Lecture 248 – Three Principles of the Forces of Evil – Personification of Evil | Abbreviated Version

P1             For many centuries the power of evil was fully recognized. Humanity had a sense of the invisible regarding both the forces of light and darkness, as well as their manifestations, and their personification as angels and as devils. Lack of self-knowledge inevitably led to lack of self-responsibility. Thus humanity felt victimized by evil spirits and a disconnection from the invisible world occurred.

Evil and its manifestation must itself become the medicine to overcome evil—at least in the long run. Therefore this disconnection inevitably had very regrettable effects. But it also created an arena in which people could no longer blame the devil for their own misdemeanours. So humanity had to go through a period of separateness from the invisible realities in order to grow into self-responsibility. Yet invisible forces do exist and do have their influences.

P2             To the degree your Lower Self is conscious, thereby enabling you to choose not to act upon it and to pray for help to purify it, you are invulnerable to evil. The time has come for you to understand more profoundly how you are an electromagnetic field that always attracts what is commensurate with certain levels of your innermost being. The devil was always associated with the principle which aims to destroy and to inflict suffering at all cost.

The separation between the self that perpetrates suffering and the victim who suffers is so great that the perpetrator is deluded into being unaffected by the further effects of his or her acts. The delusion of evil in the case of this first principle lies in the misperception that your brother’s or sister’s pain is not unavoidably also your own pain. A person or a discarnate entity who is filled with evil, experiences excitement and pleasure when spreading destruction, suffering, and pain.

The second principle of evil is materialism. This not only applies to the earth sphere, but equally and often even more to a variety of hellish spheres in which entities live in a totally disconnected way.

P3             Existence there is totally mechanized. It is simply a suffering of a different kind corresponding to a different principle of evil. With the disappearance of the superstitions the connection with the subliminal levels of reality has also disappeared. The life line to pulsating reality and re-enlivening was broken. The result was an alienated reality in which humanity prided itself on its advanced state—because of technological progress, but also “advanced” because human beings became the only reality unto themselves.

The positive manifestation led them to search within themselves for the causes of their fate. The negative manifestation was that a life was produced which is not totally different from the second sphere of evil I described. The hierarchy that is recognized in divine spheres also exists in satanic spheres. The third principle of evil is little known. It is the principle of confusion, distortion, half-truth, and all the variations that exist in connection with it.

Only when you become clearly aware of this can you recognize when devilish forces and spirits want to destroy you and inflict pain on you by enticing you to inflict pain on others. They also want to convince you of the illusion that you are separated and isolated, that neither God nor any life exists beyond the life of your present body. They want to drive you crazy with confusion, dualistic splits, false either/ors, half-truths that you cannot sort out.

P4             You can use the light of Christ to help you work within yourself and purify yourself so that this field of attraction within you can be transformed into a different magnet attracting different forces. Collectively speaking, at different periods in the cycle of evolution, one or the other of these principles will be most prevalent. Today’s human mentality can accept the principle of good and evil more easily than the fact that they are both also personified. Both good and evil are often experienced on a very superficial level.

When the issues are seen on a deeper level of consciousness, what was first believed to be good can often be seen as questionable and possibly as a mask of something evil. The denial of good and evil as absolutes, in spite of the relative perception humans have of them, leads to nihilism, hopelessness, and the void—as if that were the ultimate reality. Humanity has made a step in the right direction because it begins to recognize that good and evil actually exist above and beyond the relativity of limited human perception. But people are still very hesitant to accept the fact that all principles can and do manifest as entities.

P5             If personification of principles and creative forces did not exist, how could you exist as human beings? A human being is merely one form of personification. Personification does exist in all gradations, and to deny this would be far from being knowledgeable or intelligent. You need not overlook that direct contact with Jesus Christ is what opens the channel of communication between Him and you. Nor should such awareness of spiritual presence lead you to fear the devils you sporadically attract according to certain cyclic rhythms. Like all disease, the devils near you are cause, effect, and medicine. You can use it as an indication that you need to develop and purify these unattended parts of your soul.

P6             Satan, the ultimate personification of all evil, recognizes God as creator and bends to His will and His laws. He cannot help doing so. It was God’s will for evil to have its sphere of activity and influence, for only in this way can evil be truly overcome within the soul of all fallen spirits. Very exacting laws and rules exist, preventing Satan from acting outside these laws. When one makes the effort to follow the way of truth and light, the power of the spirits of lying instantly wanes. But you must make the decision whether you unwittingly wish to submerge yourself in thoughts of untruth and confusion because momentarily this seems easier, and perhaps even more pleasurable and exciting.

Satan’s real opponent is Jesus Christ who came to open a way for all creatures captivated and weakened by satanic influences. This has to do precisely with the fact of personification. When the Christ manifested God as man, thus being both divine and human, he accomplished the greatest feat imaginable. He proved that it was possible to remain true to God, true to truth, and not succumb to the strongest of influences and temptations that the personification of evil could unleash.

Jesus Christ has saved every single entity who ever was created, and every particle of consciousness and energy that ever manifested and ever will manifest as personality. The light of truth stings evil spirits; the light of love is unbearably oppressive to them, and the light of positive aggression is fearsome and terrifying. Only God manifest can become visible and perceivable to other personifications. God’s other aspect, the unmanifest divine principle, can only be indirectly experienced by personalized energy/conscious units. 

P7             The great light of the cosmic Christ reaches a soul in darkness at first through pain. To some degree all of you have occasionally experienced this. Is it not clear to you yet that the hidden part of your Lower Self that resists exposure and transformation is unable to allow the personality to stand the light? In this area you become connected to the forces of darkness and you are a target for them. What exists in microcosm within the human soul also exists in the macrocosm.

Every battle within the human soul between the forces of light and darkness, between the Higher Self and the Lower Self, is also waged on a universal level, enacted by many entities at different stages of development. See both the truth of your hidden lower-self motives and the truth of your higher-self good will, and give up the line of least resistance and its negative pleasure which makes you persist in a destructive course bringing clouds of pain and darkness to you and those around you.

P8             Raise the pertinent questions. “What is the truth here? I want to know the real truth.” The second question is, “Do I want to know the truth in this or that issue?” If you can answer these two questions truthfully and in depth, you will dispel the clouds of darkness. The truth will shimmer through slowly but inexorably, once you admit a negative intentionality. Clarity will dissolve the pain of your guilt that is frequently not allowed to surface.

You keep it down by strengthening the destructive process of projecting on others what you fear in yourself. If you have reached a comparatively high level of development, the areas which remain to be transformed and are not recognized by your consciousness exert, through their unrecognized parts, a greater attraction to evil than does the negative charge of a person who is on an altogether lower plane.

—The Pathwork® Guide