Lecture 200 – The Cosmic Feeling and the Four Prerequisites | Abbreviated Version

The divine kernel is in every one of you. The aim of living is to realize this, to know who you really are, to remember. Only after you have overcome certain obstacles can you occasionally experience your true identity. I have spoken about how the channel opens to receive increasing wisdom and intelligence of such magnitude that all problems can be resolved. The solutions come forth in an all-inclusive way.

I have discussed how you find within yourself a new creative power that can supply you with any fulfilment, any self-expression, and any joy you wish. They are all close at hand, ready to be realized. I have discussed the beauty of the universe that you automatically discover: a universe in which all is well and nothing needs to be feared, in which you will find a sense of wholeness, the power of healing and emotional fulfilment on the deepest possible level.

P2             The cosmic feeling is an experience in which feeling and thinking are no longer split. It is an experience of bliss, of the comprehension of life and its mysteries; of all-encompassing love; of the knowledge that all is well and there is nothing to fear. When you know that there is no death, no real suffering other than the temporary manifestation of your errors, illusions, and intentional negativities—which could end whenever you so desire—and no real passing of time since time, too, is a production of illusion, then you cannot fear.

Restlessness is an expression of the inner urge to seek the path of truth toward full self-realization, but before you have found it, the drive can be painful and can temporarily make you search in the wrong direction. The good feeling (blissfull knowing-feeling) is shocking. It is as if an electric shock went through you. Therefore, the ego must grow sufficiently strong and healthy to bear the high vibrations when the inner presence of God emanates into the outer person.

The moment you find yourself in this state, you will know in a most profound way that you have always known what you now rediscover and always been what you now experience yourself to be. You had only temporarily cut yourself off from this state of feeling and knowing, of experiencing life as it really is. The experience becomes possible the moment you can bear the immediacy of your divine kernel’s presence, its consciousness, its energy, its sparkling reality, its all-permeating wisdom, its all-inclusive love, its creative power that is yours to use as you see fit.

P3             Observe in yourself how much you fear this experience even while you long for it. If fear governs you, the discriminating mind is being used and perverted. If the feelings are open in honesty, the discriminating mind will be the servant it is supposed to be, not the master. Everyone of you—every living thing in the universe, organic or inorganic—is permeated with this power and intelligence; all that varies is the degree of manifestation.

  1. True understanding of cause and effect in your life. The moment you can see the level in you where your concepts, intentions, and attitudes create your life circumstances, you have your key to create a different and more desirable life. When you create unconsciously, you are ignorant of your own power. Another byproduct of your disconnection is your growing feeling of helplessness and powerlessness: dependency on others, with its inevitable resentments arising from unfulfilled expectations; fear and the consequent defenses that cut you off further from the source of life in you. And all the while you go on willfully ignoring how you create this miserable state yourself, because it suits you better to blame others and to wait for a salvation that will never come. It can only come when you realize your beautiful birthright to create.

P4             Uncover your vague sense of futility which makes you fear that your life is slipping through your fingers without your having realized its essence, its beauty, and the creative joyousness. Do not delude yourself that you can attain results without challenging your resistances. Once you overcome your dishonesty, you will fully see and understand the negative creation you have produced and how your mental attitudes and hidden feelings have created the present conditions. I advise you not to let overwhelming guilt dissuade you from this course. Recognize it as yet another ego trick. Allow yourself to feel the pain of your guilt, so that you fully see its whole impact, what you do to others and yourself.

P5             If you can create unconsciously and erroneously such tangible events and states of mind, you can also create consciously, and intentionally the circumstances and the state of mind that you desire. If you now feel that you cannot bear happiness and pleasure you can create this capacity in yourself by stating the desire and intent, by being willing to give up your dishonesty and negative intentionality, and by wanting to give honestly the best that is in you.

You can feel rich and full only when you wish to give. By truly seeing the cause and effect of your negative creation and its manifestations, you become a creator. Your divinity is your power to create by your thinking, by expanding your vision, by impressing your intents into yourself, and by requesting the power of God within you to unite with your consciousness.

  1. Learning the ability to feel all your feelings and to handle the feeling experience. By fully accepting and feeling your pain, you become commensurately capable of sustaining pleasure. By humbly and honestly admitting your hate and expressing it constructively, that is, assuming responsibility for it, your capacity to love grows commensurately. By willingly experiencing your fear, you grow fearless and secure.

This is so because the apparently opposite feelings are one and the same energy current, appearing in different frequencies and degrees of condensation. The vibration changes as you discover the oneness of the opposites. The cosmic feeling is of the highest frequency of energy. As long as you shy away from a feeling, it remains a wall, it remains your enemy, and you must remain frightened of your own feelings. By that dynamic you create the twice-removed alienation process that is so disconcerting and painful: fear of your fear; pain about your pain; hate for your hate.

P6             If you air out your most negative feelings—hate, cruelty, anger, and rage, and their byproducts of envy, jealousy, greed, dishonesty,—their clean and honest expression is beautiful. It is beautiful because you no longer pretend; you risk being truthful and thus become beautiful as you expose the ugliness. No hate, no pain, no fear is ever permanent, but love, pleasure, security, peace, and bliss are permanent conditions. Hate, pain, fear are but frozen energy, distorted consciousness.

Every time you feel reluctant to go into a pain or into your rage, it is only dishonesty that makes you reluctant—the wish to appear different from the way you really are. You know that this principle exists, but you still do not use it enough for the gauge that it is; it points to unrecognized, unaccepted, unexpressed negative feelings.

  1. Developing positive intentionality. Your love lacks totality to the degree that negative intentionality festers in your psyche. And you cannot have cosmic feeling unless you have love. The commitment to make a fair exchange with life must be made over and over day in and day out, searching for deeper hidden recesses where negative intentionality may still exist and then reversing it in a deliberate, creative act of expressing positive intentionality. “Where am I still unhappy? Where am I anxious? Where do I have problems with myself, with life, with others?” “Is my life as fulfilled, as joyful, as rich and meaningful as I long for it to be?”

Then you have your answer, and you can explore yourself further by asking, “What do I contribute to this situation? How do I create it?” Even if your life is fulfilled and happy, and you see it become increasingly richer, you can still ask yourself, “Which are the areas in my life where I still do not feel the joy that I know otherwise to exist?”

  1. Connecting with your divine nucleus. Start with the premise that there is a deep nucleus of knowing, feeling, power, and presence within you. Focus on it lightly, without the feeling that “I must experience it now.” Calmly wait. Learn to become inwardly relaxed. See your own inner rushing, driving, grasping. Observe it, until you can stop it. It may at first be a pain, but take the opportunity to feel the pain without resistance. Ask your innermost Godself for help in this. Persevere. Give your attention and your goodwill to the practice. One day the channel will open. There is an inner ear with which you will eventually hear; an inner eye with which you will see; an inner power with which you will perceive. These faculties are not yet in use, but they can be awakened.

—The Pathwork® Guide