Lecture 255 – The Birthing Process – Cosmic Pulse | Abbreviated Version

P1             You are gradually making the connections, until all flows together and there is no more puzzlement, no more fear, no more pain—only peace and joy. On a deep level of your being this state of bliss exists already. To make this knowledge available is the great task you have all undertaken. In isolated moments you experience the hand of God in your life, the breath of God.

You know that all the isolated goals you pray for converge on one central point, experiencing the reality of God. Through such an experience you come to understand that all you really need to pray for is to experience God’s presence. But until such time, it may often be necessary to divide your prayers, for the sake of your deeper understanding of what is necessary at any given time in your life, when your soul has to be impressed with certain aspects that need focus.

P2             This gradual growth process depends on your willingness to open your heart. Opening your heart seems to require a special kind of courage. You must be willing to risk the imaginary dangers of truly feeling with your heart, of feeling yourself, your lovingness, your vulnerability, the beauty of creation, the endearingness of others who struggle in their attempt to find the light. When you are willing, truly willing, the Christ spirit will take over and perform the “operation” of removing the tight lock, that has existed for millennia, from your heart.

I would like to discuss particularly a law of timing that applies to the development of every entity. According to this law a certain necessary time sequence exists on an individual’s path. What for one person needs to be taken at the very beginning may follow only much later for another. You know about the spiral movement that seems to bring the same sequence up again and again. There comes a point when a particular spiral has truly resolved itself. An entirely “new” aspect is coming to the fore, an aspect so strange and unfamiliar that it seems at first somewhat frightening.

“Is that really me?” you ask. The deeper level brings new material to the fore that could not have been handled before, and it may also bring a feeling of hopelessness about self-purification. “Will it never end?” I want to warn you about this feeling and tell you that it is a good sign of deep progress. With people who follow an intense path it might happen that what would have waited for a future incarnation under “normal” circumstances is released now.

You would rather leave them (additional tasks) for a later time when you will have gathered new strength in your spiritual home. Often this is true and you do not even attempt to undertake the new tasks. But when you do, the benefit is immense.

P3             Also, do not forget that when such additional new material comes to the fore, it is never without your full consent. Sometimes you wish to undertake it and your spiritual advisers do not agree. Often they encourage you and warn you of the difficulties. I say to you now that the soul substance contains much more than the life plan of the current incarnation. There is an overall plan that shows what has been accomplished in the past, and there are the future tasks to fulfill, stacked in layers, as it were.

Each step or phase has a meaning and cannot possibly be undertaken at the wrong juncture of the sequel. The process of birth is never a one-time phenomenon. It is always gradual. You will note that all the childhood years are part of the birth process. More gradually the person’s spiritual nature and higher values may be born. Accomplishments which the soul has acquired in previous lives need to be nurtured. The technical skills learned in this body need to be assimilated so that the inner knowledge has an adequate instrument through which to express itself.

You need to listen sensitively into your entire Pathwork process and occasionally gain sufficient distance from yourself to have an overview. You will then sense the beginnings of a rebirthing process. With some this may never be, not necessarily because they do not work as dedicatedly as others on their purification, but perhaps because the present task is so vast and all-encompassing that it suffices for this embodiment. Also, you need to be aware of too simple and quick assumptions in this respect.

Often a new phase on your path merely indicates another facet of the present life plan and not an additional task that may be undertaken now. Consider the entire purification work as a birthing process. For you truly give birth to your unobstructed, unencumbered spirit in its full glory. Perhaps it will help you to visualize the universe as a breathing entity. Each breath is a pulsation that penetrates onward, that bleeds through previously inert mass—the mass of the void.

Once the pulsation reaches this mass with sufficient intensity and frequency, the mass begins to soften. The breath of life enters, and consciousness is being born where previously there was no life, no consciousness, no being. Every incarnation on the earth plane represents a pulse beat, an out-breathing. Each time life seems to die an inbreathing takes place. The strength of the pulse beat is determined by the will to live on earth in a body, by the degree of fulfillment of the task the entity has come for.

P5             When you humans speak about dying, it seems absurd to us, from our vantage point. There can never be death, there can only be a withdrawal of life from the outer encrustations, leaving them inanimate again. When the entity builds a body, the body consists of material that is as yet lifeless, but that will be enlivened once the spirit, or the soul, or the person with his or her unique personality at this point of evolution, takes possession of this shell. Each further incarnation represents a further thrust into the inanimate.

Very gradually the pulse beat of life, in this particular regard, will become so strong that matter is no longer matter, it no longer becomes inanimate. On your earth plane you can observe this truth by a very simple fact: the average age, of the human being. Not too long ago in your history, the average age was thirty years. Now it is seventy. In the not too distant future the average age will be one hundred years and over. The inner meaning of this fact is that matter is more strongly imbued with life. Life can therefore have a greater staying power.

It will be helpful for you to visualize life as an ongoing breathing phenomenon, each incarnation representing a pulse beat, each withdrawal from matter not as a dying of life, but as a withdrawal from matter, an inbreathing. The earth plane is particularly designed as an arena to serve the purpose of “breathing into the inanimate”—or the void, if you will. Every plant, every animal, every life form existing on this plane, breathes into matter and enlivens it.

The enlivening is at first only temporary, for after a while life withdraws again, only to reappear at intervals. But the time will come when life can no longer withdraw, even from plant, mineral and animal life. Vibrations of matter will be so refined that matter will become spirit.

P6             If you permit this new consciousness to grow in you, to take hold of your being, you must experience life, death, and all happenings in a very different way. This way is liberating and will eliminate the existential anger, rage and fear about life and death. You need to stretch your imagination, your inner senses, your deeper vision to make this knowledge gradually your own experience. Another determining factor is, of course, your attitude.

When difficulties come, it is human to be discouraged. When you are puzzled or in pain, when you are disappointed or unhappy about something, it is most normal to lose courage. But with this inner consciousness growing in you, you will perhaps gradually learn that it is most essential to keep your vigor toward life intact, to not allow negative experiences weaken your inner pulse. Your inner will directly affects the pulse beat of your life force. Your choice to want to master the situation, make the best of it, learn from it, live it to the fullest, directly affects the vigor of the cosmic pulse beat that enlivens your personal existence.

In addition to the understanding of the cosmic processes, this requires goodwill, courage and faith, which you will have to the degree you truly want to fulfill your part in creation. In the human body the pulse beat indicates the vital signs, the functioning of the heart, the flow of blood in the arteries. On a larger scale, each human life manifestation is a cosmic pulse beat.

The one pulse beat that constitutes an entire incarnation consists of many smaller pulse beats. During a lifetime the cosmic pulse beat pumps the spiritual blood repeatedly into hardened, inanimate matter. These beats vary in intensity. On isolated occasions a person may live his or her next incarnation, or at least part of it, in the same lifetime.

P7             The new pulse beat is often weak at first. It is often experienced as intense, sometimes prolonged crisis. Since crisis is painful, it weakens the pulse beat. Only as the new life is fully understood and embraced can a new continuity begin to evolve. It is erroneous to think that the transition into a new incarnation within the same body is more traumatic than the greater break of dying and being reborn. For many human beings fear of death makes dying traumatic.

The threat of extinction prevents the entity from experiencing the sweetness of the transition. Birth is always traumatic and painful. It is also traumatic for the entity, before the birthing process into matter begins, to temporarily abdicate full consciousness and to await it to slowly reawaken by stages. However do not assume anything too quickly. Let it rather be a question within you that may or may not find an answer.

There is a general acceleration in the process of evolution which is manifesting in various ways. One manifestation is that knowledge of the inner realities has become accessible to the general public. This is unprecedented in your history. Another manifestation of the acceleration in development is the possibility to uncover layers of the soul that would ordinarily await a future embodiment.

P8             This movement (penetration of life within the void) comes even to those who do not fulfill all their potential, or who are still on a much lower scale of consciousness. Even trees, plants, birds, participate. As there are highly developed spirits coming into this plane in ever greater numbers, so is an increasing number of undeveloped souls reaching this plane.

Be fearless in your trust and faith that you are involved in something infinitely bigger than your personal little concerns to which you sometimes assign such disproportionate importance. The Christ spirit is with you, at all times, in all things. God’s blessings enable your most mundane undertakings, for they are put into the service of the divine cause. Let your inner joy reach your consciousness, for there is only cause for rejoicing!

—The Pathwork® Guide