Lecture 215 – Psychic Nuclear Points Continued – Process in the Fractal Now | Abbreviated Version

P1             What may first appear as purely abstract cosmic knowledge about creative processes will, when you pursue it and follow me all the way, become clearly and immediately applicable to your life here and now. Every smallest particle of creation consists of endless series of psychic nuclear spiral configurations that are intense energy movements, winding up in a climactic point which brings the particular creation into manifestation, on whatever level of reality that may be.

They are always expressions of mind—greater mind or smaller minds, as the case may be. Each creation has sequences of several such configurations that intertwine, interweave, overlap, form and reform themselves, create and fall apart and recreate themselves in every self-renewing, perpetuating, extending patterns of interacting spiral configurations.

Let me give you a simple example on the physical level. Let us suppose you decide to get up from your chair, to move through this room, walk down the stairs and out to the street corner—for whatever purpose. That total plan is one configuration, one spiral. Arriving at your destination is the explosive, climactic point that brings the plan into manifestation. Each step is a plan in itself, is an intent to move certain muscles, because even though you may move these muscles automatically by now, the intent still exists. The intent, the movement, and the execution of the intent follow a certain plan.

P2             But the walk from here to the corner is not an isolated creation either. It, too, is part of a larger plan, an intent of which the walk is just as much a partial creation as the step is a partial creation of the walk from here to the corner. Example of building a house. Each “little” creation is an explosion of a psychic spiral formation.

For example, the purpose of the house itself is only an infinitesimal step of a whole larger series of creative, intertwining events, as one human life is when considered over a whole period of its evolutionary spiral movement. Imagine the creation of a planet, of the human anatomy, of a mathematical system, of the literally infinite qualities contained in the ether.

P3             The smallest particle of air is in itself a perfect creation of a psychic nuclear spiral point and climactic explosion. Since the universe is filled with Being, there could be no smallest measure where there is non-being. Each of these nuclear points has a content and a meaning. It is not separate from consciousness. It is an integral part and a result of consciousness. The more you perceive that everything that you can experience is only a smaller part and fragment of a larger and still larger ongoing plan—like the one step you make as part of the whole walk, and the walk being a fragment of a larger plan in your mind—the more you are aware of and connected with the All-Consciousness, the Whole.

Time is nothing but the illusion of a disconnected view of reality. In the framework of this particular topic, time is a perception only of the partial steps, the “smaller” creative units of spiral nuclear points. Each moment of time—each moment of being—is in itself a psychic nuclear construct, containing meaning and consciousness, containing a purposeful design. It is not entirely impossible to occasionally experience the “now point”, the sense of it. But this requires much higher states of consciousness, which must be earned. Humankind, as a whole, has now just about left kindergarten.

P4             It (a fearless state) is an ever-moving state in which the pulsatory changes of tension, in a different sense, alternate with openness and total receptivity. In the ordinary human sense, the flexing is associated with tightening and defense. In the pure state the tightening is a kind of charging, so as to give spring to the creative movement that follows from it. This alternating movement of charging and letting go is a creative whole which makes the entity participate in the creation. They express a state of deep knowing that all is well in the universe.

When you fragment your consciousness and create the false reality of the three-dimensional world, inwardly you are still connected with the greater reality of eternal being and with the eternal “now point.” You constantly fluctuate in a battle between wanting to move and follow the longing, or resisting movement and giving up what your heart knows exists. At one period in the evolutionary ascent, the struggle is won. The commitment is made to movement, even if it seems to bring momentary discomfort or hardship. Of course that is an illusion.

You sometimes want to fulfill the longing without paying the price. The price is the labor of searching, of seeking and finding, of learning, of growing, of changing, of self-purification, of traversing all self-created pain and evil. Now let us briefly consider what such shortcuts may be. Sexual activity can be such a shortcut. The most blatant false search for the “now point” is through drugs and alcohol.

On the one hand there is the great urge to be in a blissful state, which a part of the personality “remembers” and desires, on the other, there is a resistance to doing the work. In Scripture the Fall of the Angels is often symbolized as a one-time happening. But it is a reality outside time that occurs whenever the fragmented state of consciousness accrues by violating some spiritual law.

Meditational exercises are another way in which human beings often seek the bliss state. If meditational exercises are mechanical, the way is an illusory one. Only when the “now point” is a result of slowly earned development will the new perceptions be truly yours.

P6             Whenever you strive away from the “now point,” you lose awareness of its meaning. In the first place, not being in the eternal now, in terms of time, is due to being either in the past or in the future. One can be in the present to some degree, but still not truly aware of the “now point.” Either you are in each minute already ahead, the next hour, the next day, or even some faraway “future.”

Often you become aware of how your past still influences you only after much laborious groping. This influence makes you react to something that takes place now as if it were still in the past, and in this distorted vision you actually believe the event to be the same as a past one. Not that this belief is articulate. The fact that you are convinced your present reaction is an appropriate one to the now is a measure of your alienation from the “now point.”

As you grow further, you will become more conscious of this “time projection.” The false reality, the lack of self-awareness, creates a fragmentation and a disconnectedness.

P7             However, to be in the “now point,” to comprehend its meaning, is not something you can directly determine in your mind by an act of will. The act of will comes into play, but it must go toward establishing self-awareness in all those mundane aspects that are unwelcome for you to face and deal with. Only indirectly, as a result of self-exploration, will the past cease to be the present.

You will then trust the future completely because you will know that it can only be an extension of the now. Other ways in which you lose the “now point” of each fragmentary moment in time in which you exist—in which you breathe, in which you think and will and feel and experience – are (1) displacement, (2) projection, (3) denial.

P8             You so often shift something from one person to another, from one situation to another. Sometimes you are just too lazy and too resistant by habit to deal with the real situation. Projection. You abuse the energy that you should use toward facing, confronting, and dealing with an aspect of yourself by becoming angry and annoyed at the other person instead. You do this because you wish to maintain an illusion about yourself—namely that you do not have the trait in question.

Denial is of course quite self-explanatory. You neither displace nor project what you do not wish to experience, but you attempt to simply deny its existence.

—The Pathwork® Guide