Lecture 224 – Creative Emptiness | Abbreviated Version

P1             A golden force is flowing through your inner being now and forever, if you open yourself to it. Many spiritual teachers and channels know this (coming of a new era), but many have misinterpreted this event. They believe it will bring geological cataclysms with effects on a human level. This is not true. The changes that are already in progress are changes in consciousness. As you develop and purify yourself, you become more and more ready for an inner awakening and enlightenment that has not yet occurred and is indeed self-perpetuating in its force.

It is unprecedented, for there was no other time in human history when this power was as available as it is now. If this power hits an unreceptive channel, a crisis arises. To become receptive to it, you also need to understand another principle: that of creative emptiness. Most human beings create an agitated (noisy) mind, an inner and outer overactivity, because they are frightened that there may be nothing within to sustain them.

P2             You need to create an atmosphere within yourself in which you allow this emptiness to exist. Otherwise you perpetually deceive yourself, which is very wasteful because the fear is unjustified. How can you ever live in peace with yourself if you do not know what you fear? It indeed seems empty. The noise will recede, and you must indeed embrace and welcome the emptiness as the most important channel through which to receive your innermost Godself.

There are several psychic and spiritual laws you need to comprehend in order to nurture this emptiness and make it a creative venture. Some of these laws seem to be contradictory. If you cannot let yourself be empty, you can never be filled. Out of the emptiness a new fullness will arise, yet you cannot disregard your fear. It must be gone through.

My advice is that you challenge that fear, and at the same time welcome the emptiness as the doorway to your divinity. Another apparent contradiction: It is extremely important that you be receptive and expectant, yet without preconceived ideas, impatience, or wishful thinking. Still another related apparent contradiction: You need to be specific, yet this specificity must be light and neutral. The workings of the greater self so far surpass the mind’s imagination that specificity would be a hindrance.

Yet the mind must know what it wants, be prepared for it, reach for it and claim it, know that it deserves what it wants and will not misuse it. Your outer mind must become empty and receptive, yet it must hold itself poised for all possibilities. From the energetic point of view, it will convey light and warmth. Strength you never knew you possessed will arise. From the point of view of consciousness, inspiration, wisdom and guidance will come for the biggest and smallest issues in your life. Receptive, creative emptiness must truly be nurtured.

P3             You are all needed to comprehend and perpetuate a great change in thinking and perception regarding the laws and values that the Christ consciousness is spreading. Your mind is limited only by your own concept of its limitations. The mind must aim to spread the boundaries of its finiteness until it measures up with the infinite that is beyond the mind and that is within yourself, right here. Then the mind merges into the infinite consciousness of your inner universe, in which you are one with all that is, and yet infinitely your personal self.

You are still burdened with limiting ideas about yourself and your world. It is therefore necessary that you visualize the boundaries of your mind by questioning yourself about all the things that you think are impossible for you. Where you are hopeless and frightened there must be an idea of finiteness. It is therefore necessary that you begin to puncture that closed circuit. You cannot immediately dissolve it, but where you puncture your mind, the flow of new energy and consciousness can penetrate.

How do you do that? First tell yourself that you do hold limited beliefs, instead of taking them for granted. The next step is to challenge them. This requires taking the trouble to walk through, in the well-practiced attitude of self-observation and self-confrontation, your limited beliefs and to truly think about them. Another law of great importance for this purpose is that the opening to the greater universal consciousness must not be approached in a spirit of magic that is supposed to eliminate the growing and learning process.

P4             If the childish Lower Self wants to use the channel to the greater universe in order to avoid the initial tedium of learning and becoming, the channel will remain closed. You need to truly know yourself, your weaknesses, your Lower Self, where you are corruptible, where you are dishonest or tend to be. As a great pianist can be a channel for higher inspiration only when he goes through the finger exercises and the hours of practice that make his playing finally effortless, so must God-inspired people work on their purification process, on deep self-knowledge and self-honesty.

Your devotion to fulfilling the will of God must include an attitude that whatever comes from God is all right, whether you desire it or not. The refusal to endure any kind of frustration creates an inner tension and defensive structure that close up the vessel of the mind and maintain the closed circuit. You need to be willing, pliable, flexible, trusting and forever ready for another change you had not contemplated. Envisage that in the idea of forever meeting every new situation by being inspired anew there lies a new kind of security which you have not found as yet.

P5             Where you have been overactive with your mind, you now need to quiet down, where you insisted on taking the controls, you must now relinquish them and let a new inner power take over. On the other hand, where you before tended to be lazy and self-indulgent and looked for the line of least resistance and therefore made yourself dependent on others, you now need to take over and actively nurture the principles that help to establish the channels to your inner God.

As you listen into your inner “chasm,” it seems at first to be a black gulf of emptiness. What you feel at this point is fear. It is as much a fear of finding yourself to indeed be empty as of finding yourself with a new consciousness, with a new being evolving within you. The fear exists in both possibilities: You want the new consciousness so much that you fear disappointment, and yet you also fear finding this consciousness because of all the obligations and changes that this might impose on you. You must travel through both these fears.

P6             When you make yourself sufficiently empty, the first initial response is an inner aliveness, and you tend to immediately shut the lid tight again. You can make the fear give way to aliveness by letting yourself be creatively empty. You will experience your whole inner being, including your body and your energy, as a vibrantly alive “inner tube.” Energy goes through it, feelings go through it, and something else is vibrantly coming to the fore that you cannot as yet name.

If you do not shy away from that unnameable something, it will sooner or later turn out to be constant inner instruction: truth, encouragement, wisdom, guidance, specifically destined to your life right now. The new person is indeed always a receptacle of the universal intelligence, the divine consciousness, the Christ consciousness, that permeates every particle of being and of life. For many centuries the intellect had to be cultivated to fulfill its role as an important stepping stone in humanity’s evolution.

P7             It (intellect) is an instrument that must serve, become unified with the greater consciousness. True aliveness exists only when you wed the mind with the spirit and allow the mind to express the feminine principle for a while. Until now the mind has been very much linked with the masculine principle: action, drive, control. Now the mind has to express the feminine principle: receptivity. The new person makes all decisions from this new consciousness after working his or her way through to becoming truly receptive to the spiritual being within.

P8             So further that channel in you. It will bring you the excitement and the peace you always wanted. Enter this new phase with courage and affirmation. Get out of that attitude as if you were beaten down. You can rise up and become who you truly are and experience life at its best.

—The Pathwork® Guide