Lecture 20 – God: the Creation | Abbreviated Version

P1             No one is drawn to the pathwork by chance, not even those who only come once and then leave. The chance for help in spiritual matters should always be offered even if they do not accept at that time.

P2             There is an organization in the spirit world that governs you and decides who should be chosen and who should be bypassed at least at this time. Particular spirits who have this task and are trained for this work are being sent as scouts to consider all the relevant circumstances pertaining to the individuals in question. If it seems that a person should join you or at least should be given the chance to, then these spirit scouts get in touch with that person’s guardian spirits: the latter guide their proteges to someone in your circle and perhaps inspire that person to propose the idea of joining your group. Choice of lecture is also no coincidence, it is a type of bookkeeping work, if I may call it that, where many details have to be painstakingly considered and weighed.

P3             God is person as well as principle. One religion holds that God is person: the other holds that God is not of substance, being solely principle and force, both views are true. God in His male aspect is Creator and, as such, is a person. The male aspect is the creative one, not only with God, but, originating from Him, it is the creative principle in the universe with all beings. In this capacity, God makes decisions, dispositions, and determinations. In this capacity, God as Creator and person created the universe with all its laws and other beings, although the creation of the latter was in conjunction with the divine female aspect.

P4             The creative ability exists also to some extent in every being. This divine substance can best be described as a fluid substance of the most radiant matter. It is the life force. God, as well as all creatures in their highest form of development, can dissolve this fluid substance so that the compact personality becomes a flow, a principle, or a divine stream. In this flowing state, the divine female aspect is prevalent. It is the state of being and the state of slow growth and organic building. Whenever God wills it so, the fluids may be retracted so that His male aspect becomes prevalent again.

The same holds true for all created beings in their highest state of development. If their female aspect is prevalent, they merge with God in a state of being. With their male aspect prevalent, they help in the Creation according to the will of God and in accordance with divine law. God is love and love must share, this is the nature of love. God created beings who could choose freely with the power given them. The temporary misery for those who might decide to abuse this power is nothing compared to the bliss and happiness of eternity after the self-inflicted misery has been experienced. It is your task to uncover this divine substance within you and to free it of these God-opposed layers which rob you of your unity with yourself and with God.

P5             The divine spark within you is Godlike, not God itself. Free will and free choice entails the possibility of directing free will contrary to divine law. In choosing freely and correctly and in abstaining from abuse of power lies divinity, love, wisdom, and a number of further divine attributes. God’s laws provided beforehand for the possibility of a return to God if and when any of the created beings should misuse their power and freedom given to them by God. The laws work in such a way that ultimately everything having once turned away from God and divine law will eventually come back.

P6             The fall, when one spirit succumbed. The result was not an immediate change, but a gradual one. It is still the same power but used differently. Every divine aspect turns into its opposite nature. Spirits create their own worlds and only spirits of equal development can share a world, which, in certain states of development, facilitates life in general but by the same token slows down individual development.

In our world male and female are split. The human urge to find the right partner is nothing less than the deep longing for reunion with one’s separated other part. Every being passes certain incarnations with its true double or counterpart, because through the happiness which such reunion entails lies a duty to fulfill something. Certain other incarnations have to be gone through without this counterpart: in that lies fulfillment of a different sort.

P7             However, this latter kind of incarnation without meeting one’s true counterpart does not mean that it is necessary to lead a life of celibacy. There may be other partners with whom not only great happiness can be built, but also with whom other duties may be fulfilled, karma paid off, and so on. When you consider your individual faults, try to find the original divine aspect of them. For no fault could come into existence by itself; it is only a distortion of something that was once divine.

P8             There isn’t a person without a task! If you still find unrest, haste, nervousness, and lack of peace of mind, then ask God to help you find your task, to be open for it, so that you can understand His guidance.

—The Pathwork® Guide