Lecture 242 – The Spiritual Meaning of Political Systems | Abbreviated Version

P1             Monarchy and Feudalism. What are the divine origins of this format and what are its distortions? The divine meaning and origin, the inner truth of these systems is in certain highly developed human beings who are fully aware of their responsibility. Development always carries responsibility, and those who are willing to shoulder it can, according to divine eternal law, and commensurate with their commitment to their task, feel it their right to enjoy the accompanying privileges.

Now, even if authority is being abused, those who are unwilling to assume the demanding task of leadership are not right to rebel. They will not need to rebel if they fulfill the conditions that entitle them to the privileges.

P2             Leadership requires a lot of self-discipline that the self-indulgent do not desire to exert. The often necessary and voluntary giving up of an immediate gratification is totally rejected by those who follow, but who often simultaneously resent those who lead. Nor do they wish to assume the risks of exposure, criticism, slander and hostility that those in the limelight must be strong enough to endure.

Leaders create a following and, in total devotion to their task, give of their best. This is the divine reality contained in the regimes of monarchy or feudalism. It is easy to see how this can be distorted by ruthless, selfish or irresponsible human beings who abuse the power, and use it for their own material or power gain, and obstruct the unfoldment of justice, of law, of beauty, of fairness and of divine intercession.

How does this political system exist in the inner world of a human being? You have all discovered that there is in every human being some talent to be a leader; a talent to assume responsibilities and to serve a cause. No matter how buried these talents may at first be, they can be awakened from their dormant state. If you do not cultivate this talent, then you will be a follower who has much fewer rights and privileges. It is as you wish. You can be a school teacher, you can supervise others in an office, you can do any task on earth and be, within its own framework, a leader, a “monarch,” or simply a follower.

P3             Wherever your talents lie, you contain the possibility of higher rulership in the best sense of the word. This means the ability to exert a certain amount of discipline, of firmness, of strength, of not succumbing to the temptation to indulge. Discipline cannot be used toward others in a fair way if it is not first and primarily used toward the self. Within your own soul system both aspects exist—the monarch and the follower or citizen without responsibility. The one is rich, the other poor. The one has rights, the other does not.

How do you apportion your energies and direction in choosing what to cultivate on your road to unfoldment? Do you abuse this double principle in you? If one is abused, then the other must be too, for they are two parts of one whole. How do you react toward those attitudes in you that wish to cheat, that want to get the results without earning them, that wish to have it as easy as possible and get free gratifications that are not earned by honesty and giving?

If you follow that discipline within yourself, then you earn authority in the best sense of the word. This attitude can then unfold toward the outer environment and will rest on a very firm ground. This is monarchy and feudalism in the divine sense, not in the abused sense. It must proceed, as all cellular growth does, from inside outward.

Let us take Socialism and Communism as one category. The idea here is equality, justice, and fairness for all. So it is simultaneously true that people are created equal, and also that they are not equal in their expression, development and will direction, in the choices they make every day. People are unequal in their feelings, thoughts, decisions and actions. The form of government in which all are equalized was clearly a reaction to the abuse of monarchy and feudalism.

But with the second system, too, abuse set in. Now the equality becomes abused and a uniformity sets in that is no longer in keeping with the vitality of the human unfoldment and the divergence and varieties of human expression and development. Now how does this appear in your soul? In its divine expression the human soul deeply knows that no matter how distorted and negative another human being may be, he or she is nevertheless a divine manifestation and as such truly equal—on that deepest level.

If you can perceive this, your common sense and love will make it possible to also perceive and determine the differences of expressions. On that outer level of expression there is obviously no equality. For those who responsibly fulfill their tasks in the universe and live according to the spiritual laws are not equal in expression to those who abuse the laws selfishly, distort them according to their own, self-serving purposes, and who do not care if their actions and attitudes affect others adversely.

Now let us look at Capitalistic Democracy. Its divine manifestation and meaning are total freedom of expression and the use of divine abundance according to personal investment. Yet, at the same time, in the divine manifestation it makes room for caring for those who are not able, or, on a deeper level, not willing, to undertake responsibility for themselves. In that sense, this form of government is the nearest expression of New Age fusion of duality.

P5             The distortion of capitalistic democracy is again very obvious in that the abuse of power by the few stronger, more willful individuals may then impose disadvantages on those who are not willing to stand on their own two feet. Rather than helping them to awaken through really fair and appropriate dispositions, they play right into the rationalizations of those who are lazy and cheat, making their excuses valid by giving seeming justification to their argument that it is an unfair world they live in and that they who are less greedy are victimized by the greedy.

The more development and freedom, the greater are the dangers of abuse and distortion. Political systems swing from authoritarianism of one form or another to over-permissive systems that allow the parasite to sentimentalize his “cause.” How much maturity is needed to abstain from the temptations to abuse freedom! How much self-discipline is needed not to do so!

You do not understand the inner tyranny you have set up by constantly abusing your freedom to create, to choose, to direct your life, your thoughts, your feelings, your will. In the first place New Age politics must, above all, always be carried by those who cultivate a channel to divine inspiration. How you can be sure with any specific leader is, of course, the question. However, inner inspiration can also work to guide your intuitive faculties and your choices. The communication system enables you to gain more contact with and knowledge about potential leading figures.

With selflessness as the primary concern and focus, world politics in the New Age will contain every one of these systems. Is not the struggling consciousness always straining to maintain an exaggerated independence and individualism at the expense of others, out of fear of conforming, of losing individuality? And is it not just as true, on the other end of the scale that the lazy, demanding personality wants to be taken care of, be given to without the slightest effort on his or her part?

P7             Do you not always find an area in your soul that proudly wants to use power and have abundance, and does not care about others? All these expressions exist in the soul of every human being in one form or another. The nature of New Age politics will be precisely that it will not be partisan, not only within the country, but even concerning outer forms of government.

Look at that part in you which may want to use one format against the other when this is inappropriate, because of something self-serving and negative that is hidden. The only way to attain this harmony and unity of spirit in the government of your community, as well as in your self-government is to totally surrender to the will of the highest.

P8             So those of you who wish to do this in every issue that comes up, in your feeling reactions or in the outer manifestations, go into yourselves and ask: “Is there God in this or that specific issue?” If you honestly question yourself, you will get the answer from the way you feel.

The general majority of human beings, still operates on the Mask-Self level. In one sense this is progress, in that in former times the general level was the Lower Self that was crassly acted out. The creation of the mask is the first facet of the realization that the Lower Self is unacceptable and “does not pay.” Although it is self-serving and hypocritical, this phase is temporarily necessary, until more maturity is reached.

—The Pathwork® Guide