Lecture 22 – Salvation | Abbreviated Version

P1             On the earth sphere you have the possibility with your free will to develop and to decide which side to follow. In your own nature, you can of course find both currents: the good current that once came from God in perfection and the evil current that was accumulated during and after the fall. Between these two currents the conscious self stands, able to decide either to take the line of least resistance, which is always man’s lower nature, or to follow his Higher Self, which is the difficult and narrow path.

P2             The aim was to use the divine power that we all once had to make ourselves perfect in every other respect and thus eventually become godlike. By so doing, additional worlds of beauty would come into existence—spiritual worlds—for as you know, every thought, every feeling, every ambition, and every act is formed in spirit and thus creates a world. In other words, the pure spirits, instead of continuing and extending their own growing perfection, postponed this ultimate goal for the purpose of using their powers to arrange and to work for the Plan of Salvation. In the spheres of darkness, some time had to go by before anything could be done. Enough spirits had to feel a longing for light before lighter worlds, still in the realm of Lucifer, came into existence.

P3             For, as I explained last time, every divine aspect was turned into its opposite quality. Therefore, free will, which is divine, was turned into domination. People would produce and own several spheres, harmonious and disharmonious ones. This happens, incidentally, with each one of you and with every human being. Wherever there are faults, weaknesses and blindness, corresponding spheres come into existence.

P4             Yet, in spirit, as I have repeatedly said, everything is concrete, everything is form. In your world only material objects have form and the so-called abstract things do not have form, for they are invisible to you. This is not so in spirit. Love is a form.

P5             Should Lucifer lose the battle, then Christ could make His terms and Lucifer would not doubt God’s justice in any respect. This then was the plan. And Christ took it upon Himself for the above-mentioned reasons, though Lucifer did not specify that it had to be Him. My friends, if you study all the Scriptures from this point of view, you will get an entirely different understanding of them. I am quite sure that the reason for the life and death of Christ will now make sense to you. There would not be any sense in Christ dying on the cross for sins others have committed. If you have committed a sin, you yourself have to straighten it out and no one else can or should do it for you.

P7             By doing this, Christ not only fulfilled the conditions by which the world of darkness could never at any time claim God’s laws to be unjust, but at the same time He set an example for everyone born after Him.

P8             The new conditions meant that all human beings were given the opportunity to turn to God during their development on earth, going from one life to the other. The desire to overcome must grow through ever-mounting enlightenment in each individual’s soul, and this often is only possible after one has gone through darkness. That such enlightenment cannot come in one lifetime goes without saying. Human beings who are incarnated from the world of darkness first come with very low and coarse instincts. Only after many incarnations and worked off karmic debts—and often after some suffering and a number of divine influences—will the attitude begin to change, slowly but surely.

In each life, conditions are prepared so that a certain side of the Lower Self has the opportunity to transform itself best. With each life, even in the worst cases, something is gained, even if the benefits can only be fully experienced at a later period, when a being finally declares: “My path leads to God. I will not listen to my Lower Self,” that self which is constantly and magnetically in touch with the world of darkness. The outer personality, with its willpower and capability to decide one way or another, has the means one day to make the decisive step: “I declare myself for God, for my Higher Self, with everything that it entails,” disregarding the laziness, the comfort, and the way of least resistance to give in to one’s faults. Whether the faults are still murder, stealing, wickedness or are now only selfishness, jealousy, envy, resentment, laziness, or whatever else, makes no difference in principle.

—The Pathwork® Guide