Lecture 257 – Aspects of the New Influx: Communication, Group Consciousness, Exposure | Abbreviated Version

P1             God’s light envelops you all. This light contains all you need. Try to perceive it, try to feel its reality. It is always there for you, and to the degree you refine your inner being through the purification process, you cannot help being aware of this light that flows through all the universe, through all of creation. I have stated before that at certain intervals in history a new influx streams into your world because humanity has grown sufficiently to be ready for it. This is so now. Communication (specific of influx) is a by-product of highly developed consciousness.

P2             So you see innumerable people who cannot and will not even try to put into words what they really feel and think. Communication is an art that everyone can and, indeed, must learn. It requires goodwill, a positive intentionality, and a will to cooperate. One of the major byproducts of modern technology is communication. Experiencing others to be similar when it comes to the basics of living, dying, suffering and longing, eliminates much illusion, fear and enmity. It contributes to the ever-growing unity of humankind. Your ability to move relatively fast from one corner of your earth to the other brings you closer to the laws of the spirit world, where movement is instantaneous, one with thought.

P3             Obviously, true communication presupposes communication with the self, with the inner levels of being that were inaccessible before. You cannot convey, explain and communicate something you do not know. The next organic step is learning the great art of communication. It means making the effort to explain, to reach out, to search through the mazes of misunderstanding–patiently and lovingly. How often do you believe someone is mean to you when, in reality, this other person fears you and erroneously uses a coldness or rejecting attitude as a defense?

Knowing this removes your fear, your false pride, your anger. It may enable you to meet this person in an entirely different way that, in turn, will dissolve his or her negative defense that alienates you. The way in which you reveal yourself is what makes communication an art. If you explain yourself in a way that implies blame and accusation, you only create a bigger wall.

But if you attempt to explain yourself by simply conveying your feelings and needs, your impressions and assumptions in a questioning and open spirit without insisting that they be the truth, then you can reach a true understanding. You need to take the apparent risk of explaining yourself, even if this can rarely be done in one simple stroke. You need to enter an ongoing dialogue, full of goodwill, increasing your willingness to shed your pride and to give up your stake in blaming.

P4             All interactions between human beings ultimately contribute to the final aim: reconciliation, oneness, brotherhood, love, understanding, truth. In the final analysis, even the most negative interaction between individuals serves this purpose. When two entities–either individual or collective ones–are involved in a negative interaction, a deeper purpose is being fulfilled, even if the interaction has a most undesirable result at the moment. The higher selves of both entities are always at work.

The Higher Self has not created the negative interaction per se, but it uses what already exists–negativity–for the purpose of dissolving it. The dissolution and transformation of negative material cannot possibly take place unless there is an outright manifestation. So you can see, my friends, that underneath the lower-self exchange, a higher-self exchange exists simultaneously between the entities in conflict.

We are dealing, first of all, with the law of brotherhood. Without brotherhood there is no love, without love there is no brotherhood. Love is union. Hate is split, dissension, isolation. Love means mutual understanding.

P5             Yet for understanding to grow, effort and goodwill are necessary. You cannot experience union with God unless you are able to experience union with your brothers and sisters, even with those you think are your enemies. On the outer level you may not achieve friendship with them, for it takes both parties to really desire truth and union. But on the inner level you may well be quite consciously connected with the Higher Self of that person.

You need to empty your mind of all preconceived ideas your Lower Self has a stake in retaining. You need to put aside enmity and distrust. You need to listen deeply and openly. You need to convince the other of your goodwill for the truth. You need to summon the maturity to realize that others do not know what you mean, feel, think and want. You need to explain yourself in the deepest, most sincere way possible.

First, however, you need to sacrifice your pride, your stubbornness, your pleasure in having a case against someone or your fear of finding out that you are wrong and bad. Desist from yielding to the temptation to keep yourself locked up in isolation and resentment. Desist equally from yielding to the temptation to accuse and blame. Make yourself neutral, at least temporarily, until you have the chance of finding out what the truth is.

Even those who are less ready and developed may lend a hand, perhaps unwittingly, to the unfolding of the Great Plan. It is again the Higher Self of such a person working in conjunction with the Plan and using the negative outer will to contribute positively to the whole picture.

P6             Destructiveness that has advanced so far that it can no longer be changed, molded or transformed, needs to be destroyed before a new and better structure can be erected. Many destructive events on your earth are of this kind. Individual values and development can only be measured by interaction with others. The more individual cells of consciousness begin to purify and align themselves with the divine will, the more they will affect the totality of the earth entity.

The cells meld into one structure, although they each have their individual life. You have a great deal of ambivalence about this melding. You fear giving up what you call your individuality. You falsely assume that in oneness with the whole you lose what is uniquely yours. In reality it is just the other way round. It has often been mentioned that the New Age brings about group formations, group consciousness. Such a process has not existed in the same way before.

P7             Wherever there is divine influx, the demonic forces send out their own influences to corrupt those who are not purified, to tempt them and to destroy them. This does not change the fact that new communities must spread which represent the new values and which become models for new ways of life. I wish to discuss now another manifestation of the new influx: exposure. The resistance to exposure is always present.

It is obvious that refusal to expose creates isolation. When you deny exposure it always means that you have a stake in maintaining a rotten structure, a structure that you need to eliminate and replace. If it is not done willingly, secret matters will be exposed through outside forces, through crises that will bring them to the surface. Through communication, through exposure, the whole world knows of political misdeeds that would previously have remained secret.

Through the evolving group consciousness a great interplay and interaction takes place that allows all of humankind to participate in the drama of development. The courage and strength necessary to bring about exposure wherever appropriate and necessary stems from the inner conviction that it is done in the service of a larger cause. It is the same with the planetary entity. The earth’s Higher Self is conducting all the exposures that occur now on the political front.

P9             You would enhance communication if you made a more profound effort to explain yourself, and to help others to do likewise through a non-threatening attitude. Too often a bland, dull numbness encases you into a half-vague, opinionated, incomplete, secretive holding onto assumptions that closes all doors. Let your hearts be filled with the freshness of life’s healing power that flows from the Source that encompasses all that ever was created and ever will be created.

—The Pathwork® Guide