Lecture 225 – Evolutionary Stages of Individual and Group Consciousness | Abbreviated Version

P1             Ever since human beings have incarnated, an evolution of consciousness has existed on this earth plane that alternately emphasizes individuation and group consciousness. They (people at the dawn of humanity) already understood to some degree that they needed others to cooperate in fighting the enemy, whether this was the elements, beasts, or other clans.

P2             As the population increased, humanity developed the ability to cope with the elements and to take care of themselves more efficiently. Thus group consciousness came to be emphasized. Eventually, larger groups, and, much later, nations came into existence. But humanity is now ready for a new influx, so that those who resist the movement will experience a painful crisis, while those who follow it will experience unprecedented richness and blessing.

Group consciousness means finding the oneness between the self and others. In the early development human consciousness had to learn this particular lesson of cooperating out of fear. Individualism became very important and has continued to increase in recent years. Humanity had learned certain lessons in bridging the gap from the self to the other. So now the emphasis had to return to the individual, to individual rights, the right to be oneself, to be perhaps different, to not conform, to become more self-responsible. This phase is now approaching its end.

P3             The more self-responsible you are, the more you contribute to the group. The more you can assert your rights and your individual needs, the less you need from or conform to the group. The freer your love and your ability to give to the group, the more you can receive from it. There are periods where living alone fulfills an important function. At other periods living alone represents stagnation and a refusal to follow the organic movement.

The same holds true for the reverse. But one cannot generalize about when one or the other applies. The only thing that can be generalized is that when people follow their inner path movement, they will find peace and joy; when they do not, they will be discontented and anxious. Living with one other person in real intimacy can also come under the heading of group living, at least to some extent.

P4             When an entity (individual or planet) is ready for an alternation, when its development approaches the switching point, there are always strong new energies released from higher spheres. When the new movement is halted, what would express itself in a blessed, rich way, can manifest only in a distorted, therefore painful way. Humanity as a whole is ready to approach a much deeper phase of group consciousness.

The natural manifestation of this, if followed, would be the transformation of nations into one human government; religious differences would disappear because the One would be recognized as undifferentiated. All humanity would apply laws of equality, justice, and love to all, sharing the wealth of the earth. New laws and new approaches would be instituted that would yield undreamed-of results.

But since humanity by and large resists this natural development, those who follow it necessarily separate from those who do not. They create their own communities where this new spirit will increasingly manifest. This is why you find today the regrettable manifestations of “group consciousness” in overpopulation, overcrowded cities, in the emergence of monopolies in which large groups master the masses and dictate laws and values.

P5             As for those who follow the movement, they will not be affected by the distortions of mass consciousness. They will create a new group consciousness. Mass consciousness eliminates individuals; group consciousness honors and furthers them. Mass consciousness does not require individuation; instead, it imposes a blind following and conformity.

On the lowest scale you need the group because you are frightened, you are dependent, and you are not yet able to be responsible for yourself. You do not yet have the ability to establish a channel to your own limitless creative potential. Since the planet also has a Lower Self, there are factions of people who express a similar resistance. So you must differentiate between being unable to take on selfhood individually, and being unwilling to do so, insisting that others—parents or groups—give you the sustenance that only the divine self can give.

People who use the group as a crutch to substitute for individuation halt the movement as much as those who use individualism as a cover for their inability to be intimate, to be open and undefended, and who therefore fear the group. When individuals organically take the next step from needing the group to emancipation and self-responsibility, the pendulum may first swing slightly too much in the direction of individualism. They then rebel against the group and deny its value.

But if you proceed organically, that rebellion will not last long, for you will recognize the rebellion for what it is and your emphasis will be put on the self. You then learn to utilize your dormant divinity, but you are still in a phase where you must concentrate mainly on your individual process.

P6             The third phase of development comes when individuals have developed full self-realization and can thus benefit from and give to the group without losing selfhood, autonomy, and self-responsibility. The group is truly an extended self in which one can function as a free agent.

P7             You no longer need the group in a debilitating way but out of love and a desire for mutual giving and receiving.

P8             If you fear your aloneness, you must also understand that relating to the other, either one person or a group—will be as difficult as being alone. Only when your aloneness is no longer difficult will the group living or the one-to-one living be a true joy.

P9             You are in a wonderful process of awakening. Take yourself out of your numbness. Look at it, feel it, the force within you. It is the living Christ force that can transform the negative material, the stagnant attitude into an entirely new expression. Do not hug your negative thoughts and convictions.

The force is there the moment you embrace it, the moment you turn to it, the moment you lift your face to it, allegorically, inwardly, symbolically. Lift your hands to it, allow it, and go with it. Open your inner eyes and ears and all your faculties of intuitive perception to soak in the force that is here, so that what your mind learns on the level of consciousness can become a vibrant truth—not just a cut-off intellectual understanding. You live and move and have your being in this love and in this truth at all times, only most of the time you are not yet aware of it.

—The Pathwork® Guide