Lecture 212 – Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness | Abbreviated Version

P1             Transformation of negative consciousness and energy becomes possible after you finally allow your negativities to surface, accept them, and take full responsibility for them. The negativities must be fully seen, in all their details; fear and shame of them must be overcome; hiding and camouflaging or whitewashing must have stopped; exaggerated self-blame must be relinquished.

P3             Now what makes it seem so difficult to claim your greatness? When you become your full self, in the best sense of the word, you are apparently two opposites at once: you are unique and special, while at the same time you are not at all special. You have something utterly unique to contribute to life and creation. God manifests in and through you in a special and individualized way, totally different from all others.

What obstructs real greatness from flowing forth are the claims of the little ego which wants to tower above others, needing admiration; needing to compare and compete and subdue others to prove itself superior. You may well say, “I only wish to be more than others because I feel less than nothing.” But how about trying to reverse this premise? Would you really feel less than nothing if you did not need to be so superior? Would you be envious, jealous, petty, self-serving, spiteful, manipulative, malicious, denying others their own Godself—in short, loveless—if you did not wish to set yourself above others?

The Godself does not push for recognition. It recognizes itself and is sufficient unto itself. Another obstruction to the realization of your own ultimate unique beauty, greatness—your genius—is your fear of still existing evil within yourself. When the real nature of this fear is denied and projected onto other persons, outer events begin to manifest that seem to justify one’s fear of others. This kind of fear has much to do with wanting to rise above and shine in the eyes of others. The claim of the little ego, translated into words, cries out: “Admire me, I am so much better than you. Love me for it.”

P4             The fear of evil within is superfluous, because the evil is really distorted beauty and love. The devil that resides in everyone was initially an angel. How can you confront this devil? You reveal, you expose, you admit, you acknowledge, you take responsibility to an ever greater degree. But wherever there is still fear, ego-pride is always partially responsible. It is the evolutionary task of all separated entities to bring about a re-transformation: from Satan to Lucifer, from darkness to light.

The fear is guilt for the hateful, malicious, cruel ways of the mind, for feelings that always in some way are expressed also in actions. Only when this guilt is faced, when the pain of it is fully experienced, not rejected but travelled through, can guilt and fear dissolve. Then the angel reveals itself. The illusion is that you lose something. You lose nothing; the gain is enormous.

If you can learn to open wide your arms, your consciousness, your positive will to the devil in you, in faith and fearless confidence in the inner guidance, you will in reality dispel all fear. You meet your demons full face. The stronger the devil, the stronger the angel.

P5             Only in this way can you reconcile opposites, transcend dualities. Each duality, each mutually exclusive opposite you meet as an obstruction, is a sign that you are still divided. These same aspects can be reversed: fear becomes faith and trust; pride humility; self-will a supple, resilient, flexible giving-in, going-with attitude; and a finely attuned flexibility to flow with your rhythm of life. Ignorance becomes awareness, perception, understanding and wisdom; greed a special kind of trust that lets you reach out and know there is abundance for you in every way.

No one finds peace and inner fulfillment, joy, wholeness, security, and the intrinsic genius to add to creation who is not dedicated to a cause outside the self. Only when you can truly give to creation, when you make your unique contribution in a selfless spirit, can you also feel entitled to be fulfilled.

P6             The correlation is exact: to the degree you offer generously and trustingly the best you have to give to life, allowing God’s will to be done, to that degree will you feel entitled to open your arms wide to receive the best life has to offer.

P7             The work of purification you do must in some way be transmitted to others. Your giving can take many forms. You will do it in your own unique way. Your inner creative intelligence must make the decision for you, for only you know how you are best suited to contribute. What you can determine with your conscious mind is the intent, the wish to surrender your will, the desire to activate that in you which is greater than your ego, in order to increase the strength of your group and add to the light it already is.

Why can you not claim your greatness? Because the little self is constantly on the lookout for its own little advantages. These personal gains may be material; they may manifest in pride, the need to show off and gain admiration from others; the need to look better than you secretly believe you are. When you free yourself of these attitudes, it will be easier for you to claim your true self with all its capacities, potentialities and uniqueness. You will allow yourself the abundance that you now may experience only in limited ways and at the price of guilt.

If you lack humility you cannot allow your greatness to come forth. But in humbleness there will be no need to restrain your greatness. Visualize yourself as unafraid of the worst in you, knowing that the worst will transform into the most beautiful, wise, strong, loving force. It is in hiding that the worst in you becomes puny and dangerous. By exposing it, you make it possible to envisage your new potential.

I bless you now and tell you once again that your work and your growth is an ever-increasing beautiful energy form in the spiritual world. If you could truly perceive the value and significance of what each one of you is doing, you would know a deep joy.

P8             You will become more conscious instruments, each in your own beautiful, perfect way, each being a little piece that completes the whole. In this whole one does not function without the others, rather, each individual makes his or her own unique contribution. There is no need for jealousy. Self-proving is never necessary.

When you know that, you will also know your unique greatness, beauty, and wisdom. Love permeates all your undertakings. Every step of the way is meaningful and significant. Your life is very valuable. You are all blessed. Be in peace!

—The Pathwork® Guide