Lecture 168 – Towards and Away from the Center | Abbreviated Version

P1             Truth brings love and love brings truth. In the very center of the human personality exists a potent, white-glowing mass of energy. It is a constant fire that continually bubbles and explodes within itself. Each tiny explosion multiplies the mass expelling kernels of the same substance and energy. When this fundamental creative process is unobstructed and harmonious, the endless continuum of energy spreads and floods over with joy and well-being. The constant flow spreads and spreads and yet is contained within itself. There is no chaos in this process.

Wherever this creative energy-mass appears, it brings into the organism the very essence and nature of the creative substance. As I said, it is pure joy and well-being. But this is not all. Since it is the divine mass, it must contain consciousness of the highest order. Each bubbling, spreading kernel is a nucleus of consciousness with infinite potentials of wisdom, talent, creativity – resources of every conceivable possibility. In this consciousness, infinite modes of self-expression, bliss, pleasure supreme, and stimulating new ventures exist in the most peaceful and secure state.

No words can remotely do it justice. Each kernel contains everything that ever was and ever can be. The combination of consciousness and energy is truly all-powerful. It is the omnipotence correctly ascribed to God and misinterpreted by the child who has an inner knowledge of his or her inherent omnipotence and abuses it. The abuse occurs when the omnipotence is put into the service of the self-willed little ego. The meaning of all life is concerned with attaining the state in which the organic process of the energy-mass takes place without obstruction.

P2             First a vivid new experience has to take place in the mind, which gives the necessary stimulation and perhaps a new feeling of comprehension, so that the obstructing mechanism weakens and the creative expansion process becomes stronger. The human consciousness is a state in which the individual can take either of two basic directions of life. One is directed toward unfoldment and the elimination of obstructions. The other trend is away from it. As I stated, the movement toward the center is an infinite process.

There is no stopping, no end result. It is forever new—expanding vistas and possibilities of blissful being and self-expression. Within this multitude of creative possibilities boredom is impossible, as is fatigue, since fatigue is merely a result of the forces set in motion by striving away from the center. You must also imagine that this state knows no fear whatsoever, since one knows absolutely that there is never an end to blissful life—only more and better choices.

Only when the entity recognizes, “I am in a state from which there is no way out; the old way is wrong,” can the other way be found, and not otherwise. I would like to point out here that everyone for whom life is a fruitful and constructive experience has reached this breaking point at a previous period of his or her spiritual history.

P3             The marvel of the universe, of Creation is that the more rapidly destruction approaches, the nearer salvation must be. Since destructive tendencies and evil are not verities in themselves but only distortions, they, too, are included (in the human personality). So is the conscious ego, which is not a separated, different thing—it is of the same creative substance and contains all the elements to be found in the nucleus of being. It is therefore necessary to comprehend that the conscious personality, although relatively limited, contains everything you need to activate and become one with the explosive, ever-unfolding power of love and truth, consciousness and strength, and creative living that is the God-consciousness.

P4             If at each difficulty, at each bend in the road around which you cannot see, you could say, “Yes, I have right now at my disposal everything I need to find the attitude compatible with the greater power,” then this power could make itself known to you. This is where you have a choice to assume a constructive or destructive attitude, a truthful or self-deceptive attitude. You have the power to find out what you really feel and why you feel it. You have the power to request guidance from the greatest wisdom conceivable, which is within yourself.

You have the possibility to want to be on the constructive road that leads to creating and unfolding rather than giving up, as is done so often in a difficulty. You also have the power to let go of stubborn insistence and rigid upholding of unconscious attitudes whose nature is as yet unexplored. You have the power to overcome the temptation to indulge in resignation and self-pity. Therefore I say to you: Realize that you have everything you need to assume the attitude to activate the greatest power in the universe.

Each and every living instant, beautiful or ugly, easy and lighthearted or difficult and heavy—contains the potential to be in bliss, provided you penetrate the Now to its deepest level. Each instant contains ultimate truth, if you want only to turn in the right direction. Each second of your life contains the All and the Ultimate. This is not a mere phrase, it is absolute reality. The greatest obstruction is fear, especially unconscious unrecognized fear. The soul movement of fear is tension, cramp, and stopping of the flow from the inner energy center that enlivens you. Fear blocks the opening through which self-renewing life flows into the outer organism.

P5             If you feel that your self-expression is hindered, if you feel that there is more to life than you experience, then you must have fears you do not know about. If you go deep enough and truly confront the fear dispassionately, you must always recognize that it comes from a very strong, cramped, stubborn desire for something. Healthy desires are relaxed. They are in rhythm with the unfolding, inwardly imploding life energy. The cramped desire is the one that says, “I must or else. I will not take no for an answer.”

It insists on one specific thing at one specific moment in one specific way. Therefore it reveals distrust, ignorance of the universe, fear that one may not get one’s own, and it comes out of the darkness that does not see other ways and possibilities but the one insisted on. Sometimes this may mean entirely abandoning a desire because you find that it is destructive in itself. At other times, the desire itself is perfectly valid, but the way you insist on its fulfillment is unrealistic and leads to pain and disappointment. At still other times, the desire may again be valid in itself, but the motivation behind it may come from dependent, self-alienating trends. Try to ascertain the desires behind each fear.

P6             You get fear out of your system by recognizing what is behind it and where you hold on in a cramped state, and by letting go of the cramp. Meet the fear head on instead of evading it. Fear is maintained when it is not faced. When you face fear, you can recognize, experience, and alter it according to reality and a more constructive pattern of life. Then the hard cramp relaxes. You will feel it. This action always implies a generous attitude of trust toward the universe. Find the cramped desire behind your fear, and then see the meaning of the cramped desire. It spells out, “I do not trust the universe. I want it my way. I do not give myself over to the universe.”

P7             Here, too, you must ask yourself precisely what you fear if you move with your feelings. Perhaps you fear rejection, ridicule, hurt, but whatever your fears may be, you must state them concisely. Only then can the courage and generosity come that make you take the risk. There must be risk. Apart from all the other things I said about fear, it is a refusal to risk anything. It is impossible to lose fear without the willingness to lose. This means risking. Not wanting to risk is ungenerous. And anything ungenerous is incompatible with the nature of the power you wish to activate.

To be enlivened by the inner reality of being, become one with it and express it, the outer personality must be compatible with its attitudes, its laws, its very way of being. These are natural and logical laws. If your character and attitudes are incompatible with the laws of the greater power deep within your center, you cannot possibly express this greater power. Not trusting the universe, not ever wanting to risk, is a pettiness in the spirit. You see, if you want so strongly, you must fear as strongly not getting what you want. Conversely, if you fear so strongly, you must unconsciously also want what you do not wish to experience.

—The Pathwork® Guide