Lecture 169 – The Masculine and Feminine Principles in the Creative Process | Abbreviated Version

P1             As you discover the root of your negative experience within you, you become capable of transforming that experience. In order to create positive fate deliberately, it is essential for you to understand more about the creative force of the universe and how you can personally use it. There are two fundamental principles through which the creative process works: the first is activation; the other is the principle of getting out of the way and letting it happen.

P2             These two fundamental principles of creation, activating and letting be, are universal laws present in everything that has ever been created. All laws, even impersonal, physical ones have come into existence from, through, and by consciousness, and must have been created in the same manner by combining these two fundamental principles. To activate means that the conscious entity deliberately claims, sets in motion, moves toward, causes, determines, or purposefully uses these forces by calling them into action and removing all possible obstructions.

Effort and endeavor are an integral part of setting the creative forces in motion. This is active doing. We may call this the masculine principle in creation. The attitude of “letting be” means to be receptive and to wait. The spirit of letting be is a movement within itself; it is a pulsating, involuntary movement, while the movement of activation is deliberate and self-determining. The consciousness behind the attitude of letting be is one of patient, trustful waiting, of allowing a ripening process come to fruition, of surrendering to a force set in motion: this may be called the feminine principle in creation.

P3             When you fully face these feelings (destruction and violence) , they will lose their power. But as long as you are unaware of their existence, they will control you and force you to act upon them without even knowing what you are doing and why. You will then rationalize them or you will turn the destructiveness upon yourself, in your fear to let the active principle out and sow its negative seeds. Therefore, healthy activation, self-assertion, and autonomy are also temporarily bound and must wait for release until the personality has settled its difficulty with its own destructive nature.

Only when you have the courage and honesty to fully see and accept these damaging emotions and desires, only when you totally comprehend and evaluate them, will you see without a shadow of a doubt that they are superfluous as defenses, nor do they serve any other purpose. You will no longer fear this power, for it will be free from pollution, perversion, and distortion. You can then claim your birthright. You can then call into being your own creative forces. So we must differentiate between those who rightfully dim their creative activity because they are justifiably afraid of the negative components in it, and those who dim this power simply because they do not know of its positive potential.

The feminine principle of receptivity, of letting the activating forces work their lawful way toward fruition, is distorted when the entity refuses self-responsibility. If self-activation is relinquished and, instead of surrendering to the self-activated inner powers, one surrenders to another person’s authority, then the role of the creative feminine principle is perverted. Thus the feminine principle or femininity is often wrongly associated with helplessness, passivity, and inferiority, while the masculine principle or masculinity is often wrongly associated with brute force and superiority.

P5             As man is justified in fearing the activating forces as long as he is unaware of his destructiveness and therefore cannot control it, so is woman justified in fearing self-surrender as long as she makes herself helpless for whatever distorted motives.

P6             Your own intuitive powers reach your consciousness only when this receptive spirit of letting be reigns after the activation. Then you can be guided according to the highest wisdom, that of creative inspiration, necessary for all successful work. It, too, consists of the two aspects: inspiration must be deliberately activated by the mind, and allowed to flow, take its course, and manifest in its own fashion without interference from the mind.

If one of these two principles is healthy, the other must also be right. It is impossible that one is healthy and the other distorted. Or, to put it the other way, through the deliberate activation of the creative power to its highest potential because you no longer fear your own destructiveness, and trust the universal powers to finish lawfully what you have deliberately set in motion, you will be unafraid to surrender to a power greater than your willful ego-self, and thus become capable of loving.

P7             When the letting go means a deliberate choice of forgoing the active principle because the person recognizes that at a certain point other faculties must take over, an enormous difference is experienced. The activating principle of becoming deliberately causes things to happen; the being principle is self-perpetuating and involuntary. Its effects occur indirectly. It is necessary to deliberately turn on this power by claiming your potential and your right to become a happy person. Nor must one shy away from the effort of finding the cause of the unhappiness within oneself.

In other words, a person must be moving in the direction to correct the errors within and at the same time deliberately call upon a higher wisdom and power deep within the self to make this endeavor meaningful. The mind issues the will and determines the steps, as well as calling upon a greater wisdom within. All these are truly activities, each in its own fashion. But after these steps, the receptive principle must be at work, because once these forces have been activated, the entity has to let them come to fruition, let them go to work. Agricultural laws demonstrate beautifully the wholeness of these two aspects of creation.

P8             If you are fully aware of yourself, and activate awareness at all times, you can afford to let the forces come to fruition in their own time and rhythm without danger of stagnation. No rules can determine when to use more of one, and when more of the other. It must be intuitively perceived by activating this intuition, too. For the ego-intellect cannot decide when and how to use both forces harmoniously. It is the greater intelligence within that must be deliberately activated.

—The Pathwork® Guide