Lecture 234 – Perfection, Immortality, Omnipresence | Abbreviated Version

P1             Divine love is like an immense mantle of finely spun gold, permeating the universe, enveloping everything and everyone existing in all of creation. It is a permanent reality, always accessible in its essence. It is an illusion that you are separated from that mantle of divine love, for you are part of that mantle. It is not merely given to you, or available to you—you are it.

In the immense sea of divine reality there are airpocket-like formations and configurations that are produced by certain states of consciousness. To those who created that particular condensation, who are in that state of consciousness, the creation seems unique and isolated. The “airpocket” you live in represents your present reality. Your Higher Self is of course the ever-existing grace of God, the mantle of love, truth and beauty. Perceiving the Higher Self’s knowledge through the maze of the ego consciousness makes the truth somehow untrue.

P2             1) Perfection in reality is an ever-changing flux. Truth, beauty, love are ever-changing manifestations, changing always appropriately to the occasion. But the ego consciousness conceives of perfection as static, very limited and exclusive. Therefore perfection deteriorates into perfectionism. One thing seems good, another bad. Real perfection harbors within itself a state of deep self-recognition that contains respect and love for the self as much as for all other things in creation. Hence no proving is necessary.

Expanding, giving, joyful and vigorous expressions of divine reality surge forth in positive aggression, as well as in soft receptivity and acceptance. Perfection is a breathing, living force that heals, grows and creates because it exists for its own sake. From the ego perspective there is pridethe need to be perfect in order to be better than others.

P3             At the same time, another person’s already developed state appears to diminish you. Another distortion is the fear of inner imperfection, a hidden sense of worthlessness that you never face squarely, comprehend, work through in its details and small everyday manifestations. Perfection then becomes a superimposed solution for the worthlessness that you do not want to experience and examine. On the ego level, perfection exists for the sake of others and for appearance.

Such a prideful, fearful, untruthful attitude indicates lack of fait. Therefore you hurriedly try to pretend that you are in a perfect state. This, in turn, increases guilt and a sense of worthlessness. Because you refuse to face your deep lack of faith in yourself, you always project it outward in a cynical and negative attitude toward the world. Alternatively, you may put on a false “appearance faith.”

The self-judgments that you do not face openly distort the personality into becoming self-righteously severe with others. Or you may become overly permissive and sentimental, developing a false, mask-self acceptance. The humility of giving up perfectionism and the honesty of paying the price for developing slowly into a more genuinely perfect being are indispensable prerequisites which are, in fact, aspects of your real perfection.

2) The conscious thinking process translates this awareness of immortality into fear of death. The fear of death says, on the deepest level: “I want to experience the state of immortality that I know exists, even though I am caught temporarily in the dualistic ‘airpocket’ of life versus death—an either/or.” Fear of death also implies lack of faith in the ever-ongoing reality of all life, all consciousness. Adopting spiritual truths in order to deny feeling your fear of death is a neurotic manifestation. Only when you face the tunnel with courage and go through it will you experience the reality of eternal life.

3) The state of ultimate reality of the soul knows its own omnipotence, its own Godness—knows of its power to heal, its power to create worlds and to re-create the self in myriad joyful forms, to dissolve these forms and re-create them. Its distorted manifestation then is the childish claim for omnipotence that you all know exists in infants and in the infantile aspects of adults as well.

The self-will dictates total omnipotence: “I want it my way. There must be no obstacles, no delays, regardless of the cost to others. I must have my will immediately, regardless of the consequences.” It is an insistence on magical solutions that are supposed to eliminate the need to learn and grow from dealing with the realities you have already created, such as frustration, pain, difficulties, struggle. It implies selfishness, lovelessness, ruthless disregard for others to the point of cruelty and unreality.

P5             If you have the humility to accept your limitations, you can gradually expand your power to create. (1) You need to have the humility to see your imperfections. (2) Your belief in immortality needs to be abandoned temporarily, because in spite of your belief you still cannot conceive of the change that takes place when you leave the body. You need to admit your fear, your puzzlement, your state of anxiety, the feeling of being at a total loss. For you truly confront a wall which you cannot penetrate as yet.

This wall is of your own making. It is a result of your disconnectedness and the turn your mind has taken in the particular “airpocket” of your condensed reality. You need not abandon the ideas, but you need to admit that you do fear the black wall of the unknown. You have to go through similar walls of the unknown practically every day of your life.

You traverse walls of unknown terror in your Pathwork as a result of your commitment to your feelings that you had denied: pain, hate, selfrejection, guilt, rage, all shades of fear and terror, as well as the even more feared feelings of love, sexuality, bliss, oneness.

P6             Every feared unknown, be it a negative or positive feeling seems to you a black wall that you fear and wish to avoid. Avoiding it prevents your ever-flowing movement of life from taking its natural course. (3) As to omnipotence, you discover the infant in you who demands omnipotence and magical solutions. You express these claims and desires and your rage when these desires cannot be fulfilled. You learn to accept the limitation of your present personality.

You need humility to accept this; you need faith to give up what you believe you must have right now. In previous times, humanity, at that point in its development, had to consider these principles intellectually at first, being unready to deal with them emotionally. However, at that time, it could not be more than a theory and a faraway goal.

This truth was then misunderstood, misrepresented and misused by the prideful, domineering, fearful ego, so that perfection was forced, pretended, punitively dictated. This dangerous escape from the necessary developmental steps, necessitated a new movement in your history, which came along with psychology.

P7             Eventually this very important psychological movement also began to deteriorate as a result of the dualistic state. It lost sight of the fact that yet another step existed. In the New Age, everything leads to a discovery of and a fusion with the inner levels—a fusion of the either/or principle. On the outer level of your personality you are indeed not perfect, you are indeed mortal, you are indeed far from being omnipotent. But absolute perfection, immortality and omnipotence exist already within you.

Only as you abandon your insistence of possessing them right away will you even know what is perfect and what is not perfect, what is life and what is death, what is power and what is weakness. You will learn to abandon them, as you go through the feelings that create the urgency to be in these states. When the connection is partial and is not clearly comprehended, damage might occur.

I do not mean to say that the conscious mind should not attempt to connect with the Higher Self. But what is important is to know that a beautiful opening in one area is no guarantee that a similar opening exists in all other areas.

P 8            But once someone’s channel has been established, the person often comes to believe that the divine self that functions and communicates so beautifully can point out all his or her blind spots and will then become self-enclosed. Even where the open channel already functions, its messages might be mistranslated and misused in order to perpetuate the resistance. You incur an extended blessing for every step on your way. Be your God.

—The Pathwork® Guide