Lecture 181 – The Meaning of the Human Struggle | Abbreviated Version

P1             The reality you experience as a human being is only an infinitesimal fragment of total reality. When consciousness is not connected with the deeper meaning of things, life must be a struggle. Thus, the struggle is really: How can you expand your perception, your consciousness itself, so that it can grasp the meaning behind the manifestation? You must begin with some general concepts that are absolutely necessary to eventually open locked doors.

Scientists come to new findings the same way. They form radical assumptions, to which they temporarily give serious consideration. If their hypotheses turn out wrong, they have lost nothing. Creative substance is the most powerful energy. It is the most fertile life stuff imaginable. Its malleability, its responsiveness to creating mind, is as infinite as the universe itself. Whatever consciousness can conceive of and express in thought, feeling, and will-direction, creative life stuff molds, forms, builds.

P2             What consciousness determines, the life stuff “obeys” like clay in the hands of a sculptor. The only difference is that the life stuff is a living, moving, energetic process, containing its own immutable laws. When you start on the road of your evolution, this haphazard fate is ascribed to the equally haphazard will of a deity, far removed from the individual.

When development proceeds, and divine, creative spirit is no longer perceived as an entity outside the individual, but a power to be found within, the haphazard fate you fear is your own unconscious. One of them (stages in-between) is, for example, materialistic blindness, where only what is seen and touched exits, while all occurrences outside one’s control seem like coincidence or luck. The point in both instances is that one feels helpless and not responsible for one’s own experiences and destiny.

P3             This inner world, with all its destructive attitudes, its primitive reasoning, its self-defeating will directions, must become as conscious as your positive attitudes and will directions. When your consciousness has no opportunity to deal with the inner conflict between the two opposite strivings, you are inexorably drawn into an undesirable manifestation.

There is a good way of testing yourselves, my friends. That is, when you speak deeply into yourselves, with conviction and determination, words such as these: “I want to expand my life. I want to experience total love and pleasure supreme, without negativities or blocks. I want to give myself completely in love. I want to have health, fulfillment, and abundance in every area of life. It is possible to have such a rich, good life. I am willing to give to life as much as I wish to obtain. I do not want to cheat life by secretly wanting more than I am willing to give. I want to shed all falseness, all selfishness, self-centeredness, negativity, and destructiveness, no matter how hard this may at first seem. I want to shed all illusions I have about myself, for this is the price for leading such a rich life, and I am willing to pay it.

I want to overcome the false shames, prides, vanities that make me hide behind pretenses, and the subtle inner dishonesty in which I am too self-indulgent to face myself and change, and choose rather to “suffer,” with a vaguely complaining attitude, thereby destroying the forces of creation at my disposal and not fully living my life. My own happiness will contribute to the well-being of others. I am willing to shed my ego defenses and all negativity, to give and receive the best. I am willing to accept difficulties along the way, for I know that in overcoming them I will become receptive to the goodness of life. I am willing to grow from my difficulties rather than childishly complain about them, as if someone else had given them to me. I will overcome all self-pity and exaggerated fear because I know that they are only manipulative tricks of the childish mind to avoid accepting life as it is.”

The more finely you are attuned to your inner responses, the more distinctly you will hear your inner reservations. These reservations may take the form of disbelief: “Oh, it is not possible to have what I want. That is merely wishful thinking.”

P4             Reply to it: “No, it is not wishful thinking, since I do not want it handed to me as a magical gift. I am willing to pay the price. I am willing to involve myself deeply in living fully, giving as much as I wish to receive. I am willing to give so much to life that I am willing to face unflattering, undesirable truths about myself, even at the apparently greatest expense, that of parting from my illusion of how I would like to be.”

If you can assume responsibility for the undesirable occurrences in your life, no matter what they may be, by establishing your own resistance to expansion, you have made a major step toward the removal of these blocks. No matter what other people’s consciousnesses produce in your surroundings, your life experience is solely determined by what you produce. If, for example, you have not freed your innermost psyche of fear, negativity, defenses, hopelessness, unrecognized and mischannelled anger, a mass catastrophe will include you because this is the image you have set up.

P5             In most cases, what you build now manifests somewhat later. It becomes your fate in the future—either near or far, depending on the unification and strength of creative energy formation. There is a new consciousness coming into this world. It is the consciousness that perceives the wider reality behind the apparent, fragmented reality at your immediate disposal.

P6             In reality destructive attitudes are merely distortions and limitations that consciousness has suffered in the process of losing its connectedness, or “knowingness.” In individuals whose destructiveness is totally dominant in their manifest human personality, no pangs of conscience exist. A temporary negative unity exists instead. Cruelty, brutality, selfishness—the truly criminal nature—can find a certain distorted peace and unity. Only when the eternal spirit has freed itself sufficiently to create a conscience will disunity manifest on the upward scale. The pain of this disunity ultimately becomes an incentive to increase the will toward overcoming the negative side and strengthening the positive side.

P7             When the destructive side conflicts with the side striving toward true fulfillment and positive expression, very often the destructive side needs a good cause in order to find an outlet for itself, for legitimate hostile feelings and activities. This is why you often see individuals who become very combative and militant for a good cause. This strength and power is put in the service of evil, but the total personality rejects evil. The next, more desirable state is achieved when these negative feelings are no longer repressed and therefore need no outlet.

For both fighting against and accepting can exist in both constructive and self-defeating, distorted ways. You need to fight by summoning up all your energies to a courageous recognition of the negative forces within you, even if they manifest so indirectly that they seem harmless. What are these indirect manifestations of negativity? Let me name a few: lack of energy, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, illness, frustration, failures, feelings of inadequacy, pleasurelessness, listlessness. When you feel a strength growing from tackling and challenging the self-produced difficulties, you will experience an inner growth, an inner, involuntary movement that follows indirectly, as if it had nothing to do with your deliberate efforts.

P8             To create proper self-acceptance that does not deteriorate into self-indulgence, you must take a very systematic approach. First, strengthen your will for the recognition and elimination of all negativity. Commit yourself to wanting it and request inner help. Say this to yourself in so many words, very concisely and decisively. Then listen to your own inner answer. Do not gloss over the inner answer, or the first vague feeling of resistance. Realize that the resistance means you do not want to let go of the negativity and you hide this truth from your consciousness.

Speculate upon the effects of this fact and make the hidden intention more conscious. Then consider the possibility that this condition is largely responsible for all you want to change in your life. Do not stop the search for the connection between your suffering, your unfulfillment, your unhappiness, and your inner refusal to give up persisting negativity. May you all carry with you new material by your increased understanding that leads you to a decision about a new approach to your complaints: “I want to seek the cause in me rather than in others, so that I become free to love and live. I will take the apparent risk to do this, and thus establish self-respect, courage, honesty, strength, and positive energy patterns.”

—The Pathwork® Guide