Lecture 26 – Finding your Faults | Abbreviated Version

P2             For only those who follow a very important spiritual law, embrace life wholeheartedly, without fear, without self-pity, without being afraid of being hurt.

P3             And purified feelings are your goal on this path, for which you do not need more than a certain amount of time every day, a certain amount of willpower, and a certain amount of detached and reasonable, common sense thinking. Learn to see through your doubts and your hesitancy; learn to see the real meaning of an occasional stubbornness when you do not want to understand something.

P4             You will make your instinctive awareness of their fear into an intuition that will reach your entire consciousness. But as long as you live instinctively, and therefore unknowingly, you remain unaware of all fears, you are gravely affected by them and thus you will, in turn, produce bad effects on others. Thus a vicious circle is set in motion that can only be broken if sufficient self-awareness and understanding is gained about these facts.

P5             The first step will be to think as objectively as you possibly can about yourself, about all your good qualities and all your faults. Write down a list, as I have often advised. The next step would be to ask someone else, someone who knows you very well, to tell you what he or she honestly thinks about you. Not isolating yourself requires a certain amount of humility.

P7             By thus recognizing your own reactions and understanding them, perhaps humoring them a little and not taking yourself so deadly seriously in this respect, you will gain another step up on the ladder. So, begin by making your own inventory of faults. After you have done your best in this respect, and have also asked someone who knows you really well about your faults, compare their observations with your own findings. Complement the two lists, work with them. Take the results to God in your daily prayer to help you further. If you did not have any shortcomings, there could not be any fear in you. 

P8             Do not think you will lack the strength for the necessary work on this path. This strength will be given drop by drop for all your needs, spiritual and material, when you first decide to choose this path and trust God that He will give you what you need for it. By “meek” are meant all who have no hatred, no resentment, no self-will, and no fear. They will be able to be understanding, loving, and humble enough not to have to prove themselves right all the time.

If you can clearly feel how your ego is gradually disappearing, and you are not in the centre of your own universe anymore, you will be able to stand up for a right principle and know how to fight in the right way. Of course, this cannot happen as long as you allow anything that touches you personally to influence your course of action. When your small ego stands in the centre, your judgment is always coloured. For quite a time you will find that your reactions, your feelings and your views, even on quite general subjects, are at times coloured by your own personal ego-stake. Not to have this ego in the foreground any more is to have the humility we are always talking about.

P9             I have often told you that in the spirit world you live among spirits of your own kind. That diminishes friction, but also the possibility to advance.

P11           You tend to forget, my friends, that the spheres are not out there and you are not put into them. The spheres are your own creations. You build them, and whatever you have built is your sphere, your temporary home.

—The Pathwork® Guide