Lecture 210 – Visualisazion to Help Growing into a Unitive State | Abbreviated Version

P1             You all know that visualization is quite essential to the creating and recreating work you do in meditation. Unless you can visualize the state you are to grow into, it is hardly possible to reach it. This entire process of influence through exemplary figures leads to imitation, emulation, and identification. The proper exemplary figures set off a spark of recognition in the mind of the seekers. This then creates a vibrant energy field whose creative power molds the soul substance of the seekers who have finally recognized the true examples.

P2             To the degree that the parents and the child are healthy and purified souls, the child identifies with their positive aspects. The child will recognize what traits in the parent, and later in other authority figures, are to be used for its life plan, and what traits are to be rejected. The child can do this only to the degree that it is receptive through its own power to know the truth. Negative identification leads to the creation of “images.”

We use the term “images” in the Pathwork to define misconceptions and generalizations which form very limited and fixed closed systems. Positive identification can never lead to an image. Instead it leads to visualization, which is a flexible, realistic, wide-open system with many alternative ways from which consciousness and creative action can spread. Truthful perception of exemplary figures can only exist when you are already relatively free, open, and aware of yourself; then suddenly something will click in you.

A spontaneous, almost automatic, organic desire to develop in the same direction as your example will spring up in you. Basic universal traits exist and are expressed in different ways by each unique individual; so you do not emulate to make an exact copy of a trait but rather adapt it to your unique individuality.

P3             Consciously you may be full of goodwill and really mean it. But unless you have come to experience the contradictory levels within you where you do not wish that, or where you only wish it on your own ego terms which defeats the very act of self-surrender, you will want to balk. Unless you acknowledge your contrariness, fear, self-will, and pride, your conscious commitment will always be blocked. We search for and bring out that negative part of the self which says, “I will not.”

You will learn the courage, humility, and honesty to expose this part—the part that even says, “I want to resist. I want to be spiteful. I want to have it all my way, or else!” Only when the secret crevices of your psychic substance yield up and expose these areas can you begin—often with a lot of struggle – – to change this very negative level, this darker part of the personality.

P4             Then there comes a point when you have won this particular battle. At this stage you can wholeheartedly embrace and trust the surrender to divine consciousness. At first this surrender must be fought for every time. Only little by little do you reach the state where a new habit pattern is instituted, where the act of self-surrender to the all is actualized, where it manifests and where it permeates all your thoughts and perceptions, your decisions and actions, your feelings and reactions.

There are those who claim only the inner life is important. They prohibit the inevitable movement from the inner to the outer life because they do not see the limitation and actual falsity of this idea. If unification and divine process are truly in movement, the inner content must express itself in outer form. In short, the outer life must mirror the inner life in every possible respect. This distortion is a reaction to the equally distorted opposite extreme, which position claims that outer form is more important than inner content, and may even negate that an inner reality or content exists at all.

These two distortions are faulty counter-reactions, each one attempting to eliminate the other by misunderstanding its own. When the outer form exists without the inner content, it is a temporary cover that must break down, even though it resembles the glorious perfection of divine reality and its expressions. Again, this is a process that repeats itself in many areas throughout human development. However, it is an ongoing law that all false covers must crack and crumble.

Only when the outer form has crashed and the inner chaos been exposed and thoroughly eliminated, can inner beauty build outer beauty, inner harmony build outer harmony, and the inner abundance build outer abundance. What are the inner and outer attitudes, manifestations, and expressions of such a person? All decisions, big or small, are made on the basis of self-surrender, where the little self surrenders to the godself.

Every thought, every opinion, every interpretation, every mode of reacting is given a chance to be permeated by the greater consciousness. Even on those rare occasions when the personality forgets to establish the contact, when, perhaps, an old raw area might still flare up and push the personality in the wrong direction. The inner self is sufficiently freed to manifest so that it can send forth warnings, disagreement, advice—and then leave the decision of whether or not to follow such advice to the outer personality.

This is already a state of grace. Give up your stake in your negative reaction, in the stubborn opinions of your little mind, in the laziness that forces you to succumb to the old habits of your separated self. Wait patiently, but be ready to receive divine wisdom.

P6             You will then know the deep peace of the meaning of your life and of all life. You will intuitively know the connections and be permeated by a sense of fulfillment and safety that surpasses all words. You will know and make use of your own creative powers, rather than feeling a helpless object in a fixed world. Peace and knowledge of the rightness of life come from realizing that your world, your experience, your life is your creation.

As you lose your fear of pain because you can experience pain, your pain ceases to exist. As you lose your fear of anger and hate because you can accept your own anger and hate, they no longer exist. Pleasure will no longer frighten you because you now know in every pore and cell of your being that you deserve it. Your every pore and every cell are expressions of a consciousness which is now in harmony with your god-consciousness. Only as you go through the emptiness can you find that fullness. You must want the fullness and commit yourself to it.

P7             The improvement (talking about physical) will come in varying degrees, but it is always possible. Think of it as your possibility. You will be able to materialize it because you already are essentially that person. There is an innate system of divine justice built into all consciousness. Whenever a life expression is sought that does not come as a harmonious outer result of an inner reality, it will either not succeed or will break down after it has been created. Inner unity with your eternal self makes it possible to use your creative ability to explore any area of universal truth you truly wish to comprehend. You can create only out of fullness, not out of need and poverty.

You must die many deaths, right now, every day in your life, in order to discover the eternality of life. Only then will you live fearlessly. How can you die all these little deaths? Follow exactly the process I described: let go of the little ego, the little opinions, the negative reactions you have such an investment in. You have to die to those. The little ego with its little investments must die. In that way you can transcend death and intuitively experience the reality of life ongoing.

You find it (physical death) to be so by temporarily letting go of the smaller self, only to find a larger self wakening, which then unifies with the little self. So you see, not even the little self of the ego really dies. Another outward manifestation is abundance. Another outer manifestation of the continual process of actualizing divine life is the proper balance of everything: the balance of assertion and giving in.

Or consider the proper balance of right selflessness and right selfishness. All these balances and dualities will become elements in a spontaneous unification and harmony.

—The Pathwork® Guide