Lecture 35 – Turning to God | Abbreviated Version

P1             Since all thoughts, endeavors, and feelings create spiritual forms, such a group striving sincerely to get nearer to God is building a veritable temple in the spirit world.

P2             The fullness of life means to enter life without cowardice, to open yourself to everything life may bring: hardship and joy, unhappiness and happiness, periods of darkness, periods of light, disappointments in other human beings, and unwaveringly trust again and again, with an understanding heart. Most of all, never, never be afraid of your own feelings and of life as it is. That is entering the fullness of life.

But if you turn to God because it is “safer” and because He represents a last resort, or second best, a refuge, He will have to show you that love does not work in such a way. The best way to find God is always by learning to love other people. As you know, this is a long road. We have begun to work and are continuing to work on this.

P3             We see so many struggling men and women longing to be loved who do not know that what they actually long for is to love. The coarser matter of their soul, the layer that lies between the divine spark and the physical body translates the longing to love into a longing to receive love. This ego layer believes that the best thing is to receive love without taking the risk of getting wounded; it thinks remaining aloof is a desirable state. In other words, you want to cheat: you want to receive without giving fully. You set limits. You calculate. You extend yourself only to receive love. And then you are bitter—because it does not work.

Something within you knows that you do not deserve love, and so you feel guilty. The more love is given to you, the unhappier you become if you are not able to overcome your ego, pride, fear, and the cowardice that allows you to cheat. My friends, one of the most important practices on this path is the daily struggle to make or to receive enlightenment out of words you already know. God answers your prayer by making you conscious of the specific difficulty standing in the way of your fulfillment. You could not become conscious of it unless the difficulty manifested in your physical surroundings.

P4             We spirits of the world of God encourage humans to become independent. We do not like to be asked at the first sight of a problem, “What should I do? What would be the right thing?” If you cannot bring yourself to the point of discussing your problems with friends who are seriously endeavoring to advance on this path of purification and who honestly desire to help, divine grace will not come to you in the measure it would if you were to make the effort to overcome such vanity and pride. If your shyness stands in the way, a good part of your vanity has not been overcome. It is pride that makes you shy.

—The Pathwork® Guide