Lecture 205 – Order as a Universal Principle | Abbreviated Version

P1             The universe is a miracle of order. Every particle in it is always in its proper place. Infinitesimal little cogs and wheels mesh, interact, complement one another and create an immense mechanism that humankind can never even remotely conceive of. The harmony and grandeur of creation could not exist without the underlying principle of order; this universal order has an exactitude and mathematical precision that escapes human vision.

Only at times do you vaguely sense the existence of a greater order. In the fragmented human perspective where everything is seen out of context, you perceive disorder and chaos. One can experience love, truth, wisdom, peace, bliss, reality, only relatively to varied degrees. So it is with order. Conversely, wherever awareness is lacking it indicates disorder. If you are not aware, you cannot be in truth; things slip away from you. You become confused.

The disorderliness of the mind becomes frantic in the attempt to impose a false order, which heightens the discomfort and the disorderliness. False opinions and obsolete behavior patterns are literally waste material, to be disposed of. Unless a person is willing to make order by examining carefully every single attitude, belief, reaction and feeling, he or she will continue to do patchwork until the whole fabric falls apart.

Avoidance and lack of awareness are intimately connected. On the inner level this happens when you are not dealing with the old mental and emotional accumulations that need to be discarded so that the currently valid thoughts and feelings can fit into the appropriate channels.

On the material level, one cleans house. The focus may be on one’s belongings, one’s things. It may be directed to one’s financial affairs, one’s use of time. It may mean facing and overcoming habits of procrastination, the pattern of postponing things, rather than dealing with them as they come up. The object in every case is to free one’s life of clutter. In the process you deal instantly with what you used to avoid, you focus your attention on whatever the moment may need.

You well know that the path will always bring you to what you want to escape from. As far as your inner Pathwork is concerned, you create more order and more light as you face what you had evaded. You literally feel in your being an inner cleanliness and order you had lacked before. But nothing that you do or don’t do, commit or omit, is without consequences. Not doing something creates conditions and psychic substance just as much as doing something.

P3             Awareness is dealing with and focusing profoundly and completely on whatever issue is on hand; reality is facing the effects of one’s manner of living. They provide the terms for order and harmony. Orderliness is a spiritual principle. Its manifestation, or lack of it, reveals something about where the inward person stands. The spiritually unified person is therefore also an orderly person in his or her outer habits. He or she is not only clean in body, but equally clean in the handling of his or her daily life.

A harmonious being does not accumulate tasks by procrastination; instead of following the line of least resistance, he or she takes care of chores as they come up even when it is momentarily difficult, valuing the peace that follows. When people are disorderly in their outer life manifestations—in their person and personal affairs, their physical surroundings, money matters, in the tasks they have to fulfill—a very insidious thing begins to happen.

They become preoccupied with the disorder they create. Often they fall into the further illusion that creating order requires energy they do not have. Nothing could be further from the truth. Disorder consumes energies, wastes them, dissipates them.

P4             The creation of inner and outer disorder is therefore a tool of the unconscious negative intentionality. A person with right ego control is capable of surrender in ways that the person who lives in chaos is not. Self-discipline is an unavoidable prerequisite for spiritual and worldly fulfillment. It makes abandonment to involuntary processes safe. Order always means discipline.

The more you look for parental authority to take care of your life, the more you rebel and the less do you adopt attitudes that would make you capable of fulfilling your life with ease and peace. Thus do you misinterpret self-discipline for deprivation. Organize the details (of tasks) in such a way that your day will run smoothly. Devote time and effort to create this new order and to clean up old disorder, and then sustain it. Deliberately meditate for the energy, consciousness, and guidance to follow through.

P5             If orderliness becomes a burden in a person’s life, or exists at the expense of feelings, of expansion, of relaxation, of freedom, then the innermost being is sending a message to the conscious self. The message says, “make order in yourself.” But the message comes through garbled because the outer self is insufficiently attuned to the inner self. The outer self is still too resistant to communicate with the inner self to trust in its guidance and decipher its messages.

P6             In what way have you created an order that affords you ease and relaxation? In what way do you resist doing so? In what way do you suffer from disorder? Are you aware of the fact that you do suffer from it? If you are not, search inside and see the indirect discomfort. In this connection I want to come back to avoidance.

Avoidance exists across the board. You want to avoid seeing your negativity, your destructiveness, your dishonesty, the little thoughts about how you wish to cheat, even if you do not actually do it. You want to avoid the feelings that are inconvenient. The price you pay for avoiding is literally insanity.

If you summon your courage and honesty and persevere with a minimum of faith, you will penetrate the darkness and come to what I call the “golden point” in the centre of your being. There is no horror that does not bear the golden point within itself. There is no death that does not bear the golden point of life. There is no darkness that does not contain the golden point of brilliant light.

There is no evil in you that does not bear the golden point of your goodness. If you can hold to this truth—and it is truth indeed!—it will become so much easier for you not to avoid, but to go through the tunnel of darkness, into the golden area. I ask that you all meditate specifically for giving something of yourself to this venture: Your positive attitude; your positive intentionality, your goodwill, your good thoughts, your intention of giving your good feelings to it.

—The Pathwork® Guide