Lecture 39 – Image Finding | Abbreviated Version

P1             The moment you leave the gravitational field of earth, you will not be able to determine whether you are going up or down. When the plane ascends, you will be under the impression that it is descending, and vice versa. This is very significant, my friends. For even though you still live in the world of manifestation, when you explore outer space by technical means, you approach the laws of the spirit.

Depressions are almost unavoidable, temporarily, in the search for what and who you really are. But, my friends, think of the analogy between space exploration and self-exploration, which will soon be confirmed by human science. You have to descend into your unconscious in order to reach the liberation and clarity of absolute truth as far as you are able to perceive it while still in the body.

P2             The first is that you do not approach your unconscious with a moralizing attitude. Regard your wrong inner attitudes as ignorance and error. Actually, that is what all faults really are! Think about your idiosyncrasies, your prejudices, your tight emotions in certain domains of life. But it is necessary to approach this fault as something new, in spite of your familiarity with its outer existence.

Unless you approach it this way, you cannot experience and relive the original feelings that led you to form the attitude in the first place, and without reexperiencing them you cannot gain the necessary understanding. When you come across known reactions or faults in your inner images, beware of the attitude that you already know about them. You may know about them, but they still exist on another level, and you must approach them with as much freshness as you would if you were encountering them for the very first time.

So it is important for you, my friends, to realize that in the deeper layer of your images you may find faults that you do not have outwardly. Outwardly you have exactly the opposite reactions, and genuinely so—not only as a mask. People nowadays talk about depth psychology. Your self-search is exactly that. But in order to win the battle, you also have to learn depth prayer, depth meditation, and depth thinking, my friends.

What I mean by “depth prayer” or “depth meditation” or “depth thinking” is that you take everything you have found out about your hidden reactions—whether they concern trends you find repeatedly or whether you come across quite different reactions from your known outer ones – and think about their effect on yourself and others. Compare them with spiritual law as you now know it. Think from both the spiritual and practical points of view. Work with the newly-found knowledge by reexperiencing the feelings it evokes.

P4             You can have the theoretical knowledge and still go right on reacting the same old way. The work only begins after such recognition. And that is the meditation in depth, on the deep emotional level you have discovered. The only way to work is with the understanding you have gained, quietly, patiently, and steadily accepting your temporary inability to react differently, knowing that slow growth is the only possible way.

Take the newly-found knowledge and view it from various angles. Pray and meditate on the deeper level of this new knowledge rather than on the outer level on which you have worked before. I want to bring to your attention is that, strangely, everything connected with these distorted inner images causes you acute shame, even when the image is about something that is not shameful, objectively speaking.

P5             Let us say, you discover that you were very strongly influenced and dependent on one of your parents, something that is in itself nothing to be ashamed of. Until now you ignored how much and in what manner you were influenced and how dependent you still are on the emotions your dependency has created. You will not be under the emotional, subjective impression that you alone have such feelings. For that is what you unconsciously believe when you feel so ashamed. You have created separateness for yourself with all your inappropriate defenses.

But if you realize that this feeling of isolation is common to everyone, that it is a symptom to be expected, you will be able to counteract it by not giving much heed to it. When you look at your erroneous emotional conclusions, you will discover that fighting your imagined shames and resistances with the tools of patience, sound endeavor, and willpower is, in truth, the only way to ascend in spirit.

Our own impression, what you think and feel during that time, is subjective and has no bearing on the objective hour that has passed. Now in the spirit world it is exactly the opposite. Subjectivity validates the spiritual attitude; every measurement or any other value is subjective in spirit.

P6             Pray to assimilate the new material properly. Pray that you will be able to integrate it with your personality, so that you will become well rounded. Only after having tasted voluntarily the hurts connected with desire will you be able to leave desire behind. Because of the acceptance, your desires will differ from the desires of people who have no spiritual aims. Those people will let their self-will push ahead. Controlled by their desires, they will rebel against everything and everyone who stands in the way of the gratification of their desires.

If you listen within yourself and interpret your feelings, you will be able to see where your self-will, pride, and ego claim gratification that your Higher Self deems wrong. Like attracts like, and this law cannot be changed. Thus, in such an instance, you would pray that your motives should become purified. Furthermore, it is certainly not selfish to pray for the good of other creatures. If you can bring yourself to pray for those who have harmed you—and mean it—that in itself is an act of purification. And if you pray for strength and understanding to overcome your cowardice to face yourself and to overcome your resistance to developing yourself, there is nothing selfish in that.

P8             Also realize that secluded happiness is impossible. You all desire happiness and you all desire to give happiness, yet you cannot achieve either one without losing your separateness. And how do you lose your separateness? By doing the very thing that seems hardest to you. Perhaps it is giving up your pride, going through your apparent shame. Pray for the strength and ability to remove the obstacles you have placed between yourself and happiness.

—The Pathwork® Guide