Lecture 194 – Meditation: its Laws and Various Approaches | Abbreviated Version

P1             Meditation is conscious and deliberate creating. You constantly create, whether you know it or not. Every thought is a creation and has its consequence. Between them (those who create unwittingly) and those people who attempt to check, test, and challenge their concepts, who seek the truth and adjust their ideas and aims to it, and who purify their feelings, there is an enormous difference.

This latter attitude toward life can then result in the deliberate creation of one’s life. And that is meaningful meditation. Meditation is creating because you live in a highly potent creative substance, which is what I have also called soul substance. You live in it, you move in it, you have your being in it. Everything that consciousness sends forth into this substance must take form.

P2             All concepts and opinions, all views and desires, create a will direction, and this creative force activates the receptive substance of your soul. Once misconceptions are eliminated, you can actively create more desirable experiences, better and deeper feeling capacity, more creative self-expression, more joy and serenity. Every act in the universe comes about because the active and receptive principles fuse and create something new.

In the first stage the conscious mind almost always assumes the active part by speaking the word, by concisely formulating the thoughts and intents. Eg you meditate for more fulfilment with a mate. The force of your own conviction that you deserve this, that this is indeed possible and in keeping with divine law, will depend on the extent you have faced your own wish not to love. But if you face your incommensurate attitude—your hatred, your demanding love—and truly give it up, you can meditate first for your own increased capacity to love.

The soul substance functions according to the receptive principle. Soul substance will be molded by consciousness according to its strength, conviction, and clarity. When concepts are real and the limitless abundance of the universe is therefore correctly perceived, attitudes will be positive and accord with the cosmic laws of truth and love.

When concepts are distorted, and foster destructive attitudes and negative feelings, cosmic law is broken. This causes guilt and fear, which in turn require defenses. 4 stages of meditation: 1) concept 2) impressing and allowing to be impressed 3) visualization 4) faith. Meditation must begin with your conscious mind. It follows from a decision of will and intent. The concepts and thoughts you form with your conscious mind are your initial tools. I repeat: clarity and conviction, concise statement and unconflicted directive determine the force and energy of the process.

P4             When you have removed the obstructions (aspects of Lower Self) by dealing with them, when your conscious mind formulates strongly and concisely, your inner will needs to relax, allowing the soul substance to be impressed. You must first consider intellectually that things could change and you wish they would. First, you must know and believe that you have the right and the ability to mold and create substance with your mind.

If you sense rejection (determined by how you feel) you must deal with your inner contradiction and use the creative process of meditation to resolve it. Feel the feelings that must be felt. Meditation is a wonderful way to test how much you resist your conscious positive desire for fulfilment. To what degree do you perhaps fear certain aspects of what you most desire? The unity between the conscious and unconscious directly affects the second stage: impressing and being impressed. With a unified consciousness, impressing will be strong.

P5             With no defenses, you will let the germination process take its course. The more you are prepared to accept difficulties should they occur, the easier it will be to understand the language of the creative process. The more you can feel this (active and receptive) interaction, the more effective your creative act must be. This is why the people with strong defenses cannot meditate, no matter how well-intentioned they may be.

The third stage is visualization which means perceiving yourself in the state you wish to attain, experience, become. You can experience yourself in meditation as loving rather than resentful; fulfilled rather than eternally wanting and empty; joyful and content rather than anxious and depressed. Visualization follows proper conceiving, which means considering the desired state as a possibility. The fourth stage is faith. At the beginning, you can only grope for faith by an honestly experimental attitude. You cannot enforce faith as an act of will. That would be dishonest.

P6             Since it is basic human nature to love, not to hate; so it is also your inherent nature to know the benign presence of the cosmic spirit. If you do not know this, at one point you have decided not to know it. This dishonesty must be ascertained, admitted, and finally given up. You need then adopt the attitude of openness, of honest questioning.

As you go on, you will recognize that these answers are the manifestation of a live process that is so profoundly meaningful and organic that nothing the intellect can think up can ever match it. When this inner experience and certainty comes, you have faith. You must learn to deal with the stages that prevent you from reaching faith. This may take years.

P7             Since you fear the negative answer, you prefer to keep it constantly in abeyance. You vacillate, theorize, stay on the edge before going into the apparent abyss of commitment to test the truth. Real faith can be acquired only by those who are ready to risk an undesirable answer and then are determined to deal with it. One of the most important laws is what all Scripture reiterates: According to your belief you shall experience.

P8             A finely calibrated inner mechanism prevents you from violating the divine laws beyond a certain degree. If you unconsciously want to cheat life by wanting more than you are willing to give, you violate another important cosmic law, so that no matter how much you may try to believe in the possibility of life’s abundance, it will not work. It will not take, your substance will refuse the impression until you remove this violation of law.

Another law is that you cannot skip a step. If you want a result that depends on eliminating obstructions which violate a law, the obstruction must first be dealt with. You can meditate to meditate; you can ask for guidance and inspiration to find the right topic, concentration, concern, word and attitude at any given phase of your path. Meditation can and should be used for every step along the way. Your conscious ego-mind can activate the divine process and let it respond. But then another interaction must come about. The manifesting spiritual self must become the active principle, and the conscious mind must become receptive, listening, pliable, impressionable.

P9             As your conscious mind lets itself be instructed by the spiritual self, so the Lower Self can be instructed by both the conscious ego-mind and the divine self. After you have listened to the destructive nonsense of the Lower Self, without impinging on its free expression, you can tell where it is wrong; why it is so; what its misconceptions are as well as the damage it causes. An interaction, a dialogue develops. Listen to it (divine self); let it teach and inspire you on all levels. Let it talk or write to you through your ego-mind.

P10           You may want to remove this wall (separation between life and death) and ask for necessary guidance, but are you truly willing to fulfill the conditions? You can experience the truth of eternal life, right here and now, in the body. But it means giving up all the ego attitudes; all the tremendous preoccupation with everything that sustains and cultivates the ego: pride, selfwill, fear, vanity, separateness, duality, in sum, the belief that there is a difference between you and others, that either you or the other should be more important.

P11           Stages 1) Petitionary prayer 2) request 3) knowing that your wish will be fulfilled 4) Your wish has been fulfilled even before it manifests.

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