Lecture 28 – Communication with God, Daily Review | Abbreviated Version

P2             If you have a treasure hidden deep in the soil, the only way you can get to that treasure is by digging up the dirt, which means that you have to come in close contact with it for a while. You know that handling this dirt is worthwhile and necessary for freeing your treasure, so you do this temporarily unpleasant work to get it over with once and for all. There is absolutely no way to get the treasure out unless you are willing to grapple with the mud first. Perhaps you hope to do this by seeking general, abstract knowledge of God or by doing certain spiritual exercises. If this is the only way you seek him, what you will receive will be everything else but God.

Only by taking this road and by really going through your Lower Self, facing it and dissolving it step by step with courage and conviction, will you find true happiness and security in God, with God, and through God. First, you have to meditate to recognize and evaluate your own imperfections, and then build a bridge from there. Next you have to analyze honestly what is really going on in you. This is not quite as difficult as you may believe, provided you truly desire and choose to do so.

You have to recognize the ever-present sluggish tendency in every person along with the basic evolutionary drive in all living creatures to strive upward to God. At another stage, you have to actively enlist God’s help, even though due to your particular imperfections, you may not yet have close contact with God. Still, with the little contact you may have, you can ask that divine help be given to you in order to further build the bridge. This constantly alternating process requires you to build it first from one side and then from the other.

P3             Do not fear to face that one part of you that does not believe in God and even sincerely wants to strengthen the disbelief. Do not cover up any doubt for you will not accomplish anything by telling yourself that it does not exist. Coming back to the shortcut to knowing God: If you sense that a lack of belief exists in you, there is one wonderful, sure, and fast way to experience the reality and presence of God and His spirit world so strongly that all your doubts will dissolve like snow in the sun.

It is the way of sacrifice, my friends. If you are capable of sacrificing something for God, you will have that experience. As a matter of fact, I would like to emphasize that the less other people know about your sacrifice when you do it, or when you intend to do it, the better it is. If you are too strongly committed to an idea, or to something you desire and do not want to relinquish, that may also serve the purpose.

Take whatever it is—your problem, your decision, your excessive attachment – and present it to God. Open yourself completely and ask first, “What is it that I really want?” Finding a clear answer to that question is important because when you are not clear about what you actually want, problems are bound to arise. Once you have given yourself the answer, thus clearly establishing your wish and preference, ask yourself, “Is what I want perhaps not God’s will?” At this point the hidden corner of your heart where you harbor doubts may manifest.

P4             Before I consider letting Him make my decision, I will ask God himself whether He exists. Dear God, one side of me believes in you; another side does not. Which is true? Please help me.” This feeling is what distinguishes God’s way from your human way. Here again the process works both ways: only if you are first completely ready and willing in your every thought and intention to relinquish your self-will and your own desires to God in the event that His will should manifest clearly to you, can you receive an answer.

As long as your self-will is stronger than your desire to put God first, you will never know the certainty of His existence. If you are truly ready and prepared to accept even the alternative you like least, provided it is God’s will, you will have stepped across the most important threshold in your entire spiritual development. There is not one person who cannot put into practice this advice in a thousand little ways every day.

This is as true for big and important decisions as it is for small ones. In one way it may be easier to start with a really big decision. It may feel as though you were about to step under a cold shower. One person finds it easier to do this by slow stages while another wants to quickly get it over with and suddenly jumps in. Once you are in, you will see that the water is not at all as cold as you had first imagined, and after a very short while it will even seem warm and soothing.

P5             Other people may think that their problems cannot ever be presented to God, because God does not care about their lives. This is so untrue, for every decision, no matter how small, and every deed or attitude of yours, stands in direct relationship to one or more of the spiritual laws. My dear friends, what I have said to you here is “spiritual dynamite.” It will be difficult to follow it through and it will mean doing battle with yourself.

But if you sincerely surrender your self-will to the divine will you will see that your whole life will change. So all of you who have heard these words should go within yourselves and ask: “Where is something in my life that God may wish to change?” And then prepare yourself for the battle. Put down all your cards before God. Make yourself empty. All you should do is review the day and think of all the instances that have caused you disharmony in any manner, shape, or form. Even if at the beginning you cannot understand why, just put down the incident and what you have felt.

P6             If unhappy events or feelings recur constantly, they are a clue to your own soul. See whether you can at least sense a pattern, and then ask yourself, “Can I find the point in myself where I deviate from some divine law?” Ask yourself questions as to what your feelings are, what your desire currents really want, and whether these feelings and currents are truly in accordance with divine law. Ask God for enlightenment as to what in these patterns may be even remotely or indirectly connected with your faults.

—The Pathwork® Guide