Lecture 250 – Inner Awareness of Grace – Exposing the Deficit | Abbreviated Version

P1             The grace of God is. It exists at all times, penetrating all that is. Grace means that all must work out for the best, no matter how evil, how painful, how tragic things may appear at the moment. In the end, when people have lived through and fully assimilated the negative experiences, they come around full circle to the light of love, truth, joy, peace, pleasure supreme, eternal life, and wellbeing in all respects. You cannot help but live in the grace of God. The very air you breathe is permeated with it.

Every substance of life, on all levels—from the finest vibrations and radiations to the crudest matter—is permeated with it. The very world you live in, the universe, all of creation, the way divine law is constructed, all are an expression of divine grace. You live and move and have your being in a universe that consists of such tenderness, such love, such personal care of the living God, of the eternal presence in all that is, that it simply defies description. You are surrounded by a universe in which there is simply nothing ever to fear—no matter what the momentary appearances may be. Grace is already there, filling every pore of your being.

The problem is your lack of vision, your limited view, your distorted interpretations, your faulty outlook, your personal blocks. These seem like walls of iron, which prevent you from perceiving and experiencing grace. In reality the walls are mist and must immediately dissolve once you rearrange your field of vision. As always, this process begins with small everyday events. You can easily tell whether you are in truth or not by the way you feel.

If you are in harmony with life, if you are joyous and hopeful, you can be certain that you partake of God’s grace that surrounds and permeates you. Impregnate yourself with this truth in your daily meditations. Your habit of putting effect before cause creates gross misconceptions and misinterpretations of life that prevent you from experiencing grace. Another assumption is that faith comes also from outside, as if one day something would be added on to you, while right now you lack it.

You lack neither grace nor faith. You think of yourself as an empty vessel that needs to be filled. In reality you are already all that you could ever wish to be. It is simply that only a limited part of your total self functions on the level of reality into which you were born. It is your task to gradually release those parts of you that fully exist on another level of reality, but need to be brought into the material level. Think of this process more as releasing what is already there, rather than as becoming something that you are not.

What are the obstacles to releasing faith, knowledge, the awareness already existing within you? The first obstacle is your not knowing that you possess the awareness, the faith. The knowledge must be cultivated; it has to begin in your outer brain and thinking. Just considering the possibility that there is nothing to fear, that you live in an utterly benign universe, that you are filled with the living God, will make you automatically challenge your fears, your doubts, your distrust and your negative beliefs.

P3             You will risk giving and this is an inexorable law of life. For only as you give out of yourself, from and with your heart, can you truly receive. It is such an important law that it is taught in all the religious scriptures that ever existed. You believe it is a sanctimonious edict, issued forth by an arbitrary authority that makes demands on you and then possibly rewards you with something in return. You see it as a form of bargaining.

Every human being contains a built-in mechanism that makes receiving quite impossible when the soul withholds its innate capacity and yearning to give. Since in reality giving and receiving are one and the same flow and movement, one cannot exist without the other. Where distrustful, fearful holding back makes it impossible for the soul to enter into the flow of universal life and movement, the total process of giving and receiving is stopped, so that the grace of God, with all its manifestations, cannot enter into the consciousness of the personality.

Hence you separate yourself from the riches that surround and penetrate you. This inner mechanism makes your receiving impossible; it strengthens and finally seems to confirm your vision of poverty of life and self. In contrast, the benign circle can be established by risking giving out, in the conscious expectation that abundance will grow because the fear of poverty and deprivation may be illusory. You can afford to release more of your inner and outer riches because you know they are eternally and inexorably replaced in a never-ending stream.

P4             So the first step must be to risk giving out. False pictures are reinforced by belief, just as true pictures are. Only when they are questioned do they lose their energy. Challenging them is like pulling out poisonous weeds and planting new beautiful seedlings. Another obstacle to establishing the benign circle in which you flow in harmony with creation is a tendency in human nature to build on deficit, which is intrinsically connected with the belief in an empty, poor, ungiving universe. It exists at all levels.

When you build positive beliefs and life patterns on top of unconscious or semi-conscious negative beliefs, you build on deficit. When you secretly believe that you are a totally unlovable and unacceptable human being, you build on deficit. When your real and false guilts prevent you from turning yourself fully over to God, you build on deficit. When you assume the universe to be hostile and you protect yourself against this alleged hostility with destructive defenses—that you may or may not be conscious of, that you may rationalize and justify—you build on deficit, which can appear to succeed for a while.

He who builds a house on unsafe, sandy ground, may indeed erect a lovely-looking structure that holds up for a while. The temporary pain of exposing your deficits, comes from the wrong conclusion that by doing so you are doomed to accept the “reality” of poverty. You are constantly running on deficit, giving out in a distorted way that has nothing to do with genuine giving. You either project your Mask Self to the world, while you inwardly despair about who you believe you really are, or you give out in order to accumulate in a manipulating way what you believe you do not deserve.

P5             You grab outer, temporary, unsound means to coast along on pretense. The mask illusion is that this way of operating can go on forever. The lower-self illusion is that the world is mean and poor. When you bring all your guilts, all your lower-self machinations to the fore, you stand there poor. You no longer try to avoid the poverty you have unwittingly created through false beliefs and by destructive means. Then the fear and resistance to declaring the bankruptcy that you had frantically covered up is finally overcome through your faith.

Your spiritual and emotional “finances” often manifest on the material level as well. Many people live above their means; they cover one hole with another. Although they live in a constant climate of anxiety, they refuse to create order, because they do not believe that order and abundance can exist for them, and they are unwilling to give. Finances, economics, collective governmental procedures, follow exactly the same patterns.

P6             Such governmental crisis can be likened to the breakdown of an individual who refuses to expose his or her inner poverty, pretense, and deficit. Thus the solution never lies only in the form of government you adopt or the outer measures you institute, although admittedly some measures are better than others at different times. Risking to have faith can create faith and also the experience that having faith is justified.

Everything that is undertaken without God, no matter how intelligent and efficient it may seem at first, is bound to fail in the long run. Only through and with God can you have the courage and honesty to trust total openness. Only then can they (governments) function healthily with a constant balanced flow of giving and receiving, never exhausting the reserves because all is based on truth, justice, and fairness. Never is anything just an accident. The reason for the distribution of the world’s resources is to help people to share and to consider all other people.

P7             Giving and receiving can exist when countries share their resources, rather using them to gain more power and riches. Balances need to be constantly reexamined and adjusted in order to establish inner and outer harmony, health and honestly acquired wealth—that is, divine abundance. Guidelines to Pathwork community. You must never live above your means. Function out of fullness and do not run on deficit. A temporary deficit on the material level may be unavoidable until a sound basis of fullness and functioning on assets is established.

—The Pathwork® Guide