Lecture 214 – Psychic Nuclear Points | Abbreviated Version

P1             Creation requires the meeting of the masculine and feminine principles. They are the active and receptive principles. Positive creation requires that these two principles meet in a very harmonious, flexible, and mutually enhancing way. They come together in a highly concentrated form and converge at a single point. We might call these points “psychic nuclear points.” They are nonmaterial and are essentially an emission of consciousness, of the planning and thinking mind.

They are not visible on the three dimensional plane, but they are perceivable by inference, by intuition, and even by logical deduction, if the deduction is carried far enough. The universe consists of consciousness and energy. Consciousness sends forth energy through its thought processes, through its intention, through its attitude toward that which it creates. Nothing can be created without intention, without purpose, without a thought somewhere “behind” it all.

The psychic nuclear points are really a sequence of psychic events. One thought brings a certain result, bringing forth an attitude and a feeling, which brings forth an action, which brings forth a reaction. These chain reactions are circular. They are self-perpetuating, self-feeding, self-augmenting in ever-increasing speed and momentum; self-revolving in an ever increasing swirl of charged energy. When the momentum has reached its highest charge, an explosion follows. This is the culminating point of a specific creation.

The creation has now taken form. A new movement of psychic chain reactions follows with the recharge. Big and small are really not matters of size. They indicate the significance of the creation in question. If the thought that brings forth a new creation is, for example, very strong, unified, purposeful in terms of the creative plan of evolution and if there are no counter currents because the thought is in accordance with all universal laws, then the psychic nuclear point will be large; that is, powerful, with durable impact.

P3             There is no particle of air or ether that is not such a nuclear point. Every cell is a materialization of psychic nuclear points with all the chain reactions of the cyclic movement intact. Every leaf is a complex interaction of many nuclear points. A gust of wind is a series of psychic nuclear points. So is the air you breathe, as are your bones, muscles, flesh, organs and skin. They (nonmaterial nuclear points) are just as important as materialized psychic nuclear points, for they certainly affect you, in that your own being is also nonmaterial.

You relate to, are affected by and create nonmaterial nuclear points whether or not you are aware of them. Every instant of living results from many thoughts, intentions, actions, feelings, attitudes and expressed traits that have a long history. The present moment is a psychic explosion that has run through millennia to the last half hour you have lived, culminating in the very thought you finish thinking this minute. The psychic nuclear point that all this history culminates in the fractional now is already preparing chain reactions that will ensue in the next minute, half hour, day, month, year, decade and century.

But since mind can always be changed, and has infinite possibilities for infinite change at all times, negative creation can be altered. When humans find themselves in the illusion of being helpless, they have lost touch with the intentionality that created the specific situation, that is, the materialization of a psychic nuclear point. It cannot be emphasized enough that the momentum of each psychic nuclear point—whether positive or negative—is the result of thought and intentionality.

P4             Principle of augmentation. Instead of diminishing, force and momentum become stronger, as do the attitudes responsible for the creation. The more you love, the more love there will be in you and come to you. This is why it is such a misconception to believe that if you love one person you cannot love others. You must have more, as long as your consciousness goes along with it rather than creating a contradictory force by setting up a countervailing attitude. It (explosion or breaking point) is actually the point where a creation manifests itself on any of the psychic planes or on the earth plane.

It is a climax, a creative orgasm in the universal process that creates an event. The particles that swirl after the explosion then reorganize themselves into either a similar, identical or altogether different pattern. Consciousness determines which pattern is formed.

P5             Your scientists know that whole planetary systems explode, disintegrate and re-form. But an ultimate explosion always creates a renewal, even if the mind stubbornly refuses to understand this. Many explosions and re-formations of the same vicious circle must ultimately come to the point of absurdity where they can no longer function.

When the human consciousness stubbornly refuses to heed the signs and deliberately fails to find the breaking point, the situation explodes into a crisis. This can provide an opportunity for the consciousness responsible for the crisis to struggle to attain awareness and understanding of what has come to pass, and thus be responsible for reforming the creative energies. The explosion is always a climax, but since nothing in creation is ever final or finite, the released energies form new spiral organizations, new psychic nuclear points, new creations.

That which has not taken form emits the inherent energies to create and further fill the void with the glory of divine life and consciousness. It is your task to find out where you block the charge of creative influx and how you thus diminish your life. You must use the part of your mind that is capable of pinpointing the absurdity of any particular creation, comparing it with its corresponding truth and formulating a strong intent to use the same energetic power to shift the emphasis into a truthful channel.

P6             A simple overview (of Pathwork method) would go as follows: First, the search for your conscious and unconscious negativities. Second, owning up to them in a spirit of truthfulness, without denial, without annihilating yourself and believing yourself to be only that part of you.

Third, seeing the false ideas and the false concepts embedded in the negative attitude. These must be very clearly articulated in your consciousness. Some of you still battle in this phase. The last phase is the change of intent, the attitude that clearly formulates the commitment from the negative to the positive. Of course, the phases often overlap.

P7             It (Pathwork) will create forever more joy, peace, excitement and fulfillment in your life, until you fully know that it is safe to live in a state of being charged when the charge is positive.

—The Pathwork® Guide