Lecture 197 – Energy and Consciousness in Distortion | Abbreviated Version

P1             It (Divine blessing and force) should be used to increase your honesty with yourself. For only then can love grow genuinely. If you say that evil does not exist at all, on any level of being, this would be wrong. But if you state that in ultimate reality there is no evil, that is true. Any one of these postulates is incorrect when seen as the only truth.

Let me first repeat that the universe consists of consciousness and energy. In the unified state, consciousness and energy are one. In the disunified state, they are not necessarily one. Energy can be an impersonal force that does not seem to contain or express consciousness. It seems a mechanical force that consciousness can direct but that is in itself alien to determination, to self-knowledge.

P2             Think, for example, of electricity and atomic energy. Even the energy of mind seems often quite disconnected from the source of its consciousness. Many of you have experienced that the power of your thoughts, attitudes and feelings do not have an immediate effect in your life. They have indirect effect, which at first seems so disconnected from its source that comprehending the link between cause and effect requires focused attention and awareness.

The separated, dualistic human mind creates the illusion that energy and consciousness are two different manifestations. The same split perception exists in human beings regarding life and self, God and humanity, cause and effect, and many other concepts or phenomena. Since thought is movement and energy, it is impossible to separate consciousness from energy in their essence, although in their manifestations there might be an apparent disconnection. In the ultimate reality of the unified state there is no evil.

Thought is pure and truthful; feelings are loving and blissful; the direction or intentionality of the will is utterly positive and constructive. Therefore there is no evil. But the same consciousness can change its mind, as it were, into an untruthful and limited thought process, accompanied by feelings of hate, fear, and cruelty: into negative will direction and intent. In that moment the same consciousness, or an aspect of this consciousness, turns into its own distorted version.

If this happens, the energy also alters its manifestations. Thus the manifestation of evil is not something intrinsically different from pure consciousness and energy. It has only changed direction or focus. Each individual must accept the reality of evil on this plane of development, in order to learn to cope with it and thus to truly overcome it. Evil must be faced and overcome primarily within the self. Only then can the evil that is outside of the self be dealt with.

The attempt to reverse this process will fail, for everything must start from the inner center. When energy is twisted, it produces a destructive manifestation. Its frequency slows down and becomes commensurate with the distortion of the consciousness which determines the state by choosing the will direction of the thought process and instituting the negative attitude pattern.

Another characteristic of distorted energy flow in its evil aberration is condensation. Condensed energy is the dualistic, disunified state. Jesus Christ said: “Do not resist evil.” It has been interpreted too literally to mean that you should allow others to exploit you and that you should not assert your human rights and your human dignity. This interpretation has preached meekness and masochism that are not in keeping with divine truth.

On the contrary, they help to perpetuate evil and allow the perpetrator to inflict evil on his or her environment. “Do not resist evil” points to the fact that resistance itself is, and breeds, evil. Resistance tightens and thus coarsens the energy. It holds back what should move. The very manifestation of matter as you know it, which is a highly disunified state, is the result of resistance. Resistance is always obstructing some valuable, beautiful aspect of creation. Resistance is therefore a manifestation of evil.

P4             Furthermore, each of these three attitudes (self-will, fear and pride) is a result of resistance and breeds more resistance, or evil. Self-will says, “I resist any other way but my way,” and “my way” is so often anti-life, anti- God. Self-will resists truth, love, union—even if it appears to want it. The moment the tightness of self-will exists, divine aspects are hindered from manifestation.

Pride is resistance to the oneness between entities. It separates itself from others and elevates itself—and thus resists the truth and love that are creative manifestations of life. The person who resists humility must be humiliated because the resistance must always finally come to a breaking point. The refusal to expose the truth and to admit what exists is due to pride.

This pride causes resistance as much as it results from resistance. Similarly, resistance breeds fear, and fear breeds resistance. Resistance to truth arises from the fear that truth can be harmful, and in turn, resistance to truth compounds this fear.

P5             When you want to avoid your feelings and your hidden thoughts and intentions, you create resistance. Resistance is, in one way or another, always connected with the thought, “I do not want to be hurt”—whether this hurt is actual or imagined. The resistance may be linked to self-will that says, “I must not be hurt”; to pride that says, “I will never admit that I can be hurt”; or to fear that says, “If I am hurt I must perish.” The resistance expresses distrust of the universe. In reality, hurt must pass, for it is no more an ultimate state than evil is.

P6             Resisting evil means not facing and accepting the evil in you. This resistance creates a tremendous accumulation of energy, which finally comes to an explosion. It destroys the very evil that has created it. The energy movement of the soul substance tears down the rotten structure, even if this means that temporarily all seems to go to pieces. However, what is of true value will automatically and organically rebuild itself. Creation is taking place.

Every crisis is an integral part of creation. Therefore, wise ones embrace and accept crises, which remove more and more resistance. The blind entity may suffer temporarily, but how good it is. The process is awesome in its benign violence. Thus, in the long run, every destruction is constructive and serves creation. Always.

But in an individual’s life, this truth is not always obvious. It is the same with pain: the more you accept it, the less you will feel it. Resistance to pain often makes it unbearable. The more you accept your hate, the less you hate. The more you accept your ugliness, the more beautiful you become. The more you accept your weakness, the stronger you are. The more you admit your hurt, the more dignity you have. These are inexorable laws. This is the path we tread.

—The Pathwork® Guide