Lecture 238 – The Pulse of Life on All Levels of Manifestation | Abbreviated Version

P1             There is a very deep, significant meaning to the meeting of these two light centers. (visit of Peter and Eileen Caddy from Findhorn)The reality of this meaning already exists on the inner level of being. On the outer level of manifestation, it takes some time before the inner meaning can fully materialize. But the greater meaning can indeed become a reality if you use all your feelers, your inner sensitivity, to attune to the meaning of this meeting, or linking.

The age of unity and unification brings a much different picture (from the age of duality). Outer diversity or differences will disappear, for they lose their importance. Personal identity will no longer be attached to nationality, or religious affiliation. Out of group unification and group consciousness a much more clearly defined individual will evolve. These clearly defined individuals will contribute a greater unity to the group process.

P2             Everything is pulsation: divine pulsation. The universal spirit pulsates into matter. Matter is enlivened by the pulse of the divine. The divine movement pushes its way forth into the void, expanding and contracting. Each expansion moves the eternal life forward and enlivens the void with spirit. The “momentary” meeting of divine substance and the void creates matter.

The physical body is alive through the pulsations of the organism. The heart pulsates, the lungs pulsate, the bloodstream pulsates. As long as manifest life lasts, the pulse of universal life expands into this particular organism. It is one single pulse. As the body has different pulse systems—and there are pulse systems in the physical body that are not yet known to you, for each organ, each cell, each pore, each molecule has its own pulse system—so do the layers of consciousness.

The existence of your earth plane is one pulse beat of the universal clock. Every planet has its own regulatory system of pulse beats. Every pulse beat consists of three universal movements: the expanding, the contracting, and the static. In a human being during the expanding movement of a single pulse, life penetrates the body of matter. During the contracting movement life withdraws into the inner eternal realm that is its source. During the static movement it refuels, regenerating itself with the life principle and the potent energies of the nucleus, until it is ready to thrust itself forward anew, billowing further into the void, fulfilling its innate plan until divinity has filled all there is.

Consciousness, the feeling body, the system of the will—every aspect of life and self-awareness—consists of its main pulse, causing its very appearance in matter, but it also contains sub-pulse systems that are necessary for total functioning. The perfection of the life manifestation depends on the strength and fullness of the pulse of divine life.

If the pulse is strong and full, life will manifest this in various ways. Health, beauty, intelligence, goodness, talent—all these divine aspects are “pumped” into the life manifestation, just as the heart pumps the blood into the organism. Any imperfection—ill health, unattractiveness, lack of intelligence, negativities, problems, poverty, lack of talent, and so on—reveals that the main pulse of divine penetration is weak.

What governs the strength of a pulse beat is consciousness, inner will. The rhythms of each pulse system are therefore dependent on intentionality, determination, will, on all levels of being. A short life span is a typical demonstration of this principle. Too often, when the thrust of spirit should be strong and cause a strong, billowing pulse beat, unconscious levels of the personality interfere. These levels need to be made conscious. Then the personality has a choice.

As the movement withdraws back into the inner reality of the spirit, the matter that was enlivened dissolves into its particles. Yet these particles will never be the same they as were before life inhabited and pulsated through them. Pulling back is part of the pulse, but it can be regulated and the pulse strengthened by inner intent and attitude. Your divine self chooses certain aspects to manifest, and others not to manifest. You choose “finished,” purified aspects of your eternal being. But you also choose unfinished aspects, and you incorporate them into the unit that becomes your personality.

P4             It is very importance to allow into your consciousness aspects that you are not yet familiar with, and incorporate them into the process of your purification and transformation work. In former times the outer levels of personality had to first attain strength. Development on the conscious plane can open certain channels that reach, at least in part, to the inner reality of the divine self. Those who have the discipline to do the work on the conscious level could, and can, establish channels to the divine.

The pulsation can be strong only to the degree the total consciousness is in harmony with divine reality. A channel may be reliable in a specific area only, and quite limited in others. In the new age it is of utter necessity that unconscious levels of the personality be discovered and included to accomplish the process that is organically waiting to materialize. The time has passed when it was enough to give attention to the conscious level of being only. The conscious self may be very pure and manifest a beautiful channel. But to the degree unconscious levels are ignored, the channel must have its limitations.

Thus the mind will no longer be able to assess what need is real and what need is false. The fine attunement to the needs of your organism—both physical and spiritual—can be relied on only to the degree you have the courage to go all the way to see, familiarize yourself with, and accept all aspects of yourself that you have carried into this life as your task. What prevents you from making the connections with the inner layers of your consciousness is fear.

For if you have fear of some parts of yourself you divide yourself. You are very quick to rationalize these fears away and start creating false needs—needs to escape, needs to avoid parts of yourself. Once you know your fear and you question and challenge the fear, you create a strong new pulse beat on a new level of your being. You let in the spirit where it could not have penetrated before, because your fears—or, more exactly, the denial of your fears—prevented the full beat of the pulse of your incarnation to enliven all of you, every particle of your mental, emotional and physical organism.

P6             And as you experience in your outer world, in symbolic reflections, how the Lower Self of nations becomes exposed, so it happens with each individual. You must take the existence of your Lower Self seriously—not in the wrong way by fearing it, but meeting it in trust, knowing that its energies are divine and can be altered, transformed, and are essential.

P7             For only the joyous can give joy; only those in truth can bring truth; only the loving and loved ones can give love. Let yourself experience this every day and every hour of your life.

—The Pathwork® Guide