Lecture 230 – Universality of Change – Reincarnation in the Same Lifespan | Abbreviated Version

P1             All organisms in the universe move toward an expansion, which follows the seedplan within the organism. It is truly allowing Divine Substance to infiltrate all that is. And that substance is never static. It contains limitless possibilities for being, expression and creative manifestation—literally limitless ways of joyousness, ecstasy and wisdom, to such an extent that it cannot even be put into human language.

Wherever this movement is stopped, a break in consciousness and energy occurs. On the human level of development this break occurs, for example, with death. Consciousness and energy are resumed, as it were, on another level, just as sleep involves a break in consciousness on one level, but continuing consciousness on another level. So the break is as illusory—it occurs only on the manifest level—as the fear of movement. You all know that there is a countermovement in the human soul, and that is the fear of change.

P2             Human consciousness contains a mass-image of ancient origin, deeply embedded in the psyche. This mass-image says that change is to be feared. This image creates a condition in the human psyche, similar to a physical restriction that prevents the human organism from its natural expansion. This mass-image is extremely strong and so profound in its effect that it is indeed responsible for the creation of death. For you experience life according to your conviction.

The tendency remains to view the world in reverse, or upside down: you take certain phenomena as if they were inevitable, and then you see their cause as the effect. You continue to see death as an unknown phenomenon, an inevitable fact, and you conclude that your fear of death stems from this unknown state. In reality, your fear of death is the effect of your belief that change leads into the unknown and must therefore be feared. The unknown is thus viewed as something negative and fearsome.

If you believe change to be fearsome, you will atrophy the spiritual and psychic musculature of your system, and box yourself into a state of nonmovement and nonexpansion in which you hardly breathe in order to prevent change. And that is literally, to some varying degree, the human condition. So it is extremely important that you create the new consciousness within you that does not fear change, that trusts change as a completely natural and desirable phenomenon.

If you examine your consciousness you will always find, in one way or another, a blind reaction that expresses the belief that to be safe, you must not move. You need to begin deliberately, intentionally and consciously to conceive of change as a desirable and joyful movement in which you can further realize joyous experience. Time stems also from the belief that you must avoid the future and hold on to the past to continue existing. Only when you alter this belief with courage and faith will the manifestations of time and death change.

P3             All self-produced errors and their resultant fear, suffering, and negativity can, if you so choose, become your means of coming out of that state. So as you grow, my friends, not only do you become whole and acclimated to intense joyous self-expression, but you completely lose the fear of changing; you visualize change as the most positive, desirable state possible.

Confidently allow it to unfold, for nothing but good can come from it if you visualize it as good. In this work, reincarnation is discussed and taken for granted. There are many theories about it. A person who is truly on a path of accelerated development can, and frequently does, literally reincarnate in the same lifetime.

P4             With the aid of spiritual advisers, you plan a certain environment and certain conditions, and set certain goals of fulfillment as a task for yourself. Many leave physical existence with the task unfulfilled and must return in a new embodiment to try again, perhaps under different conditions. But another, quite different phenomenon is possible. On an accelerated path, a new incarnation can be undertaken without leaving the old body behind and creating a new incarnation.

Thus, a laborious change and break in consciousness can be bypassed if the personality is truly devoted to give all of itself to its own expansion and to fulfilling a seed plan that ordinarily would be activated only in a new incarnation. It can be done within the same life span. When you do not shrink from it, when you trust it and go with it, you can indeed bring forth a second incarnation within one embodiment.

I suggest that you practice active meditation and visualization in which you trust change as the most desirable, positive, brilliant, and joyful phenomenon, which you want to go with and not stem against. You feel safe in a familiar territory, even though this territory may actually be less safe than the unfamiliar one. Realizing yourself means feeling comfortable in a new self-expression. That is the task.

P5             ANSWER: The change occurs gradually on the outer level and may not be immediately sensed by the individual. It is instigated by the soul in the spirit world during sleep when discussions with spiritual advisers always take place when a person is on a developmental path. So change is discussed and planned on another level of reality. It (Christ consciousness/energy) is of such high frequency that it can be beneficially experienced only by souls and personalities who are compatible with it. Otherwise, this same energy creates crisis—negative manifestations.

P6             During this lecture I had this image of another being, like me, existing beyond me, that goes on and doesn’t die; It is me eternal. I felt that it is my task to link up with it. I get an inkling of what it is, and that the more I get in touch with it, the more I will become unified with it. ANSWER: The Higher Self is always there, and you can always link up with it. And when you do, take it seriously, do not push it aside as an illusion. It is so real, it is so beautiful. It is life-sustaining.

—The Pathwork® Guide