Lecture 249 – The Pain of Injustice – Cosmic Records of all Personal and Collective Events, Deeds, Expressions | Abbreviated Version

P1             The most familiar kind of pain, is what you feel when someone wounds you, hates you, wishes to hurt you. The vague feeling that you have created or co-created your own pain without fully understanding how and why, gives birth to yet another pain, which is related to the pain of your resistance to being in truth, and the pain of your guilt for which you have no intention to make restitution, which leads to confusion and frustration. These, in turn, are often projected onto others whom you blame for causing your pain.

P2             Guilt > fear > self-doubt > self-hate > limited behaviour patterns > self-destructiveness. Pain of injustice is a fear that the universe can allow destruction to exist without safety valves. It is the fear that nothing has rhyme or reason, that doing good—or bad—has no effect on the outcome of cosmic history and evolution, it is a fear of a meaningless universe, of chaos. This fear is actually a doubt, a lack of faith in a meaningful universe that consists of supreme intelligence, love, and justice. If effects are disconnected in the field of human vision, fear of meaninglessness results. The Lower Self is a direct result of the fear and pain of injustice, meaninglessness and chaos.

P3             The guilt about the Lower Self fosters an attitude of not deserving salvation, not deserving eternal life, goodness, joy, total justice. After overcoming resistance to face not only lower-self traits, but also their consequences and painful effects on you and your life, you experience profound relief. It is precisely because you now literally and personally experience in your own microcosm that life is totally just and fair.

Become conscious of both a deep longing to make these connections and an equally strong painful fear that no connections exist. This path eliminates the pain of injustice because it establishes connections between cause and effect that remain inaccessible as long as strong resistances are not overcome.

P4             How can you trust a just universe unless you see plainly how every one of your actions, thoughts, hidden intentionalities, feelings and attitudes—positive and negative—has definitive results and effects? To understand that main connections exist needs faith, which is to some degree experiential. Think of your reactions when you witness earthly events of cruelty whose perpetrators seem to remain unapprehended, or when good deeds and genuine love and giving seem to elicit undeserved negative effects, or at least fail to produce just rewards.

We can’t always connect cause and effect due to the fact that time extends beyond the human vision. True meaning of the “final judgment” is the revealing of connections that show the unutterable beauty of the faultless justice of spiritual laws. On one level you resist, because you desire never to have to pay the price. On a deeper level you dread this possibility, but you are also profoundly relieved to find out that every smallest particle of consciousness creates effects which, in turn, must come back to you and extract a price: positively or negatively.

P5             Every thought of any significance, every feeling, every intent, every will direction, and every action—with all its ramifications—is imprinted into this “soul substance” and thereby made available to review. Our planet also has the same “soul substance”. It does not only show the raw event—it also shows the most hidden motives, the most secret intention, the exact balance of ambivalent feelings and the real reasons for making a decision.

It registers which alternative the individual or the collective entity is acting upon. It shows without a doubt that you live in an infinitely just Creation in which no error is ever possible. But this awareness cannot be given gratuitously. Each entity must develop into it through struggle.

P6             It is human consciousness that interpreted judgment to imply an unloving attitude of those who were supposed to judge, to imply unfairness, arbitrariness, rejection. This is a projection of humanity’s own state of affairs. Struggle between fear of and resistance to full vision of connections and longing for this knowledge. Two opposite will directions. Resolution is using your clear consciousness.

First experience the pain of believing you live in an unjust universe, next establish full awareness of the struggle in you. No cure but to obtain the relief you resist most, to find the connections between causes you set in motion and their effects on yourself and others. Your being, your aliveness has impact on the world you live in. You fear and resist knowing this because you believe that your destructive aspects are your essence, your ultimate reality.

You prefer to struggle with the pain of an unjust universe, rather than see the beauty and justice of God’s creation and discover that you are ultimately good. Pray for the faith in your ultimate divine essence that can fully reveal itself only when you recognize what covers it up. Life’s infinite possibilities depend on every single created conscious entity, on each entity’s decision, in every fraction of time, which way to go, which way to think, act and will.

P7             You are the director of your thoughts. Through your thoughts, you create the flow of feelings and the direction of your vital energies. It is an illusion to believe that by not making decisions in your thoughts, opinions or acts, you have no impact. Your soul substance registers the hidden motives for non-action. Since you are consciousness, you cannot help breathing into the world substance by virtue of simply existing.

Know that each thought you harbor is a distinct energy formation, sending out waves and rays, creating according to the nature of the thought. Be aware of the great privilege, the great power, the dignity, the infinite possibility that this confers on you. Open your eyes to the beauty of the fact that you are, with your present limited consciousness, already a co-creator of reality. Allow yourself to ponder, to meditate, to visualize that—by simply being—you send out constant rays that convey a meaning which creates distinct effects.

Let this new vision lend a new dignity to your life, a new motive for becoming as creative as possible through your very being, for finding the peace and security your soul has desired for such a long time: to know that there is perfect, sublime, infallible justice in the world you live in. The power of awakening and growing consciousness cannot be halted. The great waters of truth, of love, of wisdom, of divine reality, of the Christ consciousness seek their channels and break through obstructions. Every one of you can be instrumental in removing more of the obstructions and halting the pollution of these clear waters.

P8             Cultivating the process in your own life enables you to become intensely aware of what is at stake here, of how instrumental you, as an individual, can be: first by creating truth and order within yourself and then, as a result of this, by helping to do the same for the entity earth. Know that all you are, all you think, will, and feel, is impressed into a malleable universe. Do not let the initial fear of this thought drive you back into your world of darkness, fear, resistance, distrust and pain—the pain of injustice. This pain of injustice can only be healed when you muster the courage of allowing yourself to know that your negativity causes pain to others and to yourself, that it has definite consequences.

Since life is change, your Lower Self is also a constantly changing aspect of life. It contains innate capacities to transform the worst into the best. What is still difficult for you to accept is the fact that lower-self aspects have effects. It is this very fear that causes the deeper fear of injustice. In not facing the consequences of the Lower Self, you try to cultivate the illusion that there are no effects. If you pursue this line of inner, unconscious reasoning to its logical end, you create an imaginary world of injustice. This suits the wishful thinking of the Lower Self and makes you afraid of the consequences you yourself create.

—The Pathwork® Guide