Lecture 18 – Free Will | Abbreviated Version

P1             In the overall picture, each individual has complete free will, even though temporarily the free will cannot manifest because the factors you cannot control in this life were actually determined by you in your previous lives. Those factors are only effects brought about by causes you yourself have set in motion.

P2             Wherever your free will is hindered in working for your immediate apparent interests, this is due to causes you yourself have brought about, even though you cannot remember them. By the same token, wherever you now have the possibility to use your free will to your actual or apparent advantage, you yourself set the respective causes in motion; whether in this same lifetime or in a previous one does not change the workings of the law.

Your present freedom, or lack of freedom, depends entirely on your past actions, thoughts, and inner reactions. Many, many causes of what is happening in your life can be traced to some outer or inner action of yours earlier in this same incarnation. There is no action, thought, or even feeling that does not produce a result. Some effects occur quickly, so their causes are easier to trace. Others take a longer route, but the fact remains that nothing happens in your life for which you are not responsible. So you actually have complete free will, my friends! Only wherever or whenever you human beings cannot remember or recognize the seeds you have sown, do you say that fate is at work.

P3             But God did not create evil. As you may understand now, He gave each creature the opportunity to freely choose or not choose to follow His laws of perfection. It is your aim, through spiritual development and progress, to reach a state where you are able to live within divine law in every conceivable respect without any difficulty at all. And this state, of course, can only be accomplished through your own choosing and your own free will. God’s creation is so perfect and His laws are of such supreme wisdom and love that whatever individuals do—even those who have deviated from His laws—they must ultimately find their way back to His laws and thus to a state of utter bliss and perfection.

P4             As long as you are dependent on outer happenings over which you have no control, you will never know happiness. You may feel temporary contentment, but you will be constantly afraid to lose it because you cannot control other people and their power over you or over your circumstances. It is by no means necessary for you to know where and how you lived your last life in order to find the roots of your present hardship; for as long as a trend has not been purified it exists in you and is thus available for your recognition, if you are willing.

When you know your faults and weaknesses, you must find either directly or indirectly the roots of everything that is not to your liking about your present life. When is it right to utilize your dormant powers? Many people are confused and not aware of the possibilities. Thus the first step is to find out whether this confusion exists in you. If it does, formulate your thoughts clearly and concisely. Become consciously aware of what you desire.

If there is a question in you whether what you wish is in accordance with the will of God, first go about finding it out in the manner I always prescribe, namely by putting into clear-cut and concise thought-forms anything for which you strive. Whether your desires pertain to earthly things which do not deviate from divine law or to your spiritual progress and self-purification, you could use willpower more often or with greater strength. The intellectual willpower may be a strong one, but it will never have the strong effect of the soul’s willpower.

You can use your willpower in two very distinct ways. One creates a pressure and tension that will rob you of your peace; it leads you away from the state of detachment so necessary for attaining spiritual and emotional maturity. The other flows freely, strongly, and vitally and will never hamper your serenity; it works deep inside and yet quite consciously; it wills strongly and yet patiently; it leaves you free and detached, yet never passive and resigned. The right middle path between extremes can be found and adhered to if you meditate daily and test your inner motives in complete honesty.

Do you wish to do your best because you desire gratification for your vanity? Is your desire to do your best diluted by selfish and vain reasons? So, here again, the first step is to make conscious what has so far been unconscious within you. In that way you can examine where to let go and relinquish your willpower, and where you can and should use much more of it than you have done in the past. Once you have separated these two trends in yourself—the selfish or vain one from the one that wishes to serve others in your profession, whatever it may be—you can develop the willpower in the right direction, for then you are cleansed of all masks and wrong motives.

You can train your willpower to flow out of your solar plexus and not out of your brain. Revive the vital spark and revive the willpower deep within your soul, so that the clean will that does not put your ego in the center of the world can take over. A person who nurses a wrong, sick, or ignorant current and who does not fulfil the destiny which is the reason for his present incarnation, may still advance spiritually in some respects of his personality, though perhaps in quite another compartment of his soul.

P7             In the region of the solar plexus, in radiant matter not visible with your human eye, is the spiritual magnetic field, where not only all emotions exist, but where all factors pertaining to the entire cycle of existence of an individual are marked and deeply inscribed. But once a certain stage of spiritual development is attained, you will feel that you can wish and even think in the region of your spiritual field. The same applies to willpower. Will coming from the brain region will lead to tension, unless it is substantiated by will coming from the spiritual or magnetic field.

P9             When you return to the spiritual world, you will meet first of all your dear ones of this life.

P10           So, some deceased people still feel very much bound to their relatives of the last life. Others also have this love, but they are not bound by it anymore. They go on to other tasks. And this state is infinitely better to be in. You must not imagine that when you die your state of being will be altogether different merely because you have left your shell behind. Your whole personality, your thinking, your feeling, and your opinions if they are very deeply rooted, your idiosyncrasies and your fixations, all this is not part of your body; it is part, however, of your subtle bodies which live on.

And whatever your personality makeup is now, it will be after death. If you die, for instance, in a state of fear, you will be in a state of fear afterward. If you die in a state of serenity, you will be serene afterward. Whatever you are at the time of your death, you will feel, experience, and live afterward, and this will be your world because your thoughts, opinions, feelings, and attitudes create the world around you. As far as reincarnation is concerned, it is very unlikely that a spirit will be reincarnated in the same country.

—The Pathwork® Guide