Lecture 231 – Education in the New Age | Abbreviated Version

P2             It is extremely important to cultivate this curiosity. Once it is squashed, the learning process becomes a dull “must” that kills the spirit and the life of learning. Education can be intrinsically exciting, enjoyable and adventurous.

P3             The necessity of self-discipline is great. Without it nothing can be gained or accomplished in life on any level. Freedom and spontaneity on the one hand and self-discipline on the other are not mutually exclusive as most people believe. True freedom, with all its joy and liberating self-expression can only exist to the degree that self-discipline exists also.

P4             The time will come—not in your lifetime—when outer laws will no longer exist, when human beings will be governed by the inner laws of the divine self and will know what is right for them. Conscience and integrity will be sufficiently strong so that people will freely do what is right, or necessary. People will not be obedient out of guilt and fear of disapproval, but will know “this is right for me,” whether it conforms with others or not.

They will also be free from rebellion against authority and secret desires to exploit others. This fundamental understanding of self-discipline as a prerequisite for freedom will be part of the basic education. Communication is of major importance. It takes place on two levels. One is the conscious level of expressed words and explanation, which is true teaching. The other is the level of awareness, feeling, and inner consciousness that may not necessarily be expressed in so many words.

P5             As you become more aware of your Lower Self, of previously hidden levels of consciousness and attitudes that you never wanted to admit to yourself, you automatically become aware of the Lower Self—the hidden material—of others. As you can accept your Lower Self without being devastated and totally rejected, by holding your inner balance and knowing of your fundamental divine nature, so will your awareness of the Lower Self of others not devastate you, annihilate you or make you hate and judge them.

When you were still battling against part of yourself, whatever awareness you had of others’ negativities filled you with anxiety and discomfort. Your perceptions may have been only partially accurate. They were tinged with your projections and with your need to see others as imperfect to relieve your own conscience. When you accept yourself totally and see yourself in truth—both as the Lower Self and the Higher Self while the mask begins to dissolve—you perceive the other person’s Lower Self in a very different and new way. You are very free.

In this free perception the responsibility is truly given to the other person what to do with his or her negative attitudes and behavior, whether this is verbally expressed or not. This attitude of letting the other person take the responsibility develops on a very subtle but strong level of reality that is somehow always perceived. You come to a point when you already perceive the other person with more clarity, without a personal stake in what you see and therefore without personal involvement. You may already be able to choose to express or not to express your perceptions according to your intuitive inspirations.

At this point a tremendous rage, anger and hostility is created in others by your very freedom in seeing their hidden material. They sense this even when you do not express your perceptions. The conscious personality may be completely unaware of what is taking place on the subliminal level and may create a rationale for the rage. At this point you may not understand at all why you are met with such virulent hatred. It is as though the other person cannot bear the clarity of your knowledge and wants to annihilate you and it.

You have to go through this, for it is a learning stage which represents a doorway to yet another stage. At this point you are no longer what you were. You see clearly without being personally upset and injured by what you see, without a stake in seeing it and without distortion. But your seeing creates intense rage and intense attacks on the part of those who are as yet defending the aspect you see and who have no intention of facing, admitting and changing it.

This principle is extremely important to understand for those of you who are penetrating the encrustation of the mask, dissolving it and transforming the Lower Self, for your relationship to the world becomes altered. You no longer function on the level of mutual pretense.

—The Pathwork® Guide