Lecture 223 – The Era of the New Age and the New Consciousness | Abbreviated Version

P1             The planet Earth is an entity of which each individual inhabiting it is a cell, not unlike the cells of your body. Each of these cells is a consciousness and energy center, just as you are a consciousness and energy center. Now the entity Earth is growing up. The new modality does not shed the old, but transforms what is not compatible with the new, pure, and great influx.

It (Lower Self) fears, distrusts, and resists such growth. Which part you ally yourself with depends on your ego consciousness. In such a conflict crisis is inevitable. The resisting part creates the crisis by obstructing the inexorable evolutionary force.

P2             Earth also possesses a Lower Self. Like the individual’s, Earth’s Lower Self is not only negative, selfish, greedy, and dishonest; it is also ignorant with a vengeance. It totally resists the new consciousness the soul is ready for. Thus there is crisis on this earth. The new expansive movements are not always without their distortions and exaggerations or without their fanaticism and misunderstandings. They sometimes miss the point of the great new influx of consciousness and avoid confronting unpurified matter in the soul.

Such abuse will turn out to be particularly costly and disappointing to the individual. The new cosmic force has made many attempts to come through, but its meaning is poorly understood in many quarters. So there are many spiritual movements which seek to follow the pressure from within, without devoting themselves to the work that needs to be done within the soul. Now the earth as an entity is going through such a struggle.

Those who resist the light of the new consciousness have a stake in making themselves deaf and blind to it. Many of them have the mental and spiritual equipment to follow the movement, but choose, out of pride, fear, and self-will, not to follow or even to notice it. There are others, of course, who are not yet ready in their spiritual development even to know that levels of reality exist that cannot be seen with the eye.

Those who follow it will find the deepest joy and blessings and need not fear anything. They are also needed as physical channels for the further penetration of the Christ consciousness into the new era. The fulfillment of this surge cannot come about unless the most profound purification process takes place. You can find total individual fulfillment only if you serve a greater cause.

P3             You are beginning to experience that fulfillment of the self lies in service. And service can be executed only through self-fulfillment. Only those who are fully centered in their own God-consciousness, thus able to create their lives according to their needs and wishes, can enliven their surroundings and teach their consciousness to others. Many different tasks exist, but all who serve in this cause must teach and lead, representing the new consciousness and the new values in their own lives, whether through instruction or through example, transmitting joy, love, or the capacity to be one’s best.

Often the real surge and message from the Higher Self is interwoven with the masking cloak, the false goodness. When dependency and the consequent submission and lack of selfhood exist, service to a greater cause is premature, because you misuse it and perpetuate the pretenses of the mask self. As you know, there is a right kind of selfishness and there is a wrong kind. The right kind of selfishness preserves the right to unfold in the best way for you, regardless of the opinions of others and their possibly covert reasons to exploit you.

P4            People with the right kind of selfishness feel deeply deserving of happiness because they never want it at the expense of others. The distorted form of selfishness splits the interest of self and others; the right kind unifies them. When you free yourself of the real guilt of your hiding and your pretenses, of disguising your hidden agenda and the negativity it perpetuates, you will not feel unworthy of becoming the best, the happiest and most fulfilled person. Then service will no longer be compensating for guilt.

So your path had to first bring out false and real selfishness in order to help you become unselfish without sacrificing personal fulfillment. When people refuse to become truly independent and self-responsible, they do not undertake to meet their hidden selfishness, and therefore their service will also be distorted.

P5             You are increasingly capable of totally committing yourself to the will of God and of perceiving the importance of the Christ consciousness that sweeps your planet and to serve it. You immunize yourself against the countermovement from within your own Lower Self, and therefore from without, against the Lower Self of the planet. There is no division between expansion and happiness.

To follow the will of God cannot deprive you, so in the years to come you will become proficient in trusting total surrender to the God within every day of your life, in every issue, in every venture, in every decision you undertake, even in the opinions you choose to adopt. The new consciousness always consults the Higher Self and learns to wait quietly and patiently for the answer.

It is never opinionated. It accepts that it does not know yet. It keeps itself open. It has no stake in a certain answer. It makes room for an answer that may be anything, be it what is most desired or its exact opposite, but it trusts that what will come will be good.

—The Pathwork® Guide