Lecture 233 – The Power of the Word | Abbreviated Version

P 1            You are deeply involved in a magnificent process of the spirit penetrating that which has alienated itself from the spirit. The alienated part is on its own and creates its own momentum. This means that negative creation seems to be the stronger aspect in people’s lives. The higher purpose of this movement goes far beyond your present life.

It is preparation for important changes in evolution and all of you are instruments. The truth is that the dualistic, cut-off life is not “raised,” as it is often said, into higher realms of being. Higher realms come “down” and penetrate the lower realms, thus causing in them a transformation.

P2             Let this awareness (Christ consciousness) fill your soul and your whole being. Let yourself know that all human beings are divine beauty and you are all one. You need not fight for what is yours. Simply claim what you were always meant to experience. However, your inner self will let you do this fully only when you purify yourself, when you become deeply honest, when you have the courage and integrity to expose all your lower-self aspects and consider their effects.

Let the light of truth and love fill your day, fill your actions, fill your attitudes toward yourself. Let the involuntary constructive forces of the Christ consciousness take over and carry you to create and again create, making your life the glory that is yours to behold and to experience. Your own development will make you capable of sustaining the highest energies of joy and fulfillment.

P3             The word is the creative agent. The word is a psychic nuclear point that creates movement and a systematic chain reaction, until the word has become deed, fact, and finished creation. Each word is a blueprint essential for building the structure. The word is both expression and creation. It is plan, knowledge, opinion, consciousness, feeling, attitude, and intentionality. The word carries immense energy powers of its own kind, differing from other energies.

Creation cannot exist without a word spoken, known, held, believed in and committed to, in each area of specific creation. The word that is spoken reveals the will that motivates this particular utterance. It can be the divine will or the will of the cut-off, ignorant and destructive particle of consciousness. The word is the sum total of your beliefs in any given area where you speak the word. It is the sun that creates the planets. The word is eternal. God spoke the word and from that word all creation, including your personality, came into being.

Our goal is to make all these words you speak, day in and day out, every hour and every minute, conscious, so that you can understand your creation. Most of the time you produce noise in your inner system so that you do not hear your own words. The word can also be divided within itself. When you speak opposite words that on different levels of awareness cancel each other out, you become confused and you create accordingly. It is necessary to crystallize the word most responsible for the negative and positive creation in your life.

P4             When you speak words of truth and creative beauty but the underlying material is not made compatible with these words, you create at best a short-circuit, at worst a split and a division in consciousness. It implies attitudes of wishful thinking, pride, lack of faith, fear of exposing what is not perfect, shirking the process of transforming in a realistic way. There is a direct linkage between the power of the word and self-value.

How can you speak the word of faith in your own unfoldment and unfulfillment if you secretly believe that you have no value and therefore no right to experience bliss? How can you even challenge the assumption of your worthlessness if you are terrified that worthlessness is the ultimate truth of your being? Then you can only continue to block this “knowledge” and defend against it. It is precisely those defenses that reinforce your belief in your unacceptability, because all defenses are negative, destructive, and create guilt.

So even when you try to tell yourself that you do deserve fulfillment, pleasure and abundance, underneath you will fear not being able ever to attain all this. You fear that if you did acquire these desirable assets, it would only be by “stealing,” and you would be punished. Only when you pierce through the superficial substitute manoeuvres of false self-value, making room for facing your painful belief in being valueless, can you begin to see this assumption.

Even questions can be words of truth. “Is this assertion of my value a defense or a real expression?” “Underneath my superiority and arrogance, do I falter and doubt my intrinsic value?” Then the word of truth can be expressed by an initial question: “Is it true that this lower-self aspect makes me undeserving, unlovable, bad, valueless? Or is there something else in me that would justify my appreciating and loving myself that deserves esteem and fulfillment?”

P5             Every level of the personality is an expression of a different kind of energy. The mental level, feelings, will, the physical level and the level of spirit are different energy types. Many words are spoken with the vocal cords that have much less energy than the internal words, for they are not rooted in strong beliefs.

You need to observe and thereby dissolve the fog of the superficial word that is merely meaningless noise and has no substance in your consciousness, either in feeling or in belief. But when you choose different words, words according to the truth of creation, you create a pattern in which the involuntary process carries you in benign love, in ever-expanding joy and abundance.

P6             Find the word with which you consistently say, “I will not love, love is dangerous, it will hurt me.” It is another word of untruth that creates its pattern that makes it seem a truth, in which you cannot experience the fulfillment your soul longs for. In your busyness not to hear and understand your words, you do not take responsibility for the words you speak.

I purposely say “words” rather than “thoughts,” for thoughts are only the outcome of the underlying factors creating the word. The word is that which immediately creates. I repeat: this finished product of the thought—the word—is not necessarily conscious or articulate or vocal. So take care with your words. Make room for clarity in them. Take responsibility for the words you speak within.

Question the words you speak, see whether they come from a thought of truth or a thought of untruth. If you think you are unworthy of the best life has to offer, you can question that thought. But if you speak that word within you, it is already a creation that is taken for granted, never challenged, and therefore uncorrected. It is an undercurrent on which the boat of your life, the vehicle of this incarnation, constantly swings and rocks. It is as though you are carried by that current, and indeed you are. But you are no longer consciously connected with the current.

You do not know that you created the current through the thoughts that create the words you speak. The only way you can know, at first, that you speak such opposite words at all is by the results and the manifestations in your life. You do know by now that giving and receiving are one. When you speak the word of self-devaluation into your inner being, you must become fearful, you avoid moving out, you prevent your heart from flowing to the next heart.

In this miserable state, you believe that all you need to be helped out of this state is to be loved. But when love is given to you, no matter how you long for it, you cannot accept it. As you do not give, you cannot receive. Taking in love directly depends on your awareness of having earned the right to do so, of being worthy of it, for if you are not aware of your worthiness, receiving love threatens a worse punishment and exposes you to the pain of your real feeling.

P8             Only when you speak different words with all the feelings and conviction, as a result of penetrating those deeper levels and transforming the false words into one clear-cut strong creative movement of the word, will loving and being loved become a oneness, and not an impossible division. If you have something to give another and it is not taken, it hurts. But when the other takes it, this person gives to you.

You must see constantly that in the taking is the giving and in the giving is the taking, the receiving. Giving and receiving are indeed undifferentiated. Observe the words of untruth, and consider in what way they are untruth. And then have the courage to speak the word of truth. “I can and will give the best. I will let God give through me in sincerity, in strength, in truth, in wisdom, in beauty.” Faith is always comprised of courage and strength.

—The Pathwork® Guide