you are worth nothing; what makes rejection such a great threat is that it seems to confirm the “fact” of your worthlessness. Thus it is not sufficient to acknowledge a stereotype “explanation” by saying you feel anxious. It is necessary first to acknowledge that the anxiety exists because you fear rejection.

P5             Now it becomes necessary to find out on what specific grounds you base the heretofore secret conviction of your worthlessness. In other words, you must take all these very specific beliefs and assumptions out of the fog of vagueness, where they hide under the collective label of “anxiety.” From there on (after serious investigation) you can begin to look further and begin to question the premises of these beliefs. You can begin to open your eyes and look objectively for what really is.

Conversely, and simultaneously, you may believe that you are the most important and valuable person on earth, who deserves very special privileges. If you are not special, then you assume you are nothing. Hence, you must keep both assumptions hidden from consciousness and you cannot examine them. The discovery of the manifold possibilities in Creation of what could exist is more than liberation. It opens the gates to the world, to the great freedom of co-creation, to unlimited expansion.

P6             Ultimate reality is essentially flexible and movable. Humankind is not put into a universe that has its predetermined existence, whose conditions are fixed. Even objects are in flux, are condensed energy, constantly moving. The energy is generated by consciousness and by the way it operates. Thus, the immovable outer world is a direct product of you and your consciousness. When you can begin to question whether what you found to be reality need be so, you begin to expand the horizon of your concepts, of your mental grasp.

This increases your creative power to alter the seemingly static reality. You can expand reality to the exact degree you wish to expand the horizon, or the frontiers, of your concepts. By concepts I mean more than the superficial beliefs and theories, of course. When your mind can truly and deeply embrace limitless vistas of experience for happiness and self-expression, this is exactly what your reality must become, for consciousness is explosive, powerful stuff. Each thought, as you know, creates and truly builds your life—your very own reality circumstances.

It is necessary to first accept the present limitations and cope with them, for they are a product of what the consciousness believes. It is impossible to discover your own creative power in the positive before you recognize the connection between negative reality and negative beliefs. Only when you realistically accept a limitation as it is now can you transcend it, in the realization that the limitation does not need to exist. Thus you move into the third level of reality, in which your intellect cannot help you. It is then that the inner guidance can come forth.

P7             The existence of evil is the blind drive of not knowing, the vagueness of misbelief, distortion, error. Your own confusion inevitably breeds confusion about what exists in the other person.

P8             Make yourself see the truth by calling upon inner guidance so that you and your inner guidance eventually become one. This will happen when you have experienced it sufficiently often as real.

—The Pathwork® Guide