Lecture 227 – Change from Outer to Inner Laws in the New Age | Abbreviated Version

P1             Every seed contains the plan of its ultimate selfevolution and fulfillment. This plan always follows its own organic way. When, however, the movement is hindered as the outer ego-consciousness resists the process, makes itself insensitive to it and ignores it urgings, then the energies are not allowed to unfold in their intrinsically harmonious way. The constructive power of these energies then turns destructive, though only in the limited light of human vision.

Actually the destruction is always aimed at eliminating the obstructions, the untruth, the infringements on divine unfoldment. The planet Earth is an entity, and the same laws of growth, the same stages of unfoldment apply to it as to the individual. Changes, unfoldments of new potentials, renewed creativity, new approaches to the self and others that reveal a much greater maturity, increased well-being and bliss, increased vision of new alternatives for self-expression, manifest when these energies are used according to plan.

If an individual is ready to reach adulthood but blocks it, the adult energies released into the psychic, emotional, and physical system will create a crisis. Your planet is ready for adulthood and strives to unfold it. Yet the planet also harbors resistant elements that fear, resist and want to ignore the process. So you can recognize factions of people who are totally oblivious to inner processes. Selfishness, greed, ruthlessness, unconcern, and cruelty are manifestations of this turn of mind.

Since the precepts behind these attitudes are based on illusion, they must ultimately prove painful and unworkable and are being destroyed by every new influx of divine energy.

P3             In the age just past, the early adolescent stage of planetary consciousness, humanity had to learn to make a very crude kind of distinction between good and evil, between constructive and destructive acts. You have to acquire the strength of character to withstand temptation before you can realize that nothing is being sacrificed by growing up, because your real interest cannot ever differ from that of others. The pain created by the blindness of the undeveloped state becomes its own medicine and lesson.

All human beings cannot always make that apparent sacrifice in order to preserve decency, kindness, and constructive behaviour. Such sacrifice is illusory, and not an expression of divine love, kindness, decency, nor honesty. Now this age has come to an end. Those who have sacrificed for the sake of a divine principle, will find that this is no longer necessary, that a deeper level of truth can be reached, for you now see that what harms the self, harms others, and what harms others also harms the self.

P4             Even those who are by and large ready to let the new consciousness express itself through them, whose personality already embraces the new Christ consciousness, find areas within where they still maintain the old, selfish, narrow vision. Those are the areas you call your “problems.” Perhaps we can now see this in a different and more comprehensive light. It is too simple to say that these are “problems.” They express a rhythm of growth and expansion.

You are also called upon to undergo your own purification work, your own growth process, so that your inner vision will be enlarged and your present state of manifest consciousness will alter according to your seed plan. But to make the transition from the God outside to God inside, and bridge that gap in time and space, a transitory period of atheism or agnosticism had to come to prepare the individual for full autonomy and selfhood.

P5             Wherever the planet Earth resists the powerful energies and does not follow its seed plan, its development has to proceed differently from the development of those aspects of the planetary consciousness that are ready to embrace the new. Individuals who are blind to the meaning of the crisis that was caused by obstructing the movement will feel victimized by it and will insist that everything is hopeless.

But those in the know will be aware of the real meaning of the crisis and will not fear it. They know it is a change that may, at the moment, present some difficulties in the process of adjusting to new modalities, but they also know that this means welcome liberation and greater joy. On this path you learn to harmonize the whole process by surrendering all of you to the Christ who is awakening within you, on your plane of inner reality.

Exactly the same process applies to the planet. What you call the real life is the most illusory life, where almost everything is turned upside down. There, only the outer, most superficial manifestations are recognized and dealt with; thus life is being fragmented into a meaningless pattern. In the new civilization that you are beginning to found, you learn to make the connections between cause and effect, between the various apparently fragmented pieces of experience and consciousness.

You learn to discover the deeper and more real life within you that creates the outer circumstances. Destruction of whatever is already obsolete and therefore needs to go must take place, but the manifest consciousness clings to it and opposes the purifying movement.

P6             With willingness the change occurs most organically, harmoniously, and beautifully. Where you hold back deliberately, where you deny and choose to delude yourself that it is all right, that it does not matter, or that you cannot do it, that it is too difficult, you invite inevitable crisis and pain. Change is one of the byproducts of the New Age.

P7             The Christ consciousness that evolves within brings humanity into a state in which sooner or later, little by little, outer rules will become superfluous. For the inner God knows what is truth, what is love, and what is divine reality, and the personality will act from that innermost center. Yet it is also true at certain times that your inner plan, your divine self, wishes you, needs you to go into a certain direction and not in another.

But this cannot be superimposed from the outside. Only when you go very deeply into yourself and transcend the rules, the adherence to public opinion, give up the facade and the self-interest that comes from the Lower Self, the need to please, as well as the need to rebel and to spite, will you find the ultimate truth.

P8             The laws of morality will be completely flexible. But for that you need the labor, courage and honesty of self-knowledge so that you cannot be corrupted by lower-self motives. You also need to take each individual issue separately and deal with it completely anew. That is the action of the adult, mature entity, and humanity is moving toward that goal. But you cannot do this when you resist change, for this flexible attitude requires a constantly changing world. Freedom and change are inseparable.

—The Pathwork® Guide