Lecture 258 – Personal Contact with Jesus Christ – Positive Aggression – Real Meaning of Salvation | Abbreviated Version

P1             For most believers God is a much less personal, a much more vague and general experience. And you know that you can experience only that which you can conceive of and believe in. If you seriously long, pray, and search for a realization of Jesus Christ’s personal love for you, the answers will come forth. Perhaps you will not recognize the first answers as such. They may bring up new, or again old, material on your path that you need to work on for your purification. These are the answers!

When you feel unworthy, unlovable, unacceptable, it is impossible to believe that Christ can love you personally. So you need to forge ahead and reestablish your self-acceptance and self-respect. Yet this can be done only when you recognize and oust real, justified guilt, without annihilating yourself in the process.

You need a continuous double approach that combines your determination to face all of your Lower Self and to understand all of your being with compassion and realism, with your direct prayer and deep desire to feel Jesus’ presence near you, His concern for you, His deep, abiding interest in every smallest detail of your life.

P2             However, this total fulfillment can come only as you totally surrender to the will of God, in every large and small aspect of your life and your being. You cannot eliminate your fears and your distrust of others unless you constantly renew the practice of total surrender to the highest within yourself. For you cannot subsist alone. No creature can. All created beings hang together on a chain of interdependence.

This (basic existential fear) is the fear of annihilation of consciousness—which you fear will take place after the body separates from the spirit self. To no longer exist is the most insidious fear that you must meet and deal with. Only through total surrender to God can you do this. Only through removing your impurities can you do this. Only through experiencing rather than denying your various pains can you do this.

The Creator has filled your earth sphere with signs, with symbols which say loudly and clearly that nothing is ever lost. One such beautiful symbol is the sea.

P3             Could it be different with individual consciousness? The more you establish your own inner connections between your life experiences and your attitudes, the more deeply you will understand that there are no arbitrary coincidences. When you work with the aid of the personalized God, who is always available to you, you will gradually establish connections that were totally obscure before.

There exists a certain rhythm that you need to discover, sense and accept. Again I use the analogy of the sea. This rhythm is never broken. Only when specific upheavals interfere—such as earthquakes, tidal waves or human destructiveness—is the rhythm temporarily disrupted. The sea is in crisis, so to speak, but the crisis conspires to reestablish its unique rhythm, its harmony with the rest of creation. When you seek a connection between an event and your inner person, when you work to recognize it and pray for help and the answer still fails to come, you may be out of rhythm.

The waiting time may then be used to find qualities within yourself of which you can learn only in times of ebb, never in times of flow. Feel your daily life in accordance with your personal universal rhythm pattern. If you live, move and have your being in harmony with your unique rhythm pattern, you will live a much more fruitful, creative, joyful and peaceful life. You need to raise your consciousness specifically to this phenomenon.

Think about this concept, to begin with. Meditate that it exists. Stir up your imagination and feel into living a day in rhythm, as contrasted with your usual unconscious, rhythmless existence. Once you can visualize the difference, concentrate on it daily and ask your personal guidance to help you focus on it. Doubt, rebellion, anger, belief in a meaningless universe that makes you suffer—these are destructive responses to your rhythm pattern that delay its natural flow.

Equally disruptive is the self-rejecting attitude, “I am so bad that I deserve to be punished this way.” You have all learned on this path what a constructive response to a painful event is. “What can I learn here? What could my response be to this seeming delay that would most further my development? If there is anything in my Lower Self that I am not yet aware of, I want to see it fully, without ever losing sight of the fact that God loves me and I am God’s unique expression.”

You may have used your personal will for total surrender and you may sincerely mean it. Yet you may not have experienced the emotional reality of Christ’s loving presence. You may become impatient and then begin to doubt. When the emotional experience fails to materialize for a while, it is not that He keeps you waiting. It is that your inner barriers need to give way. That can happen only within the context of your unique, personal rhythm pattern.

Christ is here. He hears you, He loves you, He protects you, He is deeply concerned with you. You will feel His loving, healing arms in which you can always rest and find new sustenance for your life task. Since evil has no permanent substance, you can easily dispel it. Bring your positive aggression to bear upon it. By habit, you put all aggression into the service of lower-self aims, while keeping an apathetic, passive attitude toward the good you desire to receive from life.

P5             Visualize yourself taking a firm stand against all thoughts that are negative and divisive in any way. Question any thoughts that seem correct but fail to give you a feeling of peace, love and unity. Visualize yourself always surrendering your position for God’s vision of truth. If you feel personally humiliated by being wrong, by being imperfect, by having made a mistake, it will be much more difficult for you to let go of the tight hold of your position.

The reason is that you secretly hold a low opinion of yourself. The lower this opinion is, the greater must be your stake in some prideful, egotistical, self-elevating and self-righteous position that, at the same time, creates projected judgments of others. Only through allowing yourself to know—and later to feel—His love and total acceptance of who you are now, no matter how flawed, imperfect and destructive your Lower Self may be, will you be able to do the same.

You can talk to your own false thoughts with firmness and reasonableness. Invite Christ to come to your assistance in this endeavor. Then claim with all the vigor at your disposal, that you want only the will of God, that you trust the will of God will bring you the best you could ever hope for, that any distrust of the will of the Highest is a lie you need to rid yourself of.

P6             Imagine that your true being observes the suffering part of you that is squeezed into a smaller world in which you sometimes appear to suffocate. This true being observes your earth being that has undertaken to correct the distorted part with compassion for the momentary difficulties. It sees no tragedy, for it knows that all is well and that the temporary suffering must lead to salvation. Salvation means Christ’s endless forgiveness, acceptance and that you can always find your way to God, no matter what you have done or what your Lower Self still wishes to do.

P7             Ask to know yourself, your lovability, your nobility of spirit, the beauty of your true being, through His redemptive love of you, and you shall receive it. That is salvation. The incarnated Christ has made it possible for all other incarnated entities to be saved from their painful state of untruth—sin—and consequent destructiveness of self and others.

1) Only you yourself can affect your salvation. It is your responsibility. 2) You cannot possibly do it alone. You need the help of others who share the journey with you, who may often see what you do not see. 3) Without God, without the personal assistance of the personal aspect of God, the undertaking is too vast for you to accomplish. It is obviously true that your salvation is your choice, your intent, your responsibility, your will, your effort—and often what seems to be your sacrifice.

P8             You need the mirror of others. You need to learn to be open to them. You need to show yourself as you are, with all your vulnerability and total inner truth. Working with others, being open to and with them, fulfills the law of brotherhood.

—The Pathwork® Guide