Lecture 19 – Jesus Christ | Abbreviated Version

P1             For wisdom and light are one. In your human language you call it enlightenment. In the spiritual world, light and knowledge and love are all one and the same. At this period the light of Christ penetrates down to the lowest spheres of gloom, and at least to some small degree into the world of darkness. There may be just a gleam of it, a small sheen, a glimpse of light, yet the influx is there; and at this period when the beings living in the world of darkness encounter the light, they have a different reaction to it. Those who are ready to advance spiritually will welcome the light and will follow it.

Others who are not that far advanced yet will cringe away from it, for it is very painful to them; it causes an extreme pain they cannot stand. The truth is, my friends, whether you want to believe it now or not, that Jesus, the man, was the incarnation of the Christ. And this spirit is the highest and most exalted of all created beings. He is the first direct and inborn creation of God. His substance is the same as the substance of God. All of you possess some of this substance which I call the Higher Self or the divine spark.

P2             The second purpose of his life, though still not the main one, was to show symbolically through his life and death the course and the stages of development for each person who wants to regain the kingdom of heaven. Periods of testing, trials, faith in God in times of adversity, crucifixion of the personal ego with its vanity and self-will: all this was symbolized through the body of Christ. Someone had to come to earth and go through all the sufferings completely alone, at certain times barring all divine protection, and resisting all evil and all temptation out of his own free will.

Only in this way could the spiritual laws continue to remain unbroken so that in a spirit of justice each individual and even the very forces of evil could find the way back to God. Only by the vast and elaborate Plan of Salvation is it possible that down to the very last of the fallen creatures everyone can at one time find the way back to God. The supreme justice of this solution could only happen through the fulfillment of such a task. Thus, no free will was broken and no power used unduly.

P3             You can reach a stage of development through every one of the great world religions, including the non-Christian ones, in which you can experience absolute truth. The perception of absolute truth in any respect can only happen through a process of self-purification over the lifetimes. Stubbornness and self-will are exactly what hinder the raising of your consciousness. What God expects from you and what is part of perfection and development, at least from a certain degree on, is gratefulness to the person without whose deed no one could come back into divine light, without whose deed the stream back to God would have been broken.

P4             The splitting between Judaism and Christianity after the life of Jesus was another fault grown out of the same bad root of the initial splitting from God.

—The Pathwork® Guide