Lecture 21 – The Fall, and Self-Knowledge is the Only Thing that Really Counts | Abbreviated Version

P1             There was a slow process of degeneration, whereby everything divine very slowly and gradually turned into its opposite aspect. Our attitudes, opinions, feelings, and our thoughts create the spiritual worlds, even though we may still live on earth. We each create the world which will be ours. Fire of divine love turned into its opposite becomes fire of hatred, wickedness, which in turn creates a disharmonious, fiery world. Wise judgment, calmness, detached reflection becomes icy coldness and darkness and desolation.

P2             There is no divine happiness if it can’t be attained by free will/choice. The opposite is abusing the free will which then will become power and control. In the world of spirit the country is both you and your product, therefore they need to attain a state where they naturally produce harmonious worlds (Plan of Salvation).

P3             The material world was created by the longing of enough spirits for something higher and by the longing of the spirits who remained, who want to bring their brothers/sisters back. Influence of both divine and dark world exist in our world and in our individual expression. The world in which you are now living is the product of the desire to strive higher. Here a free choice for God can be made—which is impossible in the worlds of darkness.

P4             It is a universal law that an individual human being has to make the first step in order to receive help from the world of God. Divine spirits incarnated on this earth, allowed by law.

P5             If one person overcomes a single weakness, it constitutes the best help in the plan of salvation. All thinking takes place in one of the subtle bodies, just as all feeling is in another subtle body. Division until integration takes place.

P7             Do not pamper the lazy self that likes to wallow in the swamp of self-indulgence. So the why of the trouble and discomfort of self-knowledge has to be established. Self-development cannot be done without self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the only thing that really counts, my friends! Nothing else is any good, nothing else will ever bring your development about, enable you to have real faith and real love, for God above everything and for your fellow-creatures as for yourself.

Firstly develop the ability to humble yourself. Self-will, ego and vanity exist in every human being and are the strongest hindrances to perfection, faith, harmony and love. The key is “I have to do what is most difficult for me.” You see, my friends, the divine laws are made in such a way that the things you need come to you. But it will be so much easier if you meet them halfway, if you decide on your own accord. You cannot avoid what you need, that I can assure you.

Until you have met what you need out of your own accord, with the realization and understanding of its necessity for your character, it will not cease. “What is most difficult for me to do in my daily life?” For one the most difficult thing will be to admit the truth, for another, it might be humiliating to show yourself as you are without a mask and without the superiority with which you try to impress people. Or it may be most difficult to be modest, to remain in the background; for another, to give something, whether materially or spiritually. View every day that passes from that point of view.

But because the temptation is always so great to put all this aside, you should be prepared to do battle with it every time anew. After a time, this temptation will cease. You may be the loser if your outer self allows all the “excuses” of your lower nature. Make a list of your faults. Then start with self-purification and self-knowledge by doing what seems at first so difficult. Ask the people around you to tell you what your faults are. This will give you knowledge about yourself and will teach you the humility you need. It does not matter what you try to tell others; it matters how you feel when someone tells you of your shortcomings.

If you observe clinically what you feel when that happens, if you do not want to fool yourself about it, you will know where you stand spiritually. This is the only way you can become really detached, my friends. When your own shortcomings in the eyes of others do not matter any more, when your humiliation does not matter any more, then you are detached—not when you avoid the things that bother you. First, think about what, in relation to other people, seems most difficult for you.

After you have found this out, consider with what trend in you this might be connected. And then decide whether you are really ready to overcome whatever chains you in this way, not only for the sake of your own freedom, but for the sake of God, for the sake of your own spirit, your Higher Self, for the sake of your development, for the love you could only then give and receive, for your complete fulfillment.

P9             Watch yourself first as you really are, without vanity, without wanting to be better or more than you are at this point. Simply take stock and get accustomed to seeing yourself where you really are and not where you want to be. Accept your temporary reality for two reasons: 1) You have to be unemotional and undisturbed about what you are before you can change yourself. This requires the new habit of seeing yourself clearly, without any false motives and excuses and blindness, for a while.

2) This will also teach you the necessary humility that is a major requirement of spiritual development and true detachment. Accepting yourself as you are does not mean that you should remain this way. After this stage is mastered, the next one can begin: by meditating on what the opposite of any particular fault is; how you might react and feel if you had already achieved the transformation

P10           Awareness of feelings, to achieve this mastery, self-observation, objectivity, and self-criticism are essential.

—The Pathwork® Guide