Lecture 241 – Dynamic of Movement and Resistance to its Nature | Abbreviated Version

P1             The nuclear points in our sphere of consciousness are in constant communication—directly and indirectly—with your personal paths, with your guides and guardians, those entities who are closer to you and surround you. We have experts. Yes, this may seem strange to you, but it is not so strange, for whatever you have on your earth sphere is but a minute representation of what exists in our world.

P2             You see that anything that is alive is in movement. Even when it is still, it is in movement. Breath is movement, the bloodstream is in movement, the heartbeat is a continuous movement. But when a body is dead, the movement has gone from it. The spirit that is alive has withdrawn from the shell. Since there is nothing in the universe that does not contain life, even the “dead” objects, as they seem to you, contain movement, except that at this level of awareness, movement has a different vibratory rate.

A human being who is in a state of movement may not always move outwardly. But even at periods of outer rest and quietude, the movement is being felt in the joyousness, aliveness, ability to change, flexibility, and ever-pulsating nature of the whole organism. By the same token, you may have outer movement and inner “deadness,” or relative deadness.

I have also encouraged you to imagine expanding your space, transcending the narrow circumference that some of you feel content with, or believe yourself safe in, though you also feel stagnation. You feel you are missing out on your potential to realize more of divine life, self-expression, creative living, the unfoldment of what is innately in you. This requires the courage to move ahead into what at first appears to be an unknown space.

P3             The inner expansion and movement toward an ever-greater unfoldment is your life plan. The fully adult person has reached a freedom and a range of experience that no child could ever possess. This is a very normal physically, yet it is widely denied that the inner reality follows identical rules and laws. If these rules and laws are violated because the entity inadvertently and unwittingly stops the movement, damage follows.

The entity is being forced by the ignorant personality into a narrow space it should no longer occupy, a space it has literally outgrown, as if you were to force an adult into the circumstances of an infant. Human beings will grow up with an understanding of these processes and will become aware of the need to expand. They will encourage the movement inwardly, will recognize the resistance to it, understand the nature of the resistance, and know how to overcome it. If you confine yourself to a state you have outgrown and stay static, your sense of missing out will create a fear of death. This is a very familiar fear.

However, no person who lives his life totally and fully according to his potentials will fear death. Because you fear the movement and stop the movement, you miss out on life. Deep inside of you a voice says, “When your time comes and you leave your body behind, you will not have done what you could have done and what you could do right now to fulfill yourself and your life.”

There is a deeper and more important aspect of the resistance to movement. When you move, every movement implies that you must leave one thing behind in order to get to the next. Imagine a train ride in which you want to experience a place you have not been in yet, but will not allow the train to move into it. You do not want to leave the place you are in now, even though you know quite well that the place your train will take you to is a happier one, without many of the drawbacks of your current abode.

You insist on not giving up anything of the old familiar environment, and yet you desperately strive toward the new place. This not-wanting-to-let-go is of tremendous significance. It applies to many levels and to many expressions of your life. You want to hold time, you want to hold money, you want to hold your feelings, you want to hold your heart tightly. You do not want to let go and give up this holding because you do not trust.

In many ways you may also be a loving and giving person, but if the part of you that is not so remains unrecognized, you may inwardly accuse yourself of much more than is warranted, because you make that stingy ungiving part of you your whole reality. The suspicion which you project from your own unmoving, withholding, ungiving attitude makes you fear life and see life as similar to you in kind.

P5             The expanded state of consciousness that you so long for, the state in which you experience life and yourself in so much beauty, cannot come except when you have the faith, the generosity, the courage to let go, to give up, to open your inner hands and heart, and trust. Giving up is a form of giving. You need to let go of this in order to go there. Visualize how each state you leave behind leads into a better one.

Yet, you must not stay and dwell even in this new improved state. Still better states are to come. In order to let yourself go into this movement, you have to meditate, to claim and feel into yourself actively. The intent to let go, even of this improved state, in order to attain a much better state, must not be confused with greed. It is rather a deep inner knowing of the infinite nature of life, the infinite expansion that is every living being’s destiny.

Your fear of movement translates into the message, “If I move, what will come will be worse. So I better stay where I am.” Challenge this message that comes from a corner of your hidden being and replace it with the truth that, as a result of your total giving and commitment to your path, to the movement of your innermost being, you can rightfully claim the universe’s abundance. Every particle contains every conceivable possibility of the richest experience you can imagine—or much, much more than you can imagine.

Even your imagination must expand and grow on your path of moving. As everything grows and moves, so your capacity to visualize and expand your range of personal fulfillment and happiness and enrichment must also grow. What you cannot perceive as a possibility, you cannot experience. Your imagination must somehow open its buds, must flower, so that more can come to fruition.

P6             Just as you need to trust and give time for the positive intentionality to take root and flower, so must you have patience and trust for the letting-go process. Then “the moment in-between”—between letting go of the old and the unfoldment of the new experience or state of consciousness—becomes in itself a joyous experience. You can practice it in your visualization in exactly the areas you find most resistant.

If you use this message and apply it, you can very easily make the decision again and again: “I will let go and move ahead inwardly in my state of consciousness, in my attitude, in my approach to life, in my value system, in my thought processes, in the feelings with which I respond to my experiences.” Practice the courage and faith to go into a new space with a vision to expand your life, to deepen the range of your experiences. The denied movement seeks an outlet and then manifests as a compulsion to move where this is not appropriate and organic. For example, a person rigidly holds on to a defensive, obsolete attitude, does not want to give it up, and stagnates inwardly as a result of it.

Consequently a compulsive restlessness may develop that may manifest as an inability to be still, to totally be “there,” to follow through with anything, to persevere. Such an individual may then begin many things and never finish, or be unable to endure staying in the same place. A compulsive restlessness may make him or her travel all over the earth, looking for a new place outwardly. “I commit myself to the will of God. I give my heart and soul to God. I deserve the best in life. I serve the best cause of life. I am a blessed manifestation of God.”

—The Pathwork® Guide