Lecture 27 – Escape Possible also on the Path | Abbreviated Version

P1             So you overlook the simple fact that first your ideas have to change before the vexing conditions have a chance to change too. Thus you find yourself at a certain crucial point on this path in a vicious circle: you wait for a change in your conditions, while the conditions wait for you to change your ideas. Sit down quietly, my friends, and consider calmly what your worries, your conflicts are. These may be numerous. In one case, it may be a problem of human relationship; in other cases something else. But whatever the problem is, be aware that this problem is in direct connection with an inner wrong attitude of yours and pray for recognition, for guidance, for enlightenment in this respect.

P2             Everything you do is always accompanied by the question of how you do it. Whatever outer problem is there, try to connect it with your various faults. And that sense of a wrong attitude which you had expected to change somehow, according to your own ideas from the outside, will then actually for the first time begin to change from the inside because you have made an inner change and therefore you will act differently in an outer situation as a result of your inner change. Once you have discovered this, you will see that your free will is very powerful and yet your free will alone, without the help of God and the guidance He gives you provided you choose the proper attitude, is nothing. That realization will come to you, but you have to allow it by making a change in yourself.

P3             Whoever is really open and truly desirous to find an answer, disregarding all resistance, must receive it, no matter what, without exception. Take your faults and weigh them; deliberate on them. What could be directly or indirectly responsible? Then go a step further. You all know that each fault is a violation of some spiritual law. There is one part of you that truly desires to advance and to sacrifice the comfort of self-deception. But there is also another part of you that struggles violently against it. You have to realize there is a side in you that does not want what the other side in you wishes. There are three major parts of the self to be dealt with on this path of purification: the conscious mind, the unconscious, and the subconscious. The two latter are not at all the same. The unconscious is that which could be conscious if you would choose to look in the proper direction.

P4             Some of these images you bring with you from previous incarnations, of course, but, due to their existence in your soul, incidents have occurred in your life that brought them to the surface. These three main faults, from which stem directly or indirectly all your various individual shortcomings, are self-will, pride, and fear. If you try to formulate concisely an unpleasant inner reaction of yours, you will always come to the conclusion that most of the time there is an element of fear involved in it—fear that perhaps other people do not do what you wish or do not react according to your liking. In other words, if there is a strong self-will, the fear is there automatically that this self-will will not be gratified, or that your pride may be hurt. So begin to observe these inner reactions of yours and analyse them in these terms without trying to change yourself immediately, because feelings cannot be changed by a mere act of will, but they will change if you learn first to observe them.

P5             When I ask, are you ready, I do not mean that you have to have a great deal of knowledge, because this intellectual knowledge will be given to you in one way or another so far as it will be necessary. But in other ways, are you really willing to sacrifice when sacrifice is necessary? Ask yourself why you want to do it. Oh yes, there is a part of you that is very sincere, that wants this out of pure reasons or motives. However, try to discover the other part that mingles in, the part that may not be as ready to pay the necessary price and therefore merely wants ego gratification.

This part wants to fulfill a task mainly to receive recognition and appreciation, or perhaps to cut a heroic figure. No, my friends. First you have to work in very small ways before you are worthy to fulfill such tasks. When you sit here or at any time when you meditate, I would advise you to be entirely relaxed, and also not to sit with your legs or arms crossed. Hold your hands with the palms upward, for in a good meditation, whether it is a trance session or simply a meditation, strong forces are present.

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