Lecture 235 – The Anatomy of Contraction | Abbreviated Version

(See also Lecture 55)

P1             The path is a spiral movement. Each round of the spiral is a new layer and as you discover a new opening, you need to make a new commitment, on a yet deeper level: to let go and to let God; to give all of yourself to the truth—to no longer hide from your truth. As long as you grope, perhaps without even knowing it, you will feel beclouded and your life will seem to contract into a crisis.

This is a period of testing that gives you the opportunity to find what it is you need to know, see and change—where a new commitment needs to be made. Without the momentary darkening you may never feel motivated to undertake the necessary search. The moment you find and understand the meaning of this period, this phase on your path, and experience it as a meaningful piece that fits into the whole picture, you will have passed the test; you will be able to make the commitment specifically where and how it needs to be made, so as to shed old bad habits of thinking, feeling, reacting, willing and being.

P2             As you enter into new commitments to your God and to your truth, little by little you see that there is meaning in the daily occurrences. Further, deeper layers of the spiral rounds then take on a light and an experience of bliss that cannot exist unless you make the forever renewed commitments about specific issues on the new levels. It is up to you to find them.

You imagine that contraction is negative, bad, while expansion is positive and good. While this may be true on certain levels, it is not true in itself. In the positive manifestation of expansion the outgoing movement is reaching, giving, making yourself available for further beautiful states of consciousness. It is highly volatile creative expression, it is active and aggressive in the best sense of the word. It means penetrating into new realms of being, giving forth from the inner riches, and eliminating walls of separation.

On the universal level it is the force that penetrates and enlivens the void. When expansion manifests as negative aggression, as a hostile, conquering force that disregards others, it creates more separation rather than less. Contraction is negative when there is a tight holding back, a cramp, a refusal to flow and give out. It is a seeking of safety through isolation and separateness. It is a movement reaching inward that is motivated by fear, distrust, ungivingness, and false ideas about what is safe and what is not safe.

P3             Contraction in its positive form has a beautiful, beautiful meaning. It is an in-gathering of all the forces; what has occurred in the expanded state is being gathered back into the self. It is being digested, assimilated. It means reaching into the depths of your infinite divine reality to bring out the treasures of the deepest aspects of the self. Expanding means letting this flow out into the world, but to be able to do so, positive contraction must occur first.

The expanding outgoing movement brings out what has been collected and ripened in the positive contracted state. The positive contracted state means bringing to fruition what has been gathered in. Nothing can be created without the threefold interaction of the expanding, contracting and static principles, be it a small object of the simplest form, or the creation of worlds and universes, material or spiritual realities.

The inner universe offers the material that has to be utilized and brought out into the outer universe so that the outer universe can be given form. Then the outer universe recreates itself, duplicates the inner forces and the manifestations of the inner universe, and brings back these forces to nourish the inner. There must be a momentary pause between every alteration of expansion and contraction.

We call it the static principle for lack of a better word. Static must not be thought of in the sense of stagnation. It is static rather in the sense of allowing to rest, allowing the process to ripen, so that after each contraction that restful ripening phase must set in.

P4             You ignore the existence and importance of the static principle. This is a mistake. Consequently you prevent yourself from going through the total creative movement in a state of loving comprehension, welcoming what unfolds, going with it, aiding it with your mind and will. Instead, you obstruct the process with your ideas and your attitude. For as you believe, so must you experience.

If you believe contraction is bad, you will experience only its negative facets and will fail to see that these very manifestations you consider negative have a tremendous meaning and sense. You focus only on what is negative, which is often a most superficial facet, disconnected from the whole. You lose sight of its regenerative, benign nature and meaning.

You seldom recognize in a negative aggression the negative manifestation of the expansive movement. For the expansion to be truly meaningful and cohesive with the overall plan, a simultaneous contraction on another level has to take place. It is necessary therefore that you cease seeing your contractions as bad. You blind yourself, and then really make it into a negative manifestation.

P5             What is on one level of manifestation the active principle must then reverse itself, if it is to be harmonious, and become the receptive principle. Contraction is part of the pulsatory movement that infiltrates all of life. As you train your positive will to no longer deny the courage to believe in the best in you and the best in life, so will you be carried by the larger force of that which is the ultimate you, that goes beyond the little intellect with which you are so used to govern your precarious safety. Much greater safety comes when you have the courage to believe in the best—not with wishful thinking, not in fear of the bad, but in the strength that there is nothing in you that you cannot see and face and go through.

P6             QUESTION: The old is stubborn and hard to move, and the new desperately wants to change. So I would like the force to strengthen the new and to weaken the old. ANSWER: And I say to you it will be very helpful if you conduct a dialogue, again and again, between the old and the new and learn to love that part that you have hated and rejected and use its positive forces and unite with it.

QUESTION: One of these is the violence and rage that you have told me about here before and that I’m just beginning to see and feel in myself. ANSWER: Let out the strength that first, on the most superficial level, manifests as violence and rage. Courageously express it with your physical being, but express it with a joyous welcoming receptive attitude toward it, knowing that this is your true strength, only manifesting in a distorted way—for a fraction of a second in cosmic time.

It is the love power, the creative power with which you can shape and mould your life. It is a step of courage: “Oh yes, here is my strength!” And perhaps it will only be a question of minutes in the form of rage, violence, cruelty. Very soon, in this attitude of welcoming, positive expectancy, you can express the same strength in the great hallelujah to your life, to yourself, to God, and to your beautiful unfoldment.

P7             QUESTION: I have been experiencing lately a lot of feelings of hopelessness and desolation which I know, at least intellectually, as states of unreality and distortion. And I feel very much that this refusal is an expression of the words “I won’t” to life, to giving, to changing, to taking responsibility for myself as a woman. Along with all of this I’m also in touch with a part of me that does deeply want to know the truth about myself.

ANSWER: learn to say the positive commitment you have just expressed: “I will face the truth. I am divine manifestation. I can completely unify with this. I can give my best to life and receive the best from life.” The more you say this with affirmation and mean it the more this is going to be. The courage to mean it, that is the step to take.

What seems to you humans so complicated and complex is often nothing but the necessary outpicturing of doubts, fears, negativities, negation and denial, in the personal and the collective. But it is not so complicated. If you trust and do your best and just struggle a little bit with it, everything will flow, as it actually already does.

—The Pathwork® Guide