Lecture 193 – Resumé of the Pathwork | Abbreviated Version

P1             Blessings and love, strength and joy are ever-present within and around you, permeating you to the degree you allow it. Humanity consists of different levels of consciousness. Your state of consciousness always creates its own world with its own laws, mores, philosophy, and the consequent reality and limitations. These limitations determine the extent to which the abundance of the universe can be experienced in each state. This world does not exist in some faraway place: it permeates everything that exists.

Thus, in a reality that transcends the human or physical one, two or more worlds can easily coexist in the same space. An entity who is not yet unified and has not yet realized its ultimate nature expresses these different levels of consciousness and is thus drawn into their corresponding worlds either alternately or simultaneously. While living on earth in a human body, this pull manifests in different moods, perceptions and experiences.

P2             When you are drawn simultaneously into two conflicting worlds of your own making, you will experience conflict and confusion. The human condition in general expresses three levels of consciousness: the Higher Self which is the God consciousness; the Lower Self which is the demonic self; and the mask self which hides the demonic or Lower Self. The aim (of Pathwork) is to unify these three levels of consciousness so that the mask and lower selves dissolve and only the true Higher Self manifests and expresses itself.

Only when the lower and mask selves are entirely conscious and their exact manifestations understood can misconceptions be corrected, because lack of awareness creates misconceptions, which in turn create negative energy and feelings which create suffering. Therefore this path constantly requires your mind to bridge the gap of its own limitations by considering new possibilities, and by making room for other alternatives for the self, for life, and for expressing the self in life.

All illusions seem real as long as the possibility of their being illusions is not questioned and as long as no other alternatives are allowed. The truth is that every conceivable attitude, feeling, idea, and human expression can be both good and bad. Yet the effort (of expanding) is not a labor of the will, but an opening process that first considers new alternatives which eventually can become real. The attempt to transcend the momentary, limited mind and to experience divine consciousness is called meditation.

It is quite possible, indeed a frequent occurrence, that such practices genuinely bring out the real Higher Self and yet leave the undeveloped aspects of consciousness intact. Many entities have an intense longing to realize their inherent divine nature, and they forget, while in the body, that they came to earth to fulfill a mission in the universal plan. This mission is the purification and growth of undeveloped cosmic matter. It means shedding the light of conscious awareness and experience upon one’s inner distortions, ugliness, darkness, evil, and suffering, as well as upon the inner truth, beauty, love, and goodness. It is possible to genuinely get in touch with your divine self and then use it to camouflage the split-off and distorted aspects of consciousness.

The divine power within is neutral and will inevitably follow whatever direction consciousness wills for it. It is always easier and quicker to transcend a state when we have deliberately confronted it, when our self accepts its present inner state and wants to experience and go through it, rather than wait until confrontation occurs inexorably as a lawful, rhythmic, universal movement on our evolutionary journey. (1) the level of mind and thought (2) the level of will (3) the level of feelings (4) the level of physicality and physical expression.

P5             (1) The level of mind must deal with concepts and misconceptions. This always means to basically change a concept, a thought process, an approach to reality. You need to determine why it (misconception) is one, how it came to exist, and in what way it leads you into a vicious circle. You need to ask, “How does this vicious circle evolve? What is the corresponding true concept and how would living according to it lead me into a wide open world and into a benign cycle of creative self-expression?”

Eventually it must be experienced emotionally, for it is not enough to have merely a theoretical understanding of these inner processes. Misconceptions can be vaguely conscious. Unconscious misconceptions can only be unearthed by looking at your life, your suffering, your frustration, and your unfulfilled longings.

P6             (2) To work on the level of will, you need to know first that there is an outer and an inner will. There is a voluntary and an involuntary will action. Where the will should be active, it is often paralyzed and stagnant. Where it should be receptive and passive, it is tight, forced, and active. Such redirection of will currents cannot be done by the outer will. If you can recognize this and relax the pressure of the outer will, the inner will can come to the fore and begin functioning.

(3) where there are conscious or unconscious misconceptions of the mind and an imbalance of the inner and outer will, feelings are destructive, stagnant and painful. Feelings must be dealt with on the conscious level before they can be rechannelled constructively. It suffices to say that experiencing and expressing feelings once deemed to be unacceptable and unbearable, and learning to sustain and to handle them, is the only way a person can lose fear, anxiety, and tension.

P7             (4) It is utterly false to assume that the physical and the spiritual life stand in opposition. One is merely an expression of the other. By its muscular blocks the physical body expresses conceptual errors, imbalances of the will, and stagnant, denied feelings. Every cell in the human body is a consciousness onto itself. When areas are blocked off in the body, the cell system in these areas is prevented from being permeated with the divine energy stream and the divine consciousness.

It is necessary again and again to attempt getting in touch with the divine consciousness that is ever-present, immutable, and immediately available within you. When this is done for the purpose of making conscious the distorted levels of your soul substance, and reorient them so as to unify all split-off soul substance, then meditation takes a different course from the kind of meditation that is used for the sole purpose of realizing the divine self while disregarding the dark aspects of the self. It is a current illusion and wishful thinking to assume that this latter approach to meditation automatically deals with the dark side of human nature. You cannot overcome what you have not consciously and fully experienced.

P8             You should connect eg a physical symptom like pain or tension with the corresponding mental attitude, thought, emotion, and will that motivate the specific physical manifestation. When you begin to sense that a specific bodily tension comes from a feeling of hate and rage, an overactive outer will that is being prevented from hitting out, and also from a specific misconception, then you unify all levels and increase your scope of consciousness on all levels. It is one of the immutable spiritual laws that lack of awareness of one area prohibits awareness of another.

P9             The Mask Self is a defense against exposing who you really are now. Of course you are not exclusively the Lower Self which the mask is designed to hide. However, by masking any part of yourself, you inevitably also mask your Higher Self from yourself. When you are unaware of your mask, you feel ashamed and uncomfortable but you don’t face this fact because you don’t wish to experience and deal with such feelings.

This is the state of being lost which many individuals wish to cure by some magic—drugs, pills, or even meditation. The manifest life experience is totally and conclusively symptomatic of the inner state of the personality. The truth leads people to assume self-responsibility. Most human beings are loath to accept this. It (emotional immaturity) also indicates that a sense of guilt is attached to admitting one’s fallacy and distortion.

P10           Ask with a truly open attitude, willing to listen to a consciousness that is you and yet is greater than the conscious you. Then you will see that this greater you is real and your little consciousness is only a separated particle.

—The Pathwork® Guide