Lecture 222 – Transformation of the Lower Self | Abbreviated Version

P1             Blessings, greetings, love and help are pouring forth in a wonderful golden stream that permeates your inner being and that your outer personality can connect with if you so choose. You have learned to a considerable degree to deal with the dissensions that are sometimes inevitable. You have recognized that dissension with others is merely a reflection of dissension within yourself.

P2             On the negative side, you have found out that in these lower-self aspects resides a senseless stubbornness that still controls you to a degree, in an almost incomprehensible way.

P3             Why do you persist in a life-denying attitude? That attitude in you says no to giving in to the meaning of life, to beauty, love, truth, expansion, joy and peace. It refuses to surrender to God. When you can begin to question this, then you have already made another substantial step in the right direction.

For example, ask yourself questions like: “Why do I refuse to surrender to God and give up my Lower Self for what I know to be happiness, abundance, and bliss? Why do I settle for the puny satisfaction of my spite, my destructiveness and my selfishness, or whatever trait is in me that obstructs my true happiness? What in me makes me so destructive? How much do I really pay for allowing this to happen? Isn’t there a way to change this inner course? Knowing the beauty of life, why do I still deny it? Why can I not affirm life and God and the flow of creativity?”

These questions will lead to specific answers and clarifications. They must be asked and taken seriously. I have often mentioned, my friends, that there is a countermovement in you. One movement embraces life and longs for the divine. But the countermovement denies all that. This countermovement has its history in the creation of the ever outflowing substance of life, penetrating the infinite void and thus bringing eternity and light into the nonlife and darkness until the void no longer exists.

Substances of consciousness and energy—the two inseparable aspects of the eternal life spark—get lost, separated from their source, as it were. The substance spreads into the void and, in the outward-spreading movement, temporarily separates itself from the whole. In that state of separation it will find, through its own inner life spark, all its inherent godliness. It has to battle its way through the darkness and distortion that are byproducts of the separation.

So these aspects of consciousness and energy, now individual entities, temporarily turn sour. They invert themselves; they turn into anti-matter, anti-consciousness, anti-energy. This is why there must be struggle to reawaken divine matter, divine consciousness, divine energy.

P4             Your vocabulary is limited, so you must fulfill your own part in the mutual venture of learning. Consciousness and energy manifest separately in entities, in personalities, in living beings divine or evil. The strength with which the former can penetrate the ego structure and manifest depends on the degree the latter has been transformed through evolutionary development.

These separated beings (on less developed worlds)—you might call them sub-humans—exist in a world of such darkness that indeed there seems no way out, until, as a result of long suffering and groping, the mind turns around and starts thinking and expressing itself in a new and different way. Consciousness and energy always create substance, matter and form according to their own nature. Human development is an in-between state.

P5             Neither the highest nor the lowest degrees exist in the human state. The foregoing may seem to indicate that creation is split dualistically, something I always deny in my teachings. As I will prove to you on a very practical level, the split does not really exist in essence. But on a level of temporary manifestation it does exist and must be recognized and dealt with for what it is. Active, virulent evil often indicates that the potential to develop one’s divine aspects has been willfully neglected, so that the potent energy currents of the consciousness invert themselves and manifest in an equally potent negative way.

The spiritually immature and young appear in the human sphere quite often as having innocuous, ineffectual, primitive minds, with the herd mentality that does not think independently. The distortion that marks separation from the divine essence is only temporary. It cannot last. It is part of the process of filling the void, and, sooner or later through the ages, the distorted, inverted, separate piece of consciousness and energy, the separate personality, must be “filed down,” purified through experiences of living and increasing perception until its essence is rediscovered.

You, as your Higher Self, have taken on a task and have brought with it, into your embodiment, an aspect of that anti-God matter with its inverted consciousness and energy. You have brought it with you into this incarnation, where it is possible for you to get to know it, to deal with it, and to influence it rather than be influenced by it.

P6             This aspect has its own separate will and thinking processes, as you often find out to your bafflement and dismay. Your consciousness or personality must make many choices in this world, including which of the two wills to follow. You can choose to allow the will of the Lower Self to control your whole person. Or you can choose to align your conscious mind and will with the Higher Self, without pushing out of awareness the will and voice of the Lower Self.

It may be destructive in wanting to be malicious or ungiving. It is destructive by persisting in its limited view that what is selfish is good for the self. It is destructive simply in refusing total selfsurrender to the divine consciousness and divine will within you, at every turn of your way. You forget; you do not trust in this surrender, even if you have already experienced the blissfulness of it. But your forgetting is not really forgetting. It is a deliberate intent of that other will and consciousness that you carry within you.

Your outer mind always has the choice to allow it to rule you. But you can also take the reins and be aware of that outer will: Confront it; counter it. You do not cast out any devils. That is a misunderstanding of certain religious orientations. When the devils are cast out, you do not perform the task of transforming. The awareness could be expressed like this: “Here I see myself wanting to be destructive. I see the pain it causes me, the senselessness of it. I know that it need not be that way, yet I want to go on being destructive. I do not want to give up my pride, my self-will or my fear and put them into the service of God.”

In fact, it is so puzzling to many of you that you soon push it aside again and act as if it were not there. Then you take this in-between, half-aware state for granted.

P7             When you begin to see these areas of your Lower Self, it is very important for your conscious mind to ask, “What was this trait in its original, beautiful version, before it was inverted, distorted, and made negative?” In that way you do not cut out the trait, but rather transform it; you do not allow those aspects to rule you, nor do you cast them out and separate yourself from them. Instead you truly fulfill the task of transforming consciousness—for which you have come to this earth. Consciousness does not change its essence; it changes only its expression. 

P8             The energy must likewise change. Energy that emanates from the Lower Self is very slow moving. It is often halting, condensed and heavy. As far as the visual sense is concerned, some of you can perceive energy emanations to a slight degree. The same goes for all the other senses. Everything (in dualistic consciousness) is chopped up into separate categories and manifests in a disjointed way.

This is often confusing for the personality. It gets tired of these separations and therefore strives sooner or later for a more unified state of consciousness, where what is perceived is not separated from the essence, even if it temporarily manifests in negativity.

—The Pathwork® Guide