Lecture 2 – Decisions and Tests | Abbreviated Version

P1             My dear friends, God’s love penetrates the entire creation. It is a living force, a beam that meets itself in an eternal round, as everything spiritual must move in circular completeness. All creatures are in search of this powerful beam of love, whether consciously or unconsciously. The longing to feel this love drives, pulls, spurs humans and spirits. Not realizing the real nature of the feelings and the search, the person will look for false goals and false fulfillment. However, those who reach the stage of development where they already understand what these hitherto inexplicable feelings of longing really are have taken a great step.

The love for God, the longing for God, is the driving force in every human being. Even those who have not yet found God, or who believe that they do not believe in God, harbor these strong currents in their soul. Most people find life on this earth incomprehensible. They cannot recognize its meaning and purpose because they see only through their physical eyes. The contact with their spiritual eyes has not yet been established.

Therefore everything seems meaningless—their sorrows, their trials, their loneliness. But when you understand that this life is one of many learning periods, one link in a long chain, you will at first sense and later comprehend more and more fully the connections. Then your goal will no longer be immediate happiness through the fulfillment of every single wish in this existence. You will instead direct your vision toward the whole. Thus you can bear the deprivations of this life. How fast each individual will proceed is up to his or her free will.

P2             An earthly problem is actually the expression of a specific spiritual problem. To achieve true progress, you have to grow from both sides. New outer knowledge has to be acquired when the old has been integrated and assimilated within. Knowledge must never remain theoretical. You have to get acquainted with yourself, attend to yourself, examine yourself, and acquire the discipline to overcome the resistance which is so difficult at the beginning. You have to observe all your notions about yourself which flatter you and with which it is so easy to deceive yourself.

Search yourselves and ask: “What hidden part of me still does not react according to the sole reality, the spiritual laws, even if only on a subtle, inner level? Where do I lack clarity about certain things in myself?” Such self-examination should go on at all times. People often wonder about communication with God’s world. “Yes,” they say, “I can quite believe that such communication is possible, but what can it mean to me? What do I need it for?” My answer is that such communication can give you one of the parts necessary for your further development, namely intake from the outside. Furthermore, it gives hints, help, and direction for searching, discovering, and applying the outer knowledge to the inner problems, which is the second necessary part of development. For this, you need constant encouragement, strength, and blessing, apart from very specific, concrete help.

P3             Many people can make decisions on the outer level, though some cannot do even that. A great number of people cannot make the inner decisions, however. Their emotional currents and inner, emotional reactions make them completely incapable of deciding inwardly, and they do not even know it since the process is covered up. Only when they start weighing their innermost motives and emotions do they come to realize what has been going on. Then they can begin to make inner decisions. Those who will not make a decision are often the same who most sincerely strive to follow their soul’s yearning. Although they truly want to do what is right and just, they shy away from doing something because it may not please God. They do not understand that by not making a decision they also make a decision.

Everything is in the stream of life, and whatever you do, including not doing anything, must have a consequence. You do not take command of your ship, believing and hoping—again unconsciously—that God or fate will make the decision for you. Once in a while this may even happen, but, in general, God’s world is not permitted to interfere, since one of the things you have to learn is to take responsibility for your decisions. Striving to overcome your resistance is the only way to sharpen your spiritual vision.

Only in this way can you perceive what exists in your own soul as well as around you. You must learn to evaluate even very complicated situations, and understand what is at stake both for you and for others. You must learn to achieve the utmost for your spiritual development and purification through solving hitherto unresolved problems. If, after taking on the problem, you come to the conclusion that you are not yet capable of making a decision because you are not yet able to perceive which direction to take, you are in a totally different state. Then you can ask God for inspiration and knowledge and thus be ready to receive it and act accordingly.

P4             You can recognize the pure truth of a situation and know what the right action must be for you, but only if you discard all self-flattering disguises, everything that nourishes complacency and lures you toward the road of least resistance. When people live their whole lives avoiding decisions, reactions and chain reactions will ensue. A spiritual form is created which will make it even more difficult in their next life to disentangle the knots and learn to make decisions. Understand that avoiding decisions will cause great harm, not only in spiritual, but also in purely earthly matters. This is so even from the point of view of your selfish ego, as you will see once you go beyond your short-sightedness.

Answer: You human beings always think that there is nothing worse than pain. Yet there is something worse, namely the stage before a soul is able to feel pain. When you feel pain, you are already a step closer to God. In his (Lucifer) realm too there is a hierarchy of very powerful and less powerful beings. If such a powerful henchman fails to fulfill a task that has been assigned to him—possibly to deter a human being from following his path to God, because the human being used his free will to resist temptation—he will lose more and more of his power, until he himself will be tortured by his fellow evil spirits. And he who finds himself in extreme pain must come closer to God, since it is then that his need for God is greatest. Thus, the “lower” he sinks in the dark spheres, the “higher” he actually rises.

When you are tested, at first you learn how to attain your goal with the help of spiritual protection. Then this protective influence will step somewhat aside and you are left to yourself, at an equal distance, so to speak, from the divine and the dark forces. You have to stand your ground alone, and act right out of your own will. And then, when you have withstood the test, the dark forces will be periodically allowed to get quite close to you—though divine love is always close by, watching that everything goes well—so that you can stand your ground even better. Only then can you be sure that you have attained mastery over your Lower Self, over your weaknesses that needed exactly this kind of testing. This is the process.

No evil spirit, be it the most powerful, can do anything to you unless you allow it. The moment you fight your Lower Self, you protect yourself completely. This is what you must do: fight the battle! This is not too much to ask of you. Those who are marked especially heavily by destiny are often much more capable of meeting their tests by accepting them for what they are and learning from them what is necessary, and by taking up their cross willingly instead of quarreling with their destiny.

I have to emphasize again and again that God never gives anyone more than they can, or could, bear and fulfill if only they are willing. You always cling to the false belief that death and pain are the worst things that can happen to you. I refer here to physical death, which must certainly not be considered as punishment. Spiritual death is the worst, and it stands at the end of the road of least resistance. QUESTION: What is spiritual death? ANSWER: Spiritual death is to give yourself over to the forces of darkness, consciously or unconsciously, that is, to cut yourself off from God’s world. But in no way is this state eternal.

—The Pathwork® Guide