Lecture 201 – Demagnitizing Negative Force Fields – The Pain of Guilt | Abbreviated Version

P1             The fusion of consciousness and energy is of such a tremendous power that this fusion creates an electromagnetic energy field. This force field contains every conceivable seed or possibility of creation: every conceivable attitude or concept about life creates such a field. The magnetism of this field is so strong that ensuing actions and events are inexorably set in motion. The force field of a specific attitude to life is also ruled by laws of attraction—like attracting like.

Thus you who have created various force fields as a result of your attitudes, ideas, concepts, and approaches to life, attract or repulse events, people, happenings, and actions of others and also of yourself. You have experienced the depths of the negative emotions connected with these false ideas and have also uncovered the negative intentionality that you had instituted as a result. You now see quite clearly that these events are hardly what they at first seemed to be, mere coincidence. They occur by immutable law: the law of self-creation.

Yet you find yourself stymied in giving up the whole nucleus of the image, or force field. Although you know the ideas are false, you cannot help reacting as if they were true. You believe no woman is trustworthy because you felt your mother rejected you.

P2             It is extremely difficult to change these force fields, but it is certainly possible. The existing image can be deduced infallibly by looking at the life manifestation. Life reveals what one’s underlying beliefs and attitudes must be. It cannot be otherwise. The magnetic power of the force field is self-indoctrinating and self-perpetuating; it is like a deeply imprinted motor mechanism, set in motion with great energy.

Thus a stronger energy is required to deactivate this motor force and to change a negative force field into a positive one. In instances of both voluntary and involuntary intentionality it is essential for the conscious mind to express its positive intent and formulate it concisely. But this must not be done in self delusion and by superimposing positive intent over unconscious irrational resistance and defiance.

P3             You therefore need to systematically establish identification with your real self. Unless you do this, you will lack the volition to give up what destroys happiness and joy. The first steps toward this new identification with your real self, apart from simple prayer and meditation, are to reach into new modalities with your mind. If you now hate, say with your conscious mind, “I also have in me the possibility to love. I want this new state and wish to utilize all my hidden energies and creative forces.”

Or, if you believe you can function only in a nonfeeling, isolated, spiteful state, although you would want your state to be different, declare the inherent possibilities within you and say, “There are inner powers and energies I wish to mobilize. The same me that is now locked into spite and withholding contains other, more natural and beautiful ways of being. I want to manifest this new state as my own inherent state.” At the same time, alternately or simultaneously, the demagnetization process takes place by going deeply into your innermost stillness. If you do this seriously, just becoming still and expressing your intent to hear the will of God, to feel the presence of God within you, it will happen.

You can also go back to the various lectures I have given about these specific exercises and use them for a few minutes each day. Let us take the example: “I want to punish my parents by my own misery and spite and non-giving,” or, “I do not want to love my parents, so I cannot love anybody else because I want everyone to become better parents for me than those I really had.”

P4             The freeing new thought process might be to begin with, “I do not want to stay in this position. There are powers within me that make it possible for me to change and feel good and secure about the change. I do deserve it. This change is my birth-right which I claim. I can subsist on good feelings. I can sustain and endure them, just as I can endure pain or disappointment. I pray for the power, the belief, the faith, and the volition to be totally committed to living my life in a good, deeply feeling and honest way.”

Even if some part of you still resists while you say these words, my friends, if your innermost will pronounces these words strongly and decisively, without covering up or denying the negative will, but meeting it head on, a new power will be created by the force of the intent within your thought. It is the thought that must change first. In thought lies the intent. The power of thought and the power of feeling create magnetic fields which in turn create life experience. You always have to begin where the thoughts and feelings are accessible, and that is in your conscious mind, in your conscious thinking, willing, and doing. A thought inevitably brings a new feeling, which then brings a new attitude.

P5             You will no longer be needy because you will know that everything exists within you to fulfill every one of your needs. It is necessary to give up the dishonesty, the hiding, the projecting, and the game playing that exist on subtle levels in your consciousness and which you often manage to deny. In the days pre-psychology, religion had indoctrinated man with a distorted, debilitating guilt feeling: false guilts, fear of a punishing God, a guilt that did not make it possible for human beings to live in dignity and in the knowledge of who they ultimately are.

In order to straighten out such distortions, the pendulum must always temporarily swing to the opposite extreme. Distinction between remorse and guilt: remorse is the deeply felt pain of your wrongdoing, yet without losing sight of your divinity. Guilt crushes the self and denies its intrinsic divinity. In fact, there is a difference between neurotic false guilt and real guilt and one can hide the other. If you cannot bear pain that others inflict upon you, then you cannot experience in a constructive way the pain of your own guilt either.

The guilt of your own distortions must be fully faced, felt, and understood in all its ramifications and chain reactions. Do this in a very realistic and well-proportioned manner, without exaggeration, hiding, or dramatization. Have you not been deeply hurt by what was missing in your life as a child? Was it your parents’ inability to give more warmth, good feelings, and closeness? Well, you are inflicting the same on others by your vindictive imitation and perpetuation of the very attitude that hurt you most.

If you are crushed by the pain of your guilt, this is only because you have decided to opt for this reaction. Violations of spiritual law can only be corrected when you learn to feel the hurts you have inflicted and still inflict without feeling annihilated or worthless, without crumbling under a load of guilt. Feel the pain of your withholding, of your spite, of your maligning whether in your mind or in actuality. When you hold on to any kind of negative intentionality, you cannot help depriving and hurting others, just as these attitudes must inevitably hurt you.

If you cannot bear the pain of your guilt and look away from it, then you cannot feel deserving, and hence you must block the contact with God in you. Facing the guilt for the pain you inflict on others is really not very different from facing the pain you have received. In both instances you can exaggerate it and make yourself incapacitated for life, or you can decide not to feel it at all.

Or you can allow the feeling, and say: “Yes, others have made mistakes. I have made mistakes. They were blind and groping, and so was I. They were in darkness and I was in darkness. This is regrettable, but this is what we are all here for. I now lift my head in the dignity of who I am. I know the greater power within me will help me to feel the pain I have given and the pain I have received.”

P7             The negative attitude of hiding from yourself what you are doing and really feeling creates a negative force field that perpetuates itself in the following way: punishing yourself for your unfaced guilt, you must stay in the very attitude that accumulates more and more guilt. You are truly caught in one of the most tragic of vicious circles: because you imagine that you cannot face the pain of your guilt, you cut yourself off from your heart, your centre of being, and from your innermost life.

You feel forever undeserving of joy. If you are undeserving of joy your needs must remain eternally unfulfilled. Go into your inner stillness right now. Feel both the pain of your guilt and the beauty of your real self. Thus you alter the course you have set in motion and create a new force field because you demagnetize the old one.

—The Pathwork® Guide