Lecture 34 – Preparation for Reincarnation | Abbreviated Version

P1             Your next life, my friends, is already prepared now, in some way, by each and every one of you. It is not prepared entirely, for as long as you live on earth, the last word is not spoken and the chances of determining your next incarnation and effecting a change from what you have prepared so far are strong. There (spirit world) you will still have a chance to make modifications although the chances are smaller. It is more difficult to do this in the spirit world because of the fact that life is easier there than on the earth plane.

For that reason, development is slower in the beyond and to effect a change is definitely more difficult. Up to a certain point in the cycle of the development of an individual being, decisions cannot be made by the individual. But from a certain stage of development on, each spirit entity has the right, and often even the duty, to make personal decisions about the circumstances of the following incarnation. Depending on the character of the entity, these decisions are not always good. Similarly, an overoptimistic character may make just as wrong a judgment as an overpessimistic one.

P2             Only when the character becomes more harmonized will the decisions not deviate too strongly from the right middle course. When an entity is not yet developed far enough, decisions are made by higher authority. But even in these cases, the entity is consulted first on what he or she would imagine to be the best life conditions for the next incarnation. So, there is a schooling connected with the decision-making and planning for the next life.

There is no definite borderline between the state when decisions are made for an entity and when it is ready to make its own decisions. The ability comes slowly and gradually. From incarnation to incarnation, something is learned in this particular respect too, so that more and more ideas of the entity can be considered. Then there are also cases when the choices made by the entity are still within the realm of possibility, but may prove too difficult–or too easy. In such instances, the higher authority, advising and planning the next incarnation with the spirit to be incarnated, will advise and explain and offer another alternative. The entity then has the right to accept or to reject the advice according to its own free will. Each being in existence has a record, called the Book of Life, wherein everything is inscribed.

From the time this particular entity has been created up to the present, its special talents, inclinations, characteristics, and the personality trends that brought it to fall are inscribed and updated. Recorded also are all the various stages of development since the fall, not only the earth incarnations, but also all activities in-between. The law of cause and effect– karma–does not necessarily work immediately in the successive life. It often happens that a cause in one life will produce its effect perhaps only three or four incarnations later. For no one is asked to bear too much at a time.

P3             Never judge, never compare your life with that of another, or the fates of two people you know. If you seem to bear a heavier cross, it is because more can be expected of you. You are stronger; you are already farther up the ladder. Or it might also be that you, if you happen to be an ambitious person, have chosen an unnecessarily difficult life, perhaps even against the advice of an angel of God. If you do not advance this time at all or do so only partly, the purpose of your present incarnation will have to be repeated at least in part.

On the other hand, it also happens occasionally that a person fulfills a little more than he or she set out to do, or brings the plan to fulfillment before the life span is over. When life on the earth plane is finished, an account is made; everything is minutely and justly checked so that there can be no difference of opinion or argument about it. When the full account is made and carefully considered, it is compared with the original plan for the past incarnation, as well as with the overall plan for the entity in question.

A comparatively long time, according to your human standards, elapses before the next incarnation begins. There is a time of rest for many spirits, particularly for those who have suffered a great deal, physically, mentally, or otherwise. Periods between incarnations can also include a time of service and the fulfilling of certain tasks in the Plan of Salvation, provided the entity has reached a certain degree of development.

P5             After an intensive period of study, the final plan is made for the life on earth to come. Special spirits are sent to various places–also on earth–to smooth the way and to make preparations by guidance and inspiration. Once in a while they may report back that conditions are not as hoped for and are therefore unsuitable for the purpose of this incarnation; then other karmic ties are used for this life that would have been concentrated on in a later incarnation.

When the plan is finally set down and the conditions and preparations on earth checked, the entity is led into a different sphere. It is a great, great sphere, consisting mainly of what you might call, in your earth language, a hospital. In a large section the lives on earth are prepared. The entity ready for incarnation appears there before a certain spirit who has high authority and great responsibility. The entity to be incarnated comes in contact with his guardian spirit or spirits.

P6             All these spheres and hospitals and physicians and higher placed authorities and assistants and ledgers and plans–all this exists. For you have nothing on your earth plane that is not a poor copy of what exists first in spirit, even if in a somewhat different way. Conception by the future parents cannot happen unless it is the will of God. If a conception today is not to serve a definite purpose for the entity to come into your world, it will be prevented by spiritual means, though it may take place next month. The moment conception has taken place, the entity to be born is made unconscious.

It is in such a deep state of unconsciousness that a great part of its knowledge will only come back after life on earth has been completed; another part of knowledge will come back during earth life, but only when the entity leaves the body–in other words, during sleep. The parental genes are made to correspond to and affect the physical shell. In the meantime, the entity to be born is growing in the body of the mother in such a way that its physical karmic necessities can be fulfilled. There is no coincidence possible. Nothing is left to itself.

So the genes are worked on in such a way that the shell is prepared properly. Some genes will therefore have an influence; some will not. In one instance the genes of the mother have a greater influence, in another those of the father. In one instance genes of the parents do not work at all, in another case, the genes of a grandparent, or even a great aunt may all of a sudden be at work. In one case a strong talent is supposed to come out very soon and it has to be prepared. In another case, a talent is left inactive, and may only emerge depending on certain circumstances and on whether or not the person is following through on the plan.

All this is shown on the chart, and the fluids have to be prepared and processed accordingly, which is an exceedingly difficult procedure impossible for you to grasp entirely. The period of processing and treatment of the fluidal bodies takes approximately nine months, the time the human shell needs to grow. Sometimes life needs to start a little earlier because the conditions to begin life may be more suitable, and the parents also fulfill the best conditions for a premature birth. So, last-minute changes can be made if the mother, or the father, or both, change their attitude during pregnancy, either for the better or for the worse.

P9             Is it correct that birth, and time and form of death, are determined by an unchangeable destiny? ANSWER: No, it is not correct. And, as you have heard, even that (birth) can be changed in the last moment. The time and circumstances of death can also be changed. There is a plan for each life. But I also told you that there are many plans. There is a plan for every alternative, every possibility of free-will decision.

P10           The time of death does not vary according to which plan is fulfilled, but the time and manner of death varies according to which plan has come true. It may be very good to adopt right now the idea that each human being has necessarily been given many alternative plans for a life.

—The Pathwork® Guide