Lecture 218 – The Evolutionary Process | Abbreviated Version

Deep in your heart is the seed for all these potentials: truth, love, happiness, wisdom and peace. It is up to you to realize them, which you do by first conceiving of these potentialities deep inside of your innermost being. You then conceive of spreading out these slumbering potentials so that they grow from within you into the outer regions of your life.

The process (evolutionary) exists always. Consciousness does not happen suddenly. It is rather a process of awakening to something that has always been there. Time is but the illusion of the limited mind. The limitation of that mind is also responsible for not perceiving what is there. In the slumbering state you always confuse cause and effect, you always look through the wrong end of the telescope—and thus become more confused.

P2             People often have dreams in which they are either on a train ride, or are about to take a train and anxious that they may miss it, or have missed the train, or are getting off it. Almost all human beings have these recurrent dreams. When they come, they convey your relationship to your own process. Do you follow the train’s movement or do you stay behind? The process goes on as the train continues its ride, but the ego consciousness has a choice. It can choose to go with it or to stay behind.

The choice is determined by how much you give in to the always existing fear and resistance that are so tragically misplaced. Because if you need to fear and resist anything, it is the non-movement, the stagnation, the denial of going with the process that evolves out of your innermost being as the wisest, most meaningful reality conceivable. Your inner movement follows its innate plan and when the ego gets off, the inner movement still goes on. It is then so much more difficult to catch up again.

P3             If you truly examine the simple core of the fear and resistance and translate its meaning, what will inevitably come to the surface is something like this: “I do not trust divine reality. I do not trust divine life. I do not trust my Higher Self. I do not trust God’s creation and God’s will for and in me. I rather trust my ego-defenses and protective blockings, no matter how destructive they may happen to be.

You distrust the beauty of the inner movement, and you trust stagnation. You distrust the truth and trust the denial of truth. Thus you create more illusion, more false reality and become more disconnected, confused, empty—choosing not to understand why and accusing life of being bad.

P4             If you test yourself as to the meaning of these decisions at least you will stop the creation of an illusory and false reality that gives so much pain and fear. “Illusory reality” may sound like a contradiction, but it is not, for you constantly manufacture and believe in temporary, illusory realities. Are you really allowing that inner movement to guide you? It is only at the beginning of each such decision that making it seems an effort.

But that effort in itself is one of the illusions you created by constant belief in falsity—in this case that non-movement is effortless and movement is struggle. There is no event in your life, big or small, outer or inner, that is not an intrinsic message or a meaningful manifestation of the whole process. Your task and path consist of deciphering these messages, of understanding the meaning behind the events or moods you are in. When you begin to perceive the incredible meaningfulness, the much wider wisdom and purpose of every event then all fear and confusion must vanish.

That awareness can be established only when your outer consciousness is willing to make the effort to overcome the always existing temptation to yield in the direction of least resistance. Even though you may no longer pay lip service to coincidence, your emotional reactions are still geared to it, as if your experience were a product of “it.” “If only this or that would have happened differently, then I would be happy” or, “If only this particular person could react differently, then all would be well”.

This is why you become depressed, anxious, confused. It is only when you ask yourself every day and every hour of your life “How could this be a message, or a reflection, or an indication, or a sign of a total picture about my life and its course that I still do not completely grasp?” that you will gain meaningful answers. Your experiences are the product of where you are on your journey within your own process. This is why you cannot be at any other place.

The growth process is in itself beautiful, meaningful, and to be respected. It is the same with the evolutionary process that includes the purification of distortions and negativity. If an organism is only half grown, that is exactly where that organism is and to scold it—or for it to scold itself—is senseless. Misunderstanding the dynamics, meaning and necessity of growth and thus feeling impatient about your present state—only leads to self-hate, denial, repression, self-justification and projecting onto others.

P6             Hating and rejecting your present state means fearing yourself, which means obstructing your journey and movement. This means “missing your train.” The acceptance of the state you are in leads to going with your movement, with your process, fearlessly letting out what there may be. You will know its language that will communicate itself to you and through which you will discover the immeasurable beauty of that process, the wisdom of it, the meaning of it, and the peace that is contained in it. You will feel the ongoing aliveness that you know you possess and are a part of, regardless of outer manifestations.

The first law is that the further the inner consciousness is advanced in one’s process—or, to put it differently, the greater one’s spiritual potentiality to go with the process, to be aware of it and to understand it and its meaning—the greater must be the repercussion if that potentiality is not developed. The greater the discrepancy between your spiritual potentiality and the actual direction you take in life, the more severe your experiences are. But often it is not a tragic event that indicates such a discrepancy. It may even be more often a chronic state of depression, anxiety and, indeed, disconnectedness.

P7             Learn to view your daily, even your hourly life so that you see what your moods, your experiences and perceptions reveal about your process. This is not a punishment, my friends. It is the grace of God that has made it so, in order to help you to not stay behind in a useless stagnation, to give you the incentive, if you only choose to open your eyes, to use these experiences and pray deeply for the guidance to understand.

Use the positive ego-attributes for the effort to overcome resistance and also surrender the ego control to the guidance of the divine inner will and movement. Use every opportunity to avoid staying behind. This will prevent repercussions to a considerable degree. The second law I wish to speak about is making connections. You have to make connections primarily between your outer experiences and the inner process, on the one hand, and, on the other, between inner attitudes that seem totally disconnected from one another.

P8             You discover apparently isolated problems—outer as well as inner—such as faults, shortcomings, impurities, conflicts, difficulties whose inner dynamics you as yet ignore—and they seem to have nothing to do with one another. And yet, as you go deeper, there is a direct connection between the apparently disconnected attitudes and aspects. For example, what connection could there be between a difficulty in establishing fulfilling relationships and a blockage in your career?

Or what connection could exist between a greedy and pushy attitude and, say, sexual dissatisfaction? Or between submissiveness, lack of self-assertion, on the one hand, and covert hostility on the other? To establish the connections you can and should use your mental abilities to whatever degree you can in a spirit of exercising your mind. But the insights must primarily come from within. You must allow the intuitive faculties to provide you with the connections.

—The Pathwork® Guide