Lecture 239 – Christmas Lecture | Abbreviated Version

P1             Each birth always gives rise to new joy. And death is nothing else but another form of birth. The Christ lives within everyone and within everything that breathes and has consciousness. At the same time this joy, this ecstasy, this total peace cannot be experienced unless you purify your soul, for otherwise you become anxious and contracted in a negative way and you reject the experience of joy and ecstasy.

You can afford generosity. You can afford to let others be their best. You can afford to give up the little self-interests. You can afford to be in a state of love. You can afford to have the courage and risk truth. You can afford humility, and the best will flow to you because you can receive it.

P2             They (our offerings) can be renewed when one points out to another what he or she observes, and when you listen more with an ear to what is the truth, rather than with the attitude of being rejected, hurt and misjudged. When you listen for the truth you will find the Christ within. You will experience so much more the greater life, the real life that you are a part of, your greater being, your eternal reality. You will know there is nothing to fear and nothing to mourn.

You actually live simultaneously in two worlds. You start off believing only in this material world that is very real to you. And it is indeed important, for it is your task to infuse the world of matter with the greater spiritual reality in which you are much more firmly planted than you realize. Only the separated consciousness manages not to know this. What greater gift could you give to yourself than making an effort to create a channel to that in you which is the Christ?

Your consciousness has its feet planted in both these worlds, and that is your task—to bring the world that is the reality into the outer realms and so to infuse the light of the newly-born Christ into matter. Christ is born every minute, every second, in time. Every new realization, every spurt of new consciousness, every breath of love, every change of attitude gives birth to the Christ, until all these many little lights that you light up in your own souls, spreading into others’ souls, converge and emerge into one huge sea of light, into a sea of love, into a sea of intense joyous awareness.

Illusory separation turns out to be what it always was and really is, a oneness of consciousness, a love between various aspects of God. Each one of you is a beautiful aspect and individualization of God.

P3             ABOUT TABOOS: It is of course a wonderful thing that the old taboos are removed. The old restrictions that make sexuality a dirty, guilty secret no longer exist. It is important that a growing human being knows and learns to accept this beautiful force, this divine force. If this deep sincere commitment to self-discipline (in self-purification, honesty, commitment to growth) is lacking, the sexual force cannot be borne and will turn into destructiveness. Without a loving heart sexuality becomes shallow, unfulfilling, empty, and it will always be guilt-producing.

QUESTION: I find that I am filled with distrust and suspicion and fear and it manifests in paralyzing my creativity and ability to work. ANSWER: In this first phase you find it difficult to remove your Mask Self and look at your Lower Self without losing sight that you also have a Higher Self. Yet this Higher Self must not be confused with the Mask Self you have identified with for a long time. You confuse this Mask Self with your Higher Self.

To remove the Mask Self is complicated, for if you only focus on the Lower Self you despair. At the same time, if you revert to your Mask Self, you are right back where you started from. Your despair is that you cannot differentiate between the Mask Self and the real Higher Self, and that you believe that if the Mask Self is taken from you, you are going to disintegrate into an evil person.

Now, the Lower Self is there; it is never beautiful; it cannot be; it is a distortion of the beauty. However, you need to pray for the courage and the strength and the faith to go through it so that you will find the real Higher Self, not the false version of it. Your distrust is an outpicturing of your inner lack of trust that there is a real Higher Self in you. Your distrust is that you know deep down that your Mask Self is not genuine and you project that lack of genuineness on the world outside. For it is a human being’s weakness to always believe of others what they feel about themselves. Your earthly lives are dreams that are tasks.

P5             QUESTION: I find myself in a state of being very aware of how my judgments hurt me and poison my life. Yet I can’t seem to stop these judgments from coming up all the time. ANSWER: When you observe yourself in this state, just hold still and question yourself, “What would happen if I gave up the judging?” Experiment with it. You will discover various states. For example, a black hole of nothingness to begin with, which you fear, something you cannot name or label or pin on anything. That is the creative emptiness you have to go into, out of which the true feelings will emerge.

Let us close with a deep focusing all together on the One, the one power that motivates, the one life that you are an expression of, the one love that colors everything into radiant beauty, the one peace that surpasses all understanding, the one joy that vibrates and resonates through the pores of the universe that you are a part of.

—The Pathwork® Guide