Lecture 17 – The Call | Abbreviated Version

P3             What God wants from each and every one of you, as the first step and necessary prerequisite before you can give to others, is self-development, self-purification, and self-knowledge. Outside you may have troubles, but if you are truly on the right path and fulfill God’s will for you, no matter what your outer difficulties may be, you must be happy. That should be your yardstick and indication of where you stand and how much you are fulfilling, my friends. So you must realize that first you have to go to battle with your Lower Self; you have to enlist your conscious willpower to conquer your Lower Self. Combined with your Higher Self, your will-directing consciousness must win.

P4             In other words, until you have completely decided to do the will of God, whatever this may mean, and until you have made your Lower Self submissive—and this can be done if you penetrate your willpower into all layers of consciousness—you should not even try to think about what you should do or what the practical consequences of your decision will be. First you have to prepare the ground, lay the foundation stone through this initial fight within yourself that enables you to make the great decision. You are expected to turn to God with your difficulties. Everyone knows, on the other hand, that to give love is the greatest gift of all. But how many of you find yourselves saying, “If only I knew how! I am unable to love as much as I want to love.”

P5             One of the best meditations is to ponder: “What are my faults? And how could any of my faults possibly hinder the manifestation of the love that obviously must be hidden within me?” Each living individual has the understandable tendency to want to appear superior to others. You hide your faults, you hide your shortcomings, and you want to show your best side. You all crave admiration, acceptance, and love.

On the other hand, you decidedly give love in the deepest sense when you give and show yourself as you really are, without any masks—even if it means a little humiliation. If they see you as perfect as you want to appear, their sense of inferiority will grow. They will feel even lonelier and more deflated, and they will despise themselves even more. You know the spiritual law: first you have to give up what you want to gain. You have given up admiration, which means you have given up making an impression, wanting love from others because you appear so wonderful;

P6             You have given up your vanity. No sickly exaggerations! No extremes! As in everything else, here too you find two extremes. A number of people indulge in self-debasement, pulling themselves down in the eyes of others. By accusing yourself, you take the weapon out of the hands of the others. In this situation, they will find it quite impossible to accuse you and will even be inclined to contradict your self-accusations; thus the ego is bolstered. Furthermore, you think that accusing yourself is sufficient and that you do not have to do anything further about overcoming your shortcomings.

Daily review: Let the whole day pass in front of your eyes and in your memory; think of everything that has happened and has given you, in some way, a disharmonious feeling or reaction. And no matter how wrong the other person may have been, the moment you have been negatively touched by it, there must be something wrong within you. Write down in a few words the occasions, your reactions and associations. If you follow this practice through for some time to come, and not just once or twice, but faithfully, you will see after a while a clear pattern emerging. You should pray for enlightenment and guidance every time you conduct the daily review. The recognition of your faults is of utmost importance and relates directly to your hidden anxieties.

P9             Your goal is to be always happy and to eliminate all problems the easy way, but that is not the point. The point is how you can overcome them, how you can solve your problems, and how you can meet them from a spiritual point of view. Only in that way can you become strong and independent.

As you know, each thought and feeling is a substantial form in the spirit world, and no thought is ever lost, especially not a constructive and good one that comes from love and goodwill. These thoughts add to the cosmic reservoir and flow in the universe, so that the forces of good become that much stronger compared to the forces of evil, for each evil thought is added to that reservoir and furnishes it with strength.

P10           So many thoughts are wasted in unproductive and even harmful brooding.

—The Pathwork® Guide