Lecture 170 – Fear of Bliss vs Longing for It – The Energy Centers | Abbreviated Version

P1             For the very nature of unhappiness is frustration at not having what you want. Therefore each unhappiness implicitly holds out the promise or knowledge of its opposite. For some people the fear is much less than the desire. These will be relatively fulfilled people whose life is rich and joyful, whose capacity to experience pleasure is deep, whose attitude to life is trustful, positive, and expanding. The majority of people, however, fear happiness much more than they desire it. They will be basically unhappy, feeling that life passes them by, that it is meaningless, that they somehow miss out on it.

Their capacity to experience pleasure is very limited; they are numb, lifeless, and trapped in apathy. They are distrustful, negative, and withdrawn from life. They have a great resistance to looking within themselves for the cause of their suffering. Finally, there are many whose desire for and fear of happiness is approximately evenly divided. They will find areas in their life where they experience abundance, expansion, success, and fulfillment, but there will be other areas where they experience the opposite.

P2             For you are then (after noticing cringing from slightest risk) incredibly aware of the reality of life: that your attitudes, your hidden thoughts and emotions, and nothing else, create your fate.

P3             From practically all I have ever told you about the human condition, you will see that the awareness of one’s own obstructions determines everything. You will then comprehend the true meaning of self-responsibility. To the extent you reject yourself, you cannot bear happiness, you cannot sustain pleasure. Is there a lack of generosity in your feelings? Do you postulate different rules of conduct for others than for yourself? All these violations go on constantly, unknown to your conscious mind, for you manage to shut out the truth, and thereby commit the gravest of all violations.

Your pretenses are so much worse than the primary violations because they deny and falsify. If, on the other hand, you courageously and honestly admit to yourself what goes on in you and look at it squarely, the violation is already overcome to a considerable degree. For in accepting the truth about yourself you enter into a general climate of truth. You are on a platform from which you can possibly work yourself out of the particular violation. But even while you struggle, you should seek greater comprehension; meditate for guidance and help so your feelings may change spontaneously.

P4             In these endeavors you are in keeping with the universal laws; you accept your present state; you establish inner conditions compatible with bliss. Anything that is contrary to the laws of love and truth makes the organism unable to sustain the powerful energy of happiness. The second reason for self-rejection is imaginary violation, according to illusory standards of perfection. Perfectionistic ideals are, as you know, extremely demanding and rigid. Adhering to them stems not from an overdose of morality but from a violation of real universal laws.

Perfectionism always comes from pride, vanity, the need to control others, pretense, and, last but not least, fear of standing up for one’s own feelings and opinions. In short, perfectionism means being untrue to the self out of greed for admiration and approval by others. It suffices here to realize that whenever you do not accept your humanity, your present limitations, you violate a universal law. In doing so the “climactic conditions” of the psyche, if I may use this expression, are incompatible with the bliss that you long for. Find what you do not accept in yourself; what you do not like and close your eyes to. Find that obscure, hidden, and yet available reaction that wards off pleasure. Cultivate a purposeful willingness to see whatever still eludes you.

P5             The violation of spiritual law within the psychic organism simply creates a climate ill equipped to endure blissful, joyous feelings. When you are unhappy, it is important that you take the occasion as a meaningful lesson to effect further growth. To do this requires contact with your innate superior forces. When you are happy, it is important to become more and more compatible with the universal powers and sustain this state. This, too, requires help and guidance. All human beings have within their psychic and physical organism certain energy centers. They are not actually in your physical body, but in the so-called subtle body, which affects the physical glands.

P6             There is one center at the base of the spine. There is another in the solar plexus region. A third center is at the front of the throat. Another is at the base of the head, at the back of the neck, but a little further up—between the neck and the base of the head. One is between the eyes, and there is another at the very top of the head. These are the basic energy centers.

Each is connected with a mental attitude. Each center determines certain mental and emotional ways of being. Each has its own function. The center at the base of the spine represents all the physical, emotional feelings—sexuality, partnership love, personal love. The solar plexus center opens the way to the connection and unification with spiritual wisdom, universal truths—and also the impersonal love feelings connected with this experience.

P7             As self-deception ceases, a deep relaxation sets in, a flow starts, an undefendedness takes over that makes the personality “chargeable,” if I may use the expression. Here is another way of trying to convey the almost unconveyable facts: imagine the conscious, functioning personality as an overall center. Imagine it like a planet. Then imagine the universal spiritual self as another center, timeless, spaceless, the center of everything that ever lived and ever shall live—a huge planet, so huge that it is the same for everything and everyone.

Totally self-realized entities are parallel to, exposed by, and in orbit with this spiritual center. They are always in its field of vision and influence. Rejoice in the knowledge that life is intrinsically the most benign and joyful fact. It is a constant, immutable, unalterable fact that no amount of separation from the spiritual center can deny.

—The Pathwork® Guide